(LEICESTER, U.K.) Insolvency Court Report: Woman has been sentenced after stealing a pensioners life savings in 2006 – 2007 and promising to repay it #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – July.02: Marston, 54, from Leicester, took in excess of £55,000 in 2006 and 2007, assuring the victim, now 83, that she would be repaid as Marston was set to become beneficiary of a trust fund when she turned 40 in 2007.

#AceDailyNews reports that Maria Marston took £55,000 from a friend, promising to repay it when she inherited a £3.5 million trust fund that didn’t actually exist.

The money was loaned on the promise that the funds would be returned when the trust fund was received. Marston added to the deception by also promising to pay interest and compensation, saying she would pay the victim back £500,000 in total.

Marston then told her victim, who does not wish to be named, that she was struggling to access the trust fund so the victim was advised to petition for Marston’s bankruptcy, believing it would help her access the money.

The bankruptcy petition sparked an Insolvency Service investigation and Marston was subsequently charged and pleaded guilty to 3 counts of obtaining property by deception and 3 counts of fraud by false representation.

Marston was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment suspended for 2 years at Leicester Crown Court today. She was also ordered to pay a further £18,173 in compensation after paying £50,000 earlier this month and to undertake 100 hours of unpaid work.

The victim said:

When the application to the court for a Trustee in Bankruptcy Order was made on my behalf, I was hoping either to have the debt repaid or for my friend, who had borrowed the money, to have assistance in securing access to her Trust Fund which she explained to the court was ‘locked’ by the banks.

It was a body blow to learn later from the Official Receiver that Maria Marston’s assets were nil. At that point I expected no further help, so I am extremely grateful to the Insolvency Service for their persistent and diligent work in bringing matters fully into the open.

By ensuring the unpaid debt was brought before the court, they have resolved for me a situation which had previously subjected both myself and my family to 15 years of stress, suffering and extensive financial hardship.

Glenn Wicks, chief investigator at the Insolvency Service, said:

Maria Marston used deception and fraudulent representations to take tens of thousands of pounds from her close friend. She knew that no trust fund existed but continued her fraud regardless, telling her elderly victim that the money would be paid on numerous occasions.

Marston’s victim has been left with no savings for many years as a result of her actions and this case shows we will pursue bankrupts through the criminal courts where appropriate.

Addtional Notes:

Maria Marston is from Leicester and her date of birth is February 1967.

Maria Marston pleaded guilty to three counts of obtaining property by deception and three counts of fraud at Leicester Crown Court on 17 May 2021 before HHJ Raynor.

Following this, Maria Marston signed a Bankruptcy Restriction Undertaking. The restrictions mean she cannot borrow more than £500 without disclosing her bankrupt status and cannot act as a company director without the court’s permission.

She was sentenced before Recorder Upward QC on 28 June 2021.

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: July.02: 2021:

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(LEICESTERSHIRE, U.K) Leics Police Report: Four men were stabbed when a party attended by scores of young people turned violent early Sunday morning #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.07: Police were called to Queens Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester shortly before 1am today after witnesses reported a ‘a large disturbance’ in the street:

LEICESTER: Four men stabbed after party descends into violence and ‘chaos’ according to the officers a group of 20 to 30 people spilled out of a property and into the street, police said

Child holding Knife/generic knife crime
Contact Leicestershire Police on 101.

Residents described a chaotic scene of young men fighting with each other.

As the day wore on, rumours began to circulate on social media that a young man had been stabbed. However, this evening Leicestershire Police confirmed four men, all in their 20s, have received treatment for stab wounds.

A force spokeswoman said: “Police were called at approximately 12.50am on June 5 to a large disturbance on the Queen’s Road: 20 to 30 people had spilled out onto the road from a party at a residential address. Officers attended and established that four men – aged in their 20s – had been stabbed: All were taken to the Leicester Royal Infirmary for treatment. None of their injuries were serious: A 20-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of affray and remained in custody this evening, she added: A resident said she saw at least two ambulances as well as a number of police cars at the scene, she said: “It was chaos. There were people running around in the road fighting with each other. It was very intimidating because we had no idea what was going to happen next.”

Another said: “It was extremely frightening because there were so many people involved and people are saying there were knives involved: We made sure our front door was locked and waited for the police to bring it under control. I hope we never see anything like this ever again.”

Detective Sergeant Stephen Douglas said: “Throughout the night officers spoke to a number of witnesses. However, in order to piece together exactly what happened we would like to speak to all of the people that did not come forward last night: We are grateful for the local community’s co-operation so far, but if you have not spoken to us I would urge you to ring and tell us what you saw and heard as it would greatly assist us in this investigation.”

