' Police Clash with Ethnic Albanians Over a Court Ruling on 2012 Shooting Incident '

#AceWorldNews – MACEDONIA (Skopje) – July 05 – Police have clashed with ethnic Albanians protesting against a court ruling on a 2012 shooting incident.

​Hundreds of ethnic Albanians in Macedonia took to the streets in the capital Skopje on Friday to protest against a court ruling, which sentenced six ethnic Albanian Muslims to life imprisonment for “murdering five Christian fishermen at a lake near Skopje in 2012.”

The men were found to be shot at close range and by more than one gunman.

During the trial that lasted 18 months, prosecutors said the Albanians had intended to destabilize the country. The six, however, have denied the charges, and their lawyers say there was no material evidence against them.


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` Macedonia Votes in Parliamentary Elections with the SEC Appealing for Free and Democratic Voting ‘

#AceWorldNews – MACEDONIA – April 27 – Today the citizens of Macedonia are to choose between two presidential candidates, Gjorge Ivanov from VMRO-DPMNE and Stevo Pendarovski from the Macedonian opposition, the Independent Balkan News Agency reports. In the first round of the presidential elections, Ivanov won 449 442 votes while Pendarovski won 326 164 votes.

Pendarovski has called on Albanians to support his candidacy.

But, on the other hand, the largest Albanian party, BDI, has called on its voters not to vote any of the presidential candidates. This stance has also been articulated by other Albanian parties.

Macedonia’s State Election Commission (SEC) appealed for free and democratic elections and for people to be able to vote freely.

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