POLAND: ‘ Former Army Commander & Ex-Defense Minister prepare for hybrid war scenario with Russia ‘

#AceNewsReport – Featured Interview:POLAND:June.07: Former Polish army commander and ex-Deputy Defense Minister Waldemar Skrzypczak says that Poland and the Baltic states prepare for ‘hybrid war’ with Russia, while adding that NATO’s combined military power comfortably exceeds the forces at Russia’s disposal.

 Two Norwegian sailors onboard the Norwegian support vessel Valkyrien

Sitting down for an interview for Baltic news hub Delfi, Skrzypczak defended NATO’s beefing up of its presence in countries along Russia’s border, arguing that “I wouldn’t say that this is an attempt to intimidate Russia, but rather the response by the [NATO] Alliance to a threat which could turn into an uncontrollable situation. What sort of threat? For example, a hybrid war.”

Skrzypczak noted that under the present balance of forces, the expanded Eastern European Rapid Response Force can handle the appearance of Russian ‘little green men’ “with ease.” However, ramping up the paranoia and alluding to a Russian fifth column in the Baltic states, the ex-general added that “the aggressor acts not only with the help of special forces.

His activity can be observed in a variety of fields –from military to political and the ethnic factor.” Skrzypczak did not make clear how this “ethnic factor” should be dealt with, noting only that “it is very important to understand what is happening and to provide a timely warning about the opponent’s [potential] actions.”

Commenting on the growth of NATO military might along Russian borders, including a growing permanent military presence, expanded and intensified exercises, Lithuania’s return to conscription, and Poland’s own intensive rearmament, Skrzypczak noted that NATO governments’ earlier policy was naïve for “blindly believing that good relations with Moscow [would] last forever,” adding that the conflict in Ukraine, for which he blamed Russia, “fell [on European politicians] like a cold shower.” In the general’s view, NATO’s more aggressive posture “is the only way to cool the hotheads in Moscow.”

Boasting that the generals of the Russian army “likely think of a conflict with NATO as a bad dream,” Skrzypczak noted that NATO’s military potential “exceeds at least several times the capabilities at Russia’s disposal,” adding that even on their own, the combined forces of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia would be a “tough nut [for Russia] to crack.” In the ex-general’s view, a war with NATO would “plunge Russia into chaos from which it would be unable to recover,” and for this reason “full-scale hostilities are not a threat.”

Retracting his earlier calls for Polish authorities to support Ukraine politically and militarily, Skrzypczak noted that this would be improper following “the Ukrainian parliament’s decision to recognize [Nazi collaborationist forces] OUN-UPA as fighters for Ukrainian independence.” Skrzypczak noted that “we Poles are against the honoring of the executioners of the Volyn massacre,” but added that “if we leave the Ukrainians alone, everything could end up even worse.”

Blaming Russia for the civil war in eastern Ukraine, caused in no small part by the radical nationalism supported by Kiev, Skrzypczak noted that while Russia is presently “trying to return to the international scene as peacemaker,” he remains hopeful that “the West will remain alert.”

Skrzypczak served as the commander of Poland’s land forces between 2006-2009, serving as the country’s deputy defense minister between 2012-2013.



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NATO: ‘ Countries Start Military Exercise for Peacekeeping Though Kiev States Shipping Arms ‘

#AceNewsServices UKRAINE September 15  Nato countries have started an annual military exercise in west Ukraine, with Kiev saying some Nato states have also begun to ship weapons.

' Troops Depart for Rapid Trident 2014 '

‘ Troops Depart for Rapid Trident 2014 ‘

The exercise – “Rapid Trident” – began on Monday (15 September) in Yavoriv, near the Polish-Ukrainian border.

According to a Nato statement, the 11-day drill will practice “peacekeeping and stability operations”, including “countering improvised explosive devices, convoy operations, and patrolling”.

It includes 200 US soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade, based in Italy.

It also includes 1,100 troops from Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the UK and from former Soviet republics Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine itself.

' Operation Maple Arch '

‘ Operation Maple Arch ‘

Rapid Trident is taking place at the same time as “Maple Arch” – another Nato drill involving Canandian, Lithuanian, and Polish soldiers in Poland.

' Partnership for Peace Programme '

‘ Partnership for Peace Programme ‘

Ukraine has taken part in similar events since 2006 under its “Partnership for Peace” programme with the Western alliance.


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` Lithuania Last Baltic Nation Joins the Euro ‘

#AceBreakingNewsEUROPEAN UNION – Press Release – June 04 – Lithuania, the last Baltic nation outside the currency union, has been finally given green light to join the euro area, after its bid was turned down 8 years ago. The country could adopt a single currency on January 1, 2015.