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Jun.07: 2021:

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#UK : `Capita Publish’s Advert in `Newspaper’ for New Teacher one `Proviso’ that `Female Applicant’s’ should not Apply’

#AceNewsServices says that `Women Teachers told not to apply for jobs at UK Muslim school’ due to `Religious Practice’s’ and changes in Education System’

An Islamic boy’s school in Leicester, central England, advertised for a new science teacher but ruled out any female applicants. Secular campaigners are saying this is the latest example of religious practices being accommodated in the education system.

woman-teachers-muslim-schools.siThe advert, which was published by the outsourcing company Capita and has now been withdrawn,asked for a “Male Science Teacher” to cover classes on a short-term contract earning up to £150 ($250) a day, the Telegraph reports.

The school, which did not give its name, is now facing claims of sexual discrimination. Capita withdrew the advert after a warning from the Department for Education (DfE) that it needs to comply with the Equality Act. The advert is thought to have been placed by the Madani Schools Federation, which runs the state funded Madani Boys School. The school has placed a similar advert for a Male ICT Technician.

The National Secular Society (NSS)– a charity which campaigns for the separation of religion from the state – say they were alerted to the advert by a qualified female science teacher who was looking for work in the Leicester area.

The NSS believes that this the latest in long line of demands that religious customs be accommodated in the education system, as a result of allowing faith groups to run schools.

Capita initially argued that discrimination in this case was permissible under exceptions to the Equality Act, which permits religious organizations to discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation and gender if a “genuine occupation requirement” can be established and where an employer is seeking to comply with strongly held religious convictions of a significant number of its followers.

“These provisions are referred to as occupational requirements and they create exceptions that allow an employer to act in a way that would otherwise be discriminatory,” a spokesman for Capita said.

But the NSS argued that the explanatory notes to the 2010 Act make it clear that exceptions only apply to a “very narrow range of employment.”

The Department of Education has now issued a statement saying “Schools must comply with equality law. We asked Leicester City Council to raise this with the school and the advert has now been withdrawn.”

The NSS also say that schools with a religious ethos are already permitted to discriminate against teachers who don’t share the school’s faith.

Allegations surfaced last autumn that Non-Muslim female staff at the Al-Madinah free school in Derby were forced to wear headscarves in line with other strict Islamic practices, including segregating boys and girls. The school has since been closed down by the government who found that the level of teaching was unacceptably bad.

The Madani high school for girls also faced earlier criticism for forcing non-Muslim students to wear a headscarf. The school is required by law to accept 10 percent of its 600 pupils from non-Muslim backgrounds.

Meanwhile, three Muslim schools in London, Lancashire and Leicester, respectively, were found to be forcing Muslim girls as young as 11 to wear the full face covering veil in 2010.

And early this month it was reported by the British media that Park View Academy in Birmingham is being investigated by the DfE over claims that non-Muslim staff are being treated unfairly and that it is trying to introduce Islamic studies to the curriculum despite being a non-faith-based school.

As a result of the latest advert, the NSS has written to Maria Miller MP, the minister for Woman and Equalities, to push the government to publish guidance to make it clear to schools that gender discrimination must not be accommodated in the education system.

“The government’s encouragement of schools run by religious groups will bring with it increasing demands for religious customs and practices to be accommodated within our education system. Children in such schools are unlikely to be adequately prepared for life as equal citizens in a liberal democracy – which should be one of the fundamental aims of education policy,” Stephen Evans, campaigns manager at the NSS, said in a statement.



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UK:Diwali Video Message from Nick Clegg

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg‘s video message to mark Diwali 2013.

A transcript of the video message is below:

Across Britain, it’s that time again when the dark nights of winter are lit up with the bright lights of Diwali.

And I would like to wish everyone taking part in these celebrations, both in this country and around the world, a happy Diwali and a prosperous new year.

One of the most important dates in the Hindu calendar, Diwali is a festival that marks the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. And it has become the focus of joyous celebrations in many of our local communities, with people of all faiths and none, coming together for dancing, music and fireworks.

These festivities represent some of the biggest Diwali celebrations to be found outside of India, and reflect the powerful and ongoing contribution of Britain’s Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist communities to every area of our national life.

So whether you’re at home with family and friends, or you’ve been taking part in Diwali events on the Belgrave Road in Leicester, in Trafalgar Square, or elsewhere in the United Kingdom – wherever you are and whatever your faith – have a wonderful time.


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Closure Of Another Hospital On The Cards

English: Andrew Lansley, British politician an...

English: Andrew Lansley, British politician and Shadow Secretary of State for Health, speaking at the Health Hotel reception at the Manchester Central Conference Centre during the Conservative Party Conference 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The BBC reports that councillors from LeicestershireRutland and Leicester are set to hold a meeting to discuss the decision to shut down Leicester Glenfield Hospital’s child heart surgery unit. Elsewhere, the Yorkshire Post claims that Yorkshire councillors are to refer the decision to close Leeds children’s heart surgery unit to the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley


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