#Fracking : Cameron Ignores Plea’s from “People About Environment and Health” and Bribe’s Council’s”

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Councils that back #fracking will get to keep more money in tax revenue, David Cameron has said as he urged opponents to “get on board”.

The prime minister said English local authorities would receive all the business rates collected from shale gas schemes – rather than the usual 50%.

In a visit to a Lincolnshire fracking site, he predicted the process could support 74,000 jobs and reduce bills.

Against fracking 01

Against fracking 01 (Photo credit: Bosc d’Anjou)

But Greenpeace accused ministers of trying to “bribe councils”.

Mr Cameron’s announcement on business rates came as French company Total confirmed plans to invest about £30m to help drill two exploratory wells in Lincolnshire. It is the first major energy firm to invest in fracking in the UK.

The British Geological Survey estimates there may be 1,300 trillion cubic feet of shale gas present in the north of England.

But the process to extract it – called fracking, which is short for “hydraulic fracturing” – has led to protests, with environmentalists fearing the technique could cause small earth tremors, water contamination and environmental damage.

On Monday protesters at the Barton Moss fracking facility in Greater Manchester climbed on to lorries entering the site.

But Mr Cameron argued that the UK had the “strongest environmental controls” and pledged: “Nothing would go ahead if there were environmental dangers.

“Shale is important for our country,” he continued. “It could bring 74,000 jobs, over £3 billion of investment, give us cheaper energy for the future, and increase our energy security.

“I want us to get on board this change that is doing so much good and bringing so much benefit to North America. I want us to benefit from it here as well.”

Infographic showing shale gas extraction

Fracking involve’s drilling deep underground and releasing a high-pressure mix of water, sand and chemicals to crack rocks and release gas stored inside.

Whitehall officials said the business rates commitment would mean councils keeping up to £1.7m extra a year from each fracking site.

Separately, the mining industry has pledged to give communities £100,000 for test drilling and a further 1% of the revenues if shale is discovered, they added.

Energy minister Michael Fallon said councils could benefit by up to “£10 million per well-head” if shale gas was successfully extracted in their communities, through the 1% levy on revenues.

“How fracking recovers natural gas from shale”

The Local Government Association, which represents councils in England, said the announcement was a “step in the right direction” but any packages had to “fairly remunerate” those affected.

“Start Quote

This is a naked attempt by the government to bribe hard-pressed councils into accepting fracking in their area.”

According to Lawrence Carter of Greenpeace

“One percent of gross revenues distributed locally is not good enough; returns should be more in line with payments across the rest of the world and be set at 10%,” a spokesman said. “The community benefits of fracking should be enshrined in law, so companies cannot withdraw them to the detriment of local people.”

Responding to the LGA’s call for 10% of revenues, Mr Fallon said: “This is something obviously the industry will keep under review.”

For Labour, shadow energy minister Tom Greatrex said it was right for communities to share in the potential rewards from shale gas, but he called on the government to “get its priorities right”.

“Only by fully addressing legitimate environmental and safety concerns about fracking with robust regulation and comprehensive monitoring will people have confidence that the exploration and possible extraction of shale gas is a safe and reliable source that can contribute to the UK’s energy mix,” he said.

Friends of the Earth’s Jane Thomas argued that the new policy “highlights the depth of local opposition to fracking and the desperate lengths ministers are prepared to go to try to overcome it”.

‘New North Sea’

Lawrence Carter of Greenpeace added: “Having had their claims that fracking will bring down energy bills and create jobs thoroughly discredited, the government is now resorting to straight up bribery to sell their deeply unpopular fracking policy.”

St Anna's Road siteThe “fracking” technique to extract shale gas has proved controversial

The Institute of Directors welcomed the move on business rates, with chief economist James Sproule arguing: “Investment from Total is a vote of long-term confidence in the UK shale industry, and is a welcome sign that the government is creating the conditions necessary to maximise the potential benefits of a new domestic energy source.

UKIP energy spokesman Roger Helmer warned  that “all the financial benefits [of fracking] could be swallowed up by bureaucracy” and urged the government to create a sovereign wealth fund so that  fracking  profits “would ensure financial security for future generations”.

Map showing areas of the UK licensed for oil and gas exploration and areas under consideration for licensing


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Changing Rules On 1871 Pedlars Act Will Have Consequences

English: Jo Swinson MP addressing a Liberal De...

English: Jo Swinson MP addressing a Liberal Democrat conference in the Bournemouth International Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Local Government Association has warned that plans to scrap laws governing peddlers risk turning Britain’s high streets into a “free-for-all for rogue traders”. Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democrat consumer affairs minister, wants to repeal the 1871 Pedlars Act, which restricts the freedom of travelling vendors to knock on people’s doors, approach people in the road and set up stalls on high streets. Under her plans, councils will be banned from using street trading laws, to place restrictions on the estimated 4,000 pedlars in the country.

Sometimes a story just has to be written and this is one such story that will, if the person trying to change the “1871 Pedlars Act” will do just that! With this all being in the pursuit of promoting business, or as l prefer to call it, consume-it-all-ism! This small news desk item was courtesy of a number of daily newspapers, and has consequences for everyone!

