` Latvian Human Rights Organisation Non-Citizens Congress Oppose Soviet Occupation Denial Law ‘

#AceWorldNews – RIGA – May 19 – Latvian human rights organization Non-Citizens Congress is going to challenge amendments criminalizing “public denial of the Soviet Union’s and Nazi Germany’s aggression against Latvia” in the Constitutional Court.

The organization would go to court if President Andris Berzins approves the amendments introducing criminal penalty for justification of the mentioned aggression, said the organization spokeswoman Jelena Bacinska.

“These amendments ban opinions about historic facts differing from the official line and neglect the freedom of speech, which contravenes democratic values of modern Europe. Neither do these amendments promote cohesion of the Latvian society,” she said.

The amendments adopted last week propose imprisonment up to five years as well as compulsory works and fines.


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` Latvia has suspended `Military Co-Operation ‘ with ` Russia ‘ over situation in Ukraine ‘

#AceWorldNews – Riga – March 20. – Latvia has suspended military cooperation with Russia due to the situation in Ukraine.

“The Latvian Defence Ministry and National Armed Forces have suspended further military cooperation with Russia,” the Defence Ministry’s press service reported on Thursday.

“Due to Russia’s actions in Ukraine and global public’s call for the peaceful settlement of the conflict Latvia considers cooperation with the Russian army unacceptable,” Latvian Defence Minister Raimonds Vejonis said.

Latvia and Russia maintains a constructive defence dialogue.

“The tense situation in the world and Russia’s actions make us to take such step,” the Latvian minister said.

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` Latvia’s Environment Minister will be fired over planned `Waffen SS March’ as he Refuses Not to Attend in Riga ‘

#AceWorldNews Latvia’s environment minister will be fired over plans to participate in annual commemorations of Latvian soldiers who fought in Nazi units during World War II, AP reported, citing a government spokesman. Einars Cilinskis, of the right-wing National Alliance, said Friday that he would attend Sunday’s events in Riga.

The politician has ignored warnings from Prime Minister Lamidota Straujuma, who had called on cabinet ministers to stay away from the March 16 events.

They are expected to prompt counter-protests from members of Latvia’s Russian-speaking minority.


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` European Sanctions against `Russia ‘ could have adverse affect on ` Latvian ‘ Economy ‘

#AceWorldNews Possible European Union sanctions against Russia will have an adverse effect on the Latvian economy, Latvian Minister of Economic Affairs Vyacheslav Dombrovsky told national television on Thursday.

“Three sectors will suffer a noticeable impact. Agriculture and foods will be first,” said the minister. “Russia is our second-largest partner by exports. Foods and produce account for 43% of Latvian exports to Russia.”
Energy was also vulnerable as Latvia depended entirely on Russian gas supplies, Dombrovsky said, adding that 70% of all transit movement was connected with Russia, Dombrovsky said

“I do not think I am exaggerating in saying that among all EU countries, Latvia has the largest niche of its economy taken by relations with Russia,” said the minister.

“If the sanctions are imposed, we shall be most affected by their consequences among EU countries,” Dombrovsky concluded.


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