‘ Malaysia’s Cabinet Approves International Investigation into Cause and Disappearance of Flight MH370 ‘

#AceWorldNews – KUALA LUMPUR – April 23 – Malaysia’s cabinet approved on Wednesday the appointment of an international team to investigate the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Reuters reported.

The main purpose of such team is “to evaluate, investigate and determine the actual cause of the accident so similar accidents could be avoided in the future,” the country’s acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said.

The government has had talks with Malaysian state oil firm Petronas and other entities to expand the deep-sea search for the missing plane in the southern Indian Ocean.


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` Malaysian Airlines Announces Beyond All Reasonable Doubt that Flight MH370 Has Been Lost and that None on Board Survived '

#AceBreakingNews – Malaysian airlines have announced beyond any reasonable doubt that flight MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board have survived.

The airline has informed the relatives of those on board the doomed flight that the plane is “lost” with no survivors.

The text msg Malaysia Airlines sent to inform Chinese #MH370 families about flight’s fate ending in S Indian Ocean pic.twitter.com/Ys3azWL7WB
— Adrienne Mong (@adriennemong) March 24, 2014

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has made an announcement, saying “It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that according to this new data, flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.”

The Boeing 777-200 disappeared from civilian radar screens on the night of the March 8 after taking off from Kuala Lumpur with 239 people on board, en route for Beijing.

There were reports that military radar picked up an unidentified plane, after the stricken jet lost contact with air traffic controllers, which had made a sharp turn as well as descending to a much lower altitude before heading out into the Indian Ocean.

There have been no confirmed sightings of the plane or any debris that can be conclusively linked to it after an international search that has lasted two weeks. The search over the Indian Ocean entered its fifth day on Monday.

The UK Air Accidents Investigations Branch told the Malaysian authorities that the planes final location was above the southern Indian Ocean.

By this he meant satellite data automatically sent by the stricken plane, concluded that the flight ended in an air corridor over the southern Indian Ocean.

“Using a type of analysis never before used in an investigation of this sort,they have been able to shed more light on MH370’s flight path.”
— Mohd Najib Tun Razak (@NajibRazak) March 24, 2014
“Based on their new analysis, Inmarsat & the AAIB concluded that the last position of #MH370 was in the middle of the Indian Ocean.”
— Mohd Najib Tun Razak (@NajibRazak) March 24, 2014
“We share this information out of a commitment to openness and respect for the families, two principles guiding this information.”

His sombre announcement comes just a few hours after the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot said that an Australian navy plane searching the area had spotted debris floating in the sea and that a ship from the Australian navy, HMAS Success, was just a few hours away and would hopefully be able to identify the floating objects.

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Monday, March 24, 10:15 PM MYT +0800 Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident – Media Statement 23

Note: The communication below was shared with the family members of passengers and crew of MH370

Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume that MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean. As you will hear in the next hour from Malaysia’s Prime Minister, new analysis of satellite data suggests the plane went down in the Southern Indian Ocean.

On behalf of all of us at Malaysia Airlines and all Malaysians, our prayers go out to all the loved ones of the 226 passengers and of our 13 friends and colleagues at this enormously painful time.

We know there are no words that we or anyone else can say which can ease your pain. We will continue to provide assistance and support to you, as we have done since MH370 first disappeared in the early hours of 8 March, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The ongoing multinational search operation will continue, as we seek answers to the questions which remain. Alongside the search for MH370, there is an intensive investigation, which we hope will also provide answers.

We would like to assure you that Malaysia Airlines will continue to give you our full support throughout the difficult weeks and months ahead.

Once again, we humbly offer our sincere thoughts, prayers and condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy.

Please note translation for this statement to Chinese language is in progress.



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Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 ; ` Australian Maritime Safety Authority ‘ receives information of objects in `South Indian Ocean’ – Reports

#AceWorldNews Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says satellite imagery has found objects possibly related to the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Experts, however, warned that the objects, situated about 2,500 km (1,553 miles) south-west from the Australian city of Perth, picked up in the satellite imagery are “relatively indistinct,” yet large enough to warrant sending a research team to investigate exactly what the pieces are.

Two objects have been spotted in the Indian Ocean, Abbott told the Australian parliament.

“New and credible information has come to light in relation to the search…in the south Indian Ocean,” Abbott said, according to Reuters.

“The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has received information based on satellite imagery of objects possibly related to the search.”