The European Commission and the European Central Bank acceptedLithuania’s application on Wednesday.

“Lithuania’s readiness to adopt the euro reflects its long-standing support for prudent fiscal policies and economic reforms.

That reform momentum, driven in part by Lithuania’s EU accession ten years ago, has led to a striking increase in Lithuanians’ prosperity: the country’s per capita GDP has risen from just 35% of the EU28 average in 1995 to a projected 78% in 2015,” Olli Rehn, the European Commission Vice-President responsible for Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro, said in the statement.

The ECB looked at eight European Union countries – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and Croatia. Only Lithuania met all the criteria to join.

The ECB looked at eight European Union countries – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and Croatia. Only Lithuania met all the criteria to join.

The Council will make a final decision on the matter in the second half of July, after EU officials and state heads meet at the European Council from June 26-27.

Then the council will also agree on a set conversation rate for Lithuania’s currency the litas to the euro.

In order for a country to adopt the euro, it needs to tie its currency to the euro for a two-year period, as well as keep debt below 60 percent of GDP and inflation within 1.5 percentage points of the three lowest rates among the euro zone.

The European Commission said Lithuania’s key stumbling block of inflation has been overcome.

Europa: PRESS RELEASE: 04/06/14 

RT News


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` Lithuania President Dalia Gyrbauskaite Wins Second Term in Office ‘

#AceWorldNews – LITHUANIA – May 26 – Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite won a second term in run-off elections on Sunday. Grybauskaite, 58, a former European Budget Commissioner and former minister of finance, attracted 57.9 percent of the votes in the nation of 3 million, Reuters reported.

The electoral commission said Zigmantas Balcytis, a social democrat supported by Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius, received 40.1 percent.

The Lithuanian president appoints government ministers, judges, the head of the central bank and the Lithuanian delegate to the European Commission.

The head of state, however, needs the approval of parliament or the prime minister for most appointments.


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#AceWorldNews MOSCOW May 06 Russia has unilaterally suspended…

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – May 06 – Russia has unilaterally suspended an agreement with Lithuania on providing information about weapons based in the Russian region of Kaliningrad, Lithuania’s Ministry of Defence said on Monday.

The ministry has received a diplomatic note from Russia, stating that Russia is unilaterally suspending the 2001 bilateral Lithuanian-Russian agreement on additional confidence and security building measures.

According to the ministry, the agreement stipulated that the states will exchange information about their armed forces as well as conduct bilateral military inspections.

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` UN Committee against Torture Who Calls Nations to Defend their Human Rights Records Calls Vatican to Account ‘

#AceNewsServices – ROME – UNITED NATIONS – May 02 – The United Nations Committee against Torture, which requires nations to come before the panel and defend their human rights records, will put an unlikely subject on its hot seat next week when it calls in the Vatican.

The UN panel, which includes representatives from China, the U.S. and eight other nations, will meet in Geneva and call the Vatican to account for its record on torture and inhumane punishment in a procedure to be aired live on the Internet beginning Monday.

It’s standard procedure for all 155 nations that signed on to the committee’s convention to submit a report and come before the panel, and the Vatican is both a nation-state and a signatory.

Cyprus, Lithuania, Guinea, Montenegro, Sierra Leone, Thailand and Uruguay are also scheduled to appear beginning next week.

“The Holy See initiated the procedure by submitting their written report,” Felice Gaer, the U.S. representative and a vice-chair of the committee, told FoxNews.com.

At past sessions, nations that carry out or condone practices universally recognized as inhumane have been forced to defend their records.

The Centre for Constitutional Rights, which represents the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, has called for the committee to grill the Vatican regarding long-standing allegations of sexual abuse among clergy, contending failures in the Holy See’s response to the scandal amounts to a violation of the convention.

While it is possible the panel will raise long-standing allegations of sexual abuse among clergy, the Vatican report focuses mostly on what the church has and has not done to stop other nations from carrying out human rights violations.

Officials for the Holy See did not immediately return requests for comment.

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` Danish Fighter Jets Arrive in Estonia With War-Planes Being Stationed for First-Time in Baltic Nation ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – Four Danish fighter jets have arrived in Estonia, the first time NATO warplanes will be stationed in the Baltic nation. (rfrl)

The deployment comes at a time when NATO is boosting its presence in eastern members of the alliance to allay concerns over what Western officials describe as Russia’s interference in Ukraine.

At a ceremony, Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas praised NATO’s decision to deploy planes to the country, saying it will boost regional security.