Firstly to understand my dismay l thought it would be useful to be aware of the context of the word “Pedlar” and is defined as:

The term “pedlar” means any hawker, pedlar, petty chapman, tinker, caster of metals, mender of chairs, or other person who, without any horse or other beast bearing or drawing burden, travels and trades on foot and goes from town to town or to other men’s houses, carrying to sell or exposing for sale any goods, wares, or merchandise, or procuring orders for goods, wares, or merchandise immediately to be delivered, or selling or offering for sale his skill in handicraft; 

I realise some of these people are not all dishonest tradesmen like any businessman/woman ,but releasing up to 4,000 pedlars onto the streets of our towns, will just lead to so many social problems.

Having for my sin’s many years ago worked door to door, l know how so many people will react in many ways, including the Elderly who are already in many cases terrified to say the least!

This is an ill-conceived proposal and Ms Swinson, should look deeper at the social and moral considerations, before this change gets the light of day. As a lot of people will not be in support of such a change, as ideas like this of obtaining growth  in the economy, are ill-conceived to say the least!

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Local Planning Laws Get Kick In The Teeth By Treasury

Town and Country Planning (Local Development) ...

Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sir Merrick Cockell, the chairman of the Local Government Association, has warned that the Treasury’s plan to give the Planning Inspectorate new powers to overrule projects blocked by councils would leave people helpless to stop thousands of homes being built on their doorsteps. “This is a blow to local democracy,” Sir Merrick said, adding: “Suddenly, without any discussion, the Government is threatening to take power away from local communities and placing it in the hands of a super quango”. He said the low-level of house-building was due to the failure of banks to lend to developers and homebuyers. The LGA estimates that around 1,500 stalled planning applications to build as many as 75,000 dwellings could be referred to the Inspectorate.

An investigation by the Sunday Times has revealed that developers have already purchased large swathes of green belt land or agreed deals to buy the land if planning permission is approved. The disclosures of the deals and scale of the holdings will fuel concerns of an unprecedented building boom on the green belt. The paper says that L&G Property has put forward plans for a new business park south of Luton, Crest Nicholson has submitted a document outlining 2,000 new homes in Keynsham, near Bristol, and Taylor Wimpey wants restrictions eased on green belt development land in the south Gloucestershire core strategy area.

The government once again looks to providing ” Cash for Contracts” under the auspices of helping the economy to grow! Never further from the truth has this statement ever been! The buzz of words are once again ringing in our ears of – affordable homes, help for the young,getting the economy working again, all for one reason profit for their contractors!

As people will realise very soon this government like so many will only look after themselves, but this time it is different! They have realised that people have want in their heart and they have just the way to quench the want, with their favourite word – MORE! At one time we would reach a pint whereby a little was enough, too much was excessive and greed was wanton! Now a little is a cop-out or a fear of success, want is good and is renamed entrepreneur and greed is only as good as you can make it,by making more than the other person!

The outcome will be build anywhere and the builders nee the developers will be able to justify themselves with some simple words! Well the government sanctioned it and the government will sanction it with the people told us to do something to stimulate the economy, so we did!!!

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The True Cost Of Care Reforms

United Nations Human Rights Council logo.

United Nations Human Rights Council logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Andrew Lansley, British politician an...

English: Andrew Lansley, British politician and Shadow Secretary of State for Health, speaking at the Health Hotel reception at the Manchester Central Conference Centre during the Conservative Party Conference 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, has suggested that elderly people could be forced to pay up to £100,000 towards the cost of their care before the Government picks up the bill. The figure is nearly three times the £35,000 cap proposed by Andrew Dilnot. Pensioners moving into residential homes would be able to borrow money from their local authorities, meaning they would not have to sell their homes before they die. Such a move angered councils, charities and unions, with pensioners’ groups describing the loans as a “death tax”. Sir Merrick Cockell, chairman of the LGA, said the proposals were “papering over the cracks” and did nothing to resolve the funding shortfall faced by town halls. Councils will also have to offer a minimum level of care and be unable to limit who could get care.

This extract l saw today and it led me to write this about the truth behind the story!

At the same time l saw this article and it became so clear to me about how we are so easily deceived!

Human Rights Considerations

A Government panel of experts are considering whether Labour’s Human Rights Act should be extended to include so-called “socio-economic rights”. Such a move would allow the unemployed to take the Government to court if ministers did not provide a minimum standard of living. The review has also raised the prospect of a legal ban on all discrimination against any group, and the introduction of the “environmental right” to live free from pollution. 

What ever happened to our human rights and how is it we let these so-called politicians, dictate our lives, to such an extent that we have no life. Let us look at this great new way to stop people selling their home to pay for their care. On my post yesterday l said how l saw the future and how we will all become hooked by what we need becoming what they want! On the face off it the government gives us a new way to keep our home and excludes to add the fact that the loan will enhance their lending policy and earn their lenders a nice healthy interest to boot! On the plus side we can all wait until we die and instead of a cap of £35,000 it will be a mere £100,00 plus interest of course. But what about death duties that can be mitigated by giving away our assets prior to death, oh hang on we cannot and another tax is payable at a mere X now and by the time of your death Y or even Z.

So in 1980 onward we are all told to become homeowners and we will all be better off and not have to rent anymore, well  that was a crock was it not! Well it all fell apart for some in the early 90’s and many lost their home. Then we all saw a rise in property that trebled and quadrupled until a home could cost millions in places of the world. So why not use it to borrow and borrow and borrow and have more and the upshot when we retire and pay off our mortgages, the government puts us back in hoc to them until the day we die!

So the true cost of care reforms is not what we are told we gain,but what we lose. By the fact we wanted this bill and now we have got it and we do not like the fact, we are the real losers again!

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