DUHOK: ‘ Airstikes against PKK in Kurdistan mountains cause concern for Christians who fled Islamic State ‘

#AceNewsServices – Featured Report:DUHOK: Aug.07: Turkey’s air strikes against PKK positions in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan “are starting to cause fear.” They have certainly caused “deaths, injuries and destruction” and the region is living in “a new situation of danger,” said Mgr Rabban al-Qas, bishop of Duhok (Iraqi Kurdistan), in the homonymous  governorate on the border with Turkey and Syria.

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In this area, hundreds of thousands of Christians found refuge after they fled the Nineveh Plain in the wake of the invasion by Islamic State forces. Many families found shelter in Duhok, a region close to the bombings. As a result of this, many Christians want to escape.

“At night, from the village of Komane, we can see Turkish planes bomb the Kurdish mountains, where PKK fighters are hiding. Villagers and Christian refugees are scared.”

Overnight on 6-7 August of last year, hundreds of thousands of people left the overwhelmingly Christian villages in Nineveh Plain, from Qaraqosh to Karameles, and found refuge in Erbil and other areas of Kurdistan.

Last week, the Chaldean Patriarch Raphael I Mar Louis Sako addressed a prayer to Pope Francis and the world’s bishops, urging them to remember the tragedy of this persecuted community. In it, he pleaded for peace and security, “before it is too late.” and the strength to “stand fast in this violent storm.”

For Bishop al-Qas, “direct international pressure on Ankara” is needed to stop “bombing our region,” especially since the Turks left their borders open to Daesh* to move fighters and supplies.

Even the President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani and Iraq’s central government in Baghdad have told Turkey to stop military operations on Iraqi territory and respect the country’s borders. However, “Turkish airplanes seem unwilling to comply.”

At the same time, Barzani ordered PKK fighters to leave the region, because “if they want war, they can do it on the other side of the border”.

Meanwhile, the life of some Christian refugee families is slowly getting back to normal, said the prelate. “Many have found work; others have opened their own businesses. Through the help provided by various associations, people are also setting up working groups. Catholic groups play a leading role, providing material support and technical assistance, knowledge, and experience.”

Unlike some groups and organisations that encourage Christians to move overseas (via Jordan and Lebanon), and thus “make money exploiting their situation, fears and concerns, friendly words and concrete support help us a lot, especially in terms of planning for the future,” the bishop said.

Indeed, the community’s liveliness and strong faith despite hardships are exemplified by the “50 and more children who will receive their first communion next week, not to mention the baptisms, weddings, and confirmations . . .”

Many families that fled Mosul and the Nineveh Plain of a year ago “have found some stability in Ankawa and Duhok,” the bishop said. “Some have bought a house and are rebuilding their lives because they have come to realise that they are not going home to their villages anytime soon, and are determined to stay here in Kurdistan.”


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#AceWorldNews – BAGHDAD – October 16 – Iran and Turkey quietly came to the aid of Kurdistan in the war against Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

Kurdistan Regional Government President Masoud Barzani said neighboring states have sent weapons to help block the ISIL advance in September 2014. Barzani identified two of the suppliers as Iran and Turkey.

Kurdistan Regional Government President Masoud Barzani

“This was a great help for that moment,” Barzani said.

In an interview with Sky News Arabic, Barzani said Iran sent two air transports laden with weapons on the first night of the ISIL offensive against Kurdistan. He did not identify the Iranian equipment.

Later, Barzani said, Turkey began to send weapons to KRG forces. The president said he was asked by the Turkish leadership not to announce Ankara’s assistance.

“Turkey sent [arms] later but asked us not to announce it due to domestic conjuncture,” Barzani said.



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GERMANY: ‘ Government to Expand Military Involvement in Fight Against Islamic State by Training Kurdish-Iraqi Troops ‘

#AceWorldNews – GERMANY (Berlin) – October 05 – The German government says it is planning to expand its military involvement in the fight against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) by helping train Kurdish and Iraqi troops, the country’s Defence Ministry said on Saturday.

The ministry announced plans to create a training military base in Erbil, the capital of the autonomous region of Kurdistan, a ministry spokeswoman told EPD news agency.

It also signalled that it is interested in taking part in training the Iraqi army, and is considering sending more military officers.

However, the plans contained no mention of Germany’s role in US-led air-strikes against the Islamic State.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier agreed to the expansion on Wednesday, DW news agency reported, citing sources.


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CZECHOSLOVAKIA: ‘ Czech Republic Supply Iraqi Kurds With Ammunition’

#AceWorldNews – CZECHOSLOVAKIA – September 07 – The Czech Republic will supply Iraq’s Kurds with ammunition worth over US$2 million, Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek said in televised statement on Sunday.

Czech Republic to Supply Kurds with Ammunition - Screenshot from 2014-09-07 19:47:48

As quoted by RIA Novosti.Right after Iraq’s new government begins its work, which is planned for September 14, I will visit the country for talks on the supply of weapons, the first tranche of which has already been approved by the Czech government.  

Czech Republic Supply Iraqi Kurds With Ammunition

The cost of the first delivery is over 40 million korunas (or $2 million), but it is gratuitous on our part,Zaoralek said.

On Wednesday, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said that Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Canada, and Albania will provide “arms and equipment” to Kurdistan, northern Iraq, which joined the central Baghdad government in the fight against Islamic State militants, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS/ISIL)


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#Turkey : ” Fighting on the `Streets Breaks-Out’ as `Thousands of Kurds Demand Release’ of their Rebel Leader”

#AceWorldNews says that according to the latest reports thousands of Kurds rallied in towns across south-eastern Turkey on Sunday, demanding the release of Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan, in commemoration of the 15th anniversary since he was first captured.

In Diyarbakir, the main city in the south-east, the demonstrators fought with police in side streets, according to Reuters, while in Cizre, near the Iraqi border, protesters lobbed petrol bombs as police retaliated with tear gas. Ocalan is leader of the PKK – the Kurdistan Workers Party – and is regarded by Turkey as being responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

For Kurds, Ocalan represents the struggle for self-determination and political rights. While peace talks began in late 2012, there was a rebel withdrawal in September due to the apparent lack of progress the Turkish government made in addressing their concerns.

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#Iraq: ” Warns Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan about their Involvement in Exports of Smuggled Oil without Baghdad’s Consent”

#AceWorldNews says Iraq has warned that it will take legal and other measures to punish Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as foreign companies, for any involvement in Kurdish exports of “smuggled” oil without Baghdad’s consent. The Iraqi oil minister, Abdul Kareem Luaibi, said the government was preparing legal action against Ankara, Reuters reported. Baghdad also said it would blacklist any companies dealing with oil piped to Turkey from Iraq’s autonomous northern region without permission from the central government in Baghdad.

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