Until now, NATO’s sole Baltic air base was in Siauliai, in northern Lithuania, from where alliance planes have carried out Baltic air patrols since 2004.

On April 28, some 150 U.S. troops also arrived in Estonia, part of a 600-strong force that Washington sent to Poland and the Baltics. (AFP/AP)



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` ` Propaganda War Continues Russia Tells US No Intention of Invading Ukraine Concerned About Build-Up of American and NATO Forces ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW/ UNITED STATES – April 28 – Russia has told the United States it has no intention of invading Ukraine and expressed concern about the build-up of American and Nato forces in eastern Europe.

Four British Typhoon fighter jets have arrived at a Nato base in Lithuania to take part in increased Baltic border patrols, while 600 US troops were deployed to Poland and the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and

Lithuania, reportedly for military exercises.

It comes amid continuing violence in eastern Ukraine, including in the city of Luhansk where hundreds of pro-Russian separatists stormed the regional government headquarters, unopposed by police.

The Kiev government said it had information the activists also planned to seize the local television centre.

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` Britain is Dispatching Four Typhoon Jets to Patrol Air Space of Baltic States Part of the NATO Pact ‘

#AceWorldNews – LONDON – April 28 – Britain is dispatching four Typhoon fighter jets to patrol the airspace of Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, British media said Monday.

They will perform their patrolling mission alongside with six fighter jets of the Polish Air Force and will serve as a replacement for six F15 jets of the US Air Force.

British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the Typhoons would support Poland’s contribution to the operation destined to calm down the apprehensions of easternmost member-states of the North-Atlantic pact.

In February 2012, NATO Council extended the patrolling of the airspace over former Soviet Baltic republics by combat aircraft of the North-Atlantic pact through to 2018. Air Forces of different NATO nations take part in the operation on the basis of rotation.

The effort also involves more than 50 members of ground personnel.


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` Germany will send 6 Euro-Fighter Jets to Patrol Airspace over Baltic Countries as part of NATO Pact ‘

#AceWorldNews – BERLIN – April 16 – Germany will send up to 6 Euro-fighter jets to patrol airspace over Baltic countries, as part of a campaign to set up security of NATO’s easternmost member-states in the wake of the crisis in Ukraine, a spokesman for the German Defence Ministry said Wednesday.

In addition to this, an auxiliary seacraft of the Elba family with 45 servicemen aboard will be cruising in the Baltic Sea as of the end of May.

The Eurofighters will get down to patrolling missions in three former Soviet Baltic republics – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – as of September, the Defence Ministry said.


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` Three-Month Suspension by Lithuania and Latvia of Broadcasts by RTR-Planeta is a Political Decision ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – April 07 – (Interfax) – The three-month suspension by Lithuania and Latvia of broadcasts to their territory from Russian television channel RTR-Planeta is “indisputably a political decision that is beyond the common sense of journalism,” said the head of international relations at Russian state television and radio company VGTRK, Pyotr Fyodorov.

Fyodorov told the Vesti.ru website that the decision is questionable from a legal point of view because RTR-Planeta holds a European Union license for broadcasting in the Baltic countries.

“Here is an attempt, accusing Russia of one-sided coverage of events, to do the same by only leaving access to information from Ukrainian media or from the media of those Baltic states, whose sympathies are obvious to us,” he said.


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` NATO Air Force ' Manoeuvres have Commenced in ` Lithuania ' with United States, Germany and Sweden '

#AceWorldNews – VILNIUS – April 01 – Two-day manoeuvres of the NATO Air Force with the participation of warplanes of Lithuania, the United States, Germany, as well as NATO partner – Sweden, have begun in Lithuania on Tuesday.

The Lithuanian Defence Ministry reported that the manoeuvres would focus on drilling search and rescue operations, as well as interaction of the Air Force with civil aviation.

The manoeuvres will be held at the military airfield of the Zokniai air base, as well as at Vilnius International Airport and at Palanga International Airport.

“The NATO Air Force manoeuvres demonstrate the alliance’s solidarity and readiness to fulfil the allied commitments.

They give an opportunity to Lithuanian military to improve their skills and interaction with the allies,” Lithuanian Defence Minister Juozas Olekas said.


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` Denmark sending Six ` F16 Fighter Jets ‘ to Patrol Airspace in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in May ‘

#AceWorldNews – DENMARK – March 27 – Denmark is to send six F16 fighter jets to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to help patrol their airspace, Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard said.

Patrols will begin on May 1, Reuters reported.

The jets will be part of an expanded NATO air policing mission following the events in Ukraine.


