`Violent Protests Erupt in ` RIO ‘ after a Dancer is Allegedly Killed by Police ‘ mistaken for Drug Trafficker ‘

#AceWorldNews RIO DE JANEIRO – April 23 One person was shot dead as violent protests erupted Tuesday near Rio’s famed Copacabana beach after a dancer was killed allegedly by police, less than two months before the World Cup in Brazil.

Angry demonstrators from a slum set ablaze barricades of tires, forcing two main roads closed as they hurled bottles to protest the death of the 25-year-old dancer, whom Brazilian media say was killed after police mistook him for a drug trafficker.

A 27-year-old man described as mentally disabled was killed after being shot in the head during the protests, media quoted city hall officials as saying.

It was not immediately clear who fired the shot.

After waves of street protests last year over poor living conditions, the latest unrest was yet another embarrassment for Brazil as the Latin American giant prepares to stage the World Cup in June and the Summer Olympics in 2016.



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` Russia in Talks with a Number of ` Latin American ‘ Countries over Creation of Logistics Facilities for Naval Ships ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – March 29 – A senior Russian military official has confirmed that Russia is in talks with a number of Latin American countries over creation of logistics facilities for its naval ships, but at the same time dismissed rumours of Russia’s plans for planting its naval bases in some countries of the region.

Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov told reporters on Friday media speculations of a looming “Russian military expansion” into Latin America were devoid of any foundation.

Antonov said oppositional media were particularly zealous in that respect. In Venezuela and Nicaragua, for instance, a real information war was well under-way, he added.

“The purpose is to discredit the political leadership of both countries and to call in question the mutual benefits of military and military-technical cooperation with Russia,” he said.

“Such media either distort the real facts or are reluctant to understand the purposes and tasks of our policy in the region.”

“In that connection we would like to confirm that Russia’s military and military-technical cooperation with countries in the region is first and foremost geared to maintaining stability and international security,” Antonov said.

“It is not aimed at harming anyone’s interests. We rely on our partners’ voluntary consent to develop long-term ties.”

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` Barack Obama to meet Pope Francis for the first time for ` Shared Agenda Talks ‘ to Fight Inequality ‘

#AceWorldNews – ROME – March 27 – Barack Obama will meet Pope Francis for the first time Thursday for talks on a shared agenda to fight inequality which the US President hopes will help boost support at home.

The talks between the first Latin American pope and the first African-American US president will focus on tackling the gap between rich and poor, but could spill over into thornier issues such as abortion, contraception and gay rights.

“The Holy Father has been an inspiration to people around the world, including me,” Obama said in an interview with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera published on Thursday.

“It does not mean we agree on every issue,” he added.


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