‘ Venezuelan Opposition Leader Ordered to Stand Trial ‘

#AceWorldNews – VENEZUELA (Caracus) – June 05  – A Venezuelan opposition leader has been ordered to stand trial on charges of instigating violence at an anti-government demonstration, AFP reported.

A judge ruled that Leopoldo Lopez, who has been in custody for three months, should stand trial, the prosecutor’s office said Thursday.

Lopez is charged over violence that broke out during a rally against the government of Nicolas Maduro on February 12.

Leopoldo López (April 29, 1971) is a Venezuelan politician and democratic activist. He is currently the National Coordinator of  Popular Will , a social movement and political party, composed of thousands of activists and community, labor and youth leaders from all regions of Venezuela, which promotes a conciliatory message of peace, prosperity and progress and is committed to construction of an alternative country where all rights are for all Venezuelans. Will Leopoldo Popular with Venezuela has traveled end to end, discussing the national project “The ultimate Venezuela” . Leopoldo is currently a political prisoner of the dictatorship in Venezuela; is unjustly deprived of his liberty in Ramo Verde military prison.

Four students were also ordered to stand trial.



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” Venezuelan Offices of the `Opposition Party Popular Will’ have been raided to arrest their Founder ”

#AceWorldNews says Venezuelan military intelligence officers are reported to have raided the headquarters of the country’s opposition party, Popular Will.

Several of the party’s officials alleged armed officers arrived at the office, threw tear gas, and attempted to remove several individuals from the premises.

“The intelligence officers arrived and began to harass us,” said party activist Adriangela Ruiz. Security camera footage provided by Popular Will, which has not been independently verified, showed officers entering the party’s offices armed with guns.

Venezuela’s government has issued an arrest warrant for Leopoldo Lopez, Popular Will’s founder, who has been accused by the Maduro administration of inciting violence and acts of terrorism.

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