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` US Military are Planning large scale ` War Games ‘ in ` Poland ‘ comes three days after visit by Biden ‘

#AceWorldNews – The United States military are planning large scale war games in Poland, which would involve troops from several eastern European states, the American ambassador to the country, Stephen Mull, said.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) will be participating in drills, together with the Americans, Mull told Radio ZET.

Lask airbase in central Poland has been selected as the venue for the military exercise, the ambassador said, refraining from saying when it was scheduled for.

Mull’s announcement comes just three days after US Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to the Polish capital of Warsaw.

Biden’s trip was aimed at reassuring that America remains a “steadfast ally” to Poland and the Baltic States after they expressed anxiety over the events in the Crimea, which signed a treaty of accession to the Russian Federation on Tuesday.

RT – WP – AP – AFP – Reuters


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` Lithuania’s suspends broadcasting of `Russian TV ‘ Channel ‘

#AceWorldNews – Lithuania’s commission for radio and television broadcasting, which supervises the operations of radio and TV relay networks and reports to the national parliament, has suspended for three months the programming of the Russian channel NTV-mir via cable networks.

The decision to take the channel off the air was taken unanimously but it is also to be confirmed by court.
Commission chairman Edmundas Vaitekunas said that Lithuanian legislation prohibits the dissemination of data enticing the audiences to war, having a deceptive character and/or containing calls for physical reprisals targeting a group of people.

The commission’s claims against NTV-mir are linked to the airing of a documentary that discussed the events in Vilnius in January 1991, which cause heated political debates in Lithuania even now.

The country’s authorities offer a sharp reaction to any interpretations from the officially appointed one. In October 2013, First Baltic Channel was fined for airing a talk show on the same issue and was also denied access to relay broadcasting for three months.

Russian Media and News Sources


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#AceWorldNews BRUSSELS The European Union Foreign Ministers would…

#AceWorldNews – BRUSSELS – The European Union Foreign Ministers would discuss weapons embargo against Russia at their meeting in Brussels on Monday that would mull sanctions over Crimea, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius said.

“We will be discussing all these issues,” he said in reply to a reporter’s query whether the European Union could impose an embargo on weapons supplies to Russia.


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` Pentagon : `US fighter jets would join NATO patrols on missions in the Baltic countries, of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia'

#AceWorldNews says that the Pentagon said on Wednesday that US fighter jets would join NATO patrols on missions in the Baltic countries, which include Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

On Sunday the Tass news agency reported that the guided missile frigate USS Taylor, which had been assigned to the Black Sea for the Sochi Winter Olympics, was still in the Turkish port of Samsun for repairs, after running aground on February 12.

Two Russian navy ships also entered the Black Sea through the Bosphorus on Tuesday, as well as a Ukrainian navy vessel which was heading for Odessa and not the Crimea.


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` Lithuania opens investigation into `Secret CIA Rendition Prison’s’ claims of Black Site’

#AceWorldNews says Lithuania opens probe into ‘secret CIA rendition prisons’ that Lithuanian prosecutors have opened an investigation into claims that a Saudi Arabian terror suspect was held in a CIA ‘black site’ in the Baltic country, media reported on Thursday.


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#Ukraine : ” Leader who was Tortured for Eight Day’s Leaves for Lithuania”

#AceNewsServices says `Beaten Protest Leader Dmytro Bulatov leaves Ukraine’ for Lithuania’ 

A Ukrainianprotest leader who says he was abducted and tortured has left the country for medical treatment.

Dmytro Bulatov has flown to Latvia. afpDmytro Bulatov has flown to Latvia. It was reported earlier that his final destination was Lithuania.

He appeared on TV last week with a gash on his face and part of his ear cut off. He said he had been held and beaten for eight days.

His case became a new rallying point for protesters, who want President Viktor Yanukovych to resign.

Thousands are currently in Maidan square, a focal point for the protesters.

Mr Yanukovych has offered a number of concessions and his cabinet quit their jobs.

But the demonstrators, many of whom want to see closer ties with the EU rather than Russia, have not been placated.

‘Tragic situation’

Mr Bulatov was a leader of a group called Automaidan, made up mainly of drivers who would protect the protest camps and blockade streets.

He went missing on 22 January and re-emerged eight days later the outskirts of Kiev.

He told the media he had been “crucified” by his abductors, who he could not identify other than to say they had Russian accents.

Opposition politicians Western diplomats expressed outrage at the incident.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton condemned the “deliberate targeting of organisers and participants of peaceful protests”.

On Sunday, opposition leader Vitali Klitschko said European diplomats had helped to arrange medical care outside Ukraine.


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