‘ Russia and Cuba Soviet Spy Base to Re-Open Putin Denial Reports Say Different ‘

#AceWorldNewsMOSCOW – July 17 – Russian President Vladimir Putin has refuted reports that Russia and Cuba agreed to resume work at the Soviet-built intelligence facility in Lourdes near Havana, Cuba.“No, it’s not true,” Putin answered a question during his meeting with reporters following the BRICS summit in Brazil.RT  


“There is nothing to regret, we are capable of solving the challenges in the field of national defence without this component, there is nothing unusual here, we in agreement with our friends closed the work of this centre, we have no plans to resume work,” said Putin.

Reports of resumption of work at the USSR‘s largest electronic intelligence facility was published in Kommersant newspaper on Wednesday.

(VoA July 16 2014 ) Reported that Russia will reopen an intelligence base in Cuba that closed in 2001, according to Russian media reports on Wednesday.

The newspaper Kommersant claims an agreement to resume operations at the Lourdes base, which was once a leading source of Cold War-era electronic surveillance on the United States, was made during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Havana last week.

Cuban Missile Base

The signals intelligence base located south of Havana opened in 1964 to spy on the U.S. during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Only 250 kilometers from the U.S. coast, it had radar capable of intercepting signals from a significant amount of U.S. territory, according to Kommersant.

In 2001, Putin ordered the base closed in a cost-cutting move, after repeated requests from the United States, the Russian paper said, citing sources close to the Kremlin.

The paper also quoted Raul Castro as saying that up to 75 percent of Moscow’s intelligence on the United States came from the base.  


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` Kommersant Publshing House is closing the ` Kommersant-Ukraine Paper ‘ until situation stabilises ‘

#AceWorldNews Kommersant publishing house is closing the Kommersant-Ukraine paper, Director General Pavel Filenkov told Itar-Tass.

“We have decided to suspend Kommersant-Ukraine until the moment when the situation stabilizes. But I do not exclude this moment may never come – the paper had economic problems before, and they are still there,” said Filenkov.

The paper was mainly sponsored by banks and car manufacturers, he added, but as the crisis broke out in Ukraine the media “became not only prospectless but hopeless”.

The paper’s cash assets still available would be used to pay wages, and there would be no payment arrears for about 100 employees of the paper, said Filenkov.

The question is now under consideration about how many journalists will work in Ukraine for the Russian paper.


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