Read More: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/20/us-malaysiaairlines-flight-idUSBREA2701720140320


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MH370: ` Malaysian PM Najib Razak asks ` Kyrgz President Almazbek Atambayev for help in Telephone Conversation ‘

#AceBreakingNews – Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak asked Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev by telephone on Monday for assistance in searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing-777 plane, the Kyrgyz presidential press service reports.

The Malaysian premier asked Kyrgyzstan to provide any information which could help in reconstructing the plane’s possible route, which could pass through Kyrgyzstan’s airspace.

Atambayev promised that the Civil Aviation Agency set up under the Kyrgyz Ministry of Transport and Communications as well as the republic’s air defence forces would provide all the necessary information to Malaysia.

AP- TASS – News Sources


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Malaysian Airlines MH370 : ` Pilot of missing plane is photographed wearing a T-Shirt with ` Democracy is Dead' Slogan'

#AceWorldNews An image has emerged of the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet wearing a T-shirt with a ‘Democracy is Dead’ slogan as it has been revealed he could have hijacked the plane in an anti-government protest.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a father-of-three, was said to be a ‘fanatical’ supporter of the country’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim – jailed for homosexuality just hours before the jet disappeared.

It has also been revealed that the pilot’s wife and three children moved out of the family home the day before the plane went missing.

It comes as FBI investigators say the disappearance of MH370 may have been ‘an act of piracy’ and the possibility that hundreds of passengers are being held at an unknown location has not been ruled out.

Officials also revealed that it is possible the aircraft could have landed and transmitted a satellite signal from the ground. If the plane was intact and had enough electrical power in reserve, it would be able to send out a radar ‘ping’.

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MH370 ` ` Investigator’s trawling through Backgrounds of the Pilots, Crew and Staff adding some Countries Refused Information Request’s ‘

#AceWorldNews (Reuters) – Malaysian investigators are trawling through the backgrounds of the pilots, crew and ground staff who worked on a missing jet-liner for clues as to why someone on board flew it perhaps thousands of miles off course, the country’s police chief said.

Background checks of passengers on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 have drawn a blank, but not every country whose nationals were on board has responded to requests for information, police chief Khalid Abu Bakar told a news conference on Sunday.

Read More : http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/16/us-malaysiaairlines-flight-idUSBREA2701720140316


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` India ceases search and rescue of ` Malaysian Airlines MH370 ‘ as they now believe the flight was Hijacked’

#AceWorldNews India has put on hold the search and rescue operation of the Malaysian Airlines’ Boeing 777 that disappeared on March 8.

After searching the homes of pilots of the missing aircraft, Malaysian authorities now believe that flight MH370 was hijacked.

According to the latest reports, signals stopped coming from the aircraft after it changed course and was flying above the Indian Ocean.

India has been conducting searches in two areas, one around the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and another in the Bay of Bengal.

Editor: of course all of this is conjecture and can not be substantiated.

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` Police Commence Searching House of the Pilot of the ` Malaysian Airlines MH370 ' for any Evidence '

#AceWorldNews (Reuters) – A missing Malaysian airliner was likely to have been deliberately steered to a course that could have taken it anywhere from central Asia to the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysia’s prime minister said on Saturday.

Minutes after Malaysian leader Najib Razak outlined investigators’ latest findings about flight MH370, police began searching the house of the aircraft’s 53-year-old captain for any evidence that he could have been involved in foul play.

Najib said the plane’s final communication with satellites placed it somewhere in one of two corridors: a northern corridor stretching from northern Thailand to the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, or a southern corridor stretching from Indonesia to the vast southern Indian Ocean.

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` Malaysian Airlines `MH370 ' had its Communications Deliberately Disabled before it went Missing – Press Conference '

#AceWorldNews It is very likely flight MH370 had its communications “deliberately disabled” before it went missing, but there has been no confirmation the plane was hijacked, Malaysian PM Najib Razak said at a press conference.

“There is a high degree of certainty” that the communications systems of flight MH370 were disabled by someone on board the plane, Razak said.
Citing evidence from satellite images and radar tracking, Razak said the actions taken before the plane’s disappearance were “consistent with the deliberate action of someone on the plane.”

Flight MH370 was on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last week when it vanished from radars. It was carrying 239 people.

Responding to rumours that the Boeing 777 was hijacked, Razak said that this had not been confirmed.

“Despite media reports the plane was hijacked, I wish to be very clear, we are still investigating all possibilities as to what caused MH370 to deviate,” Razak said.

Yesterday AP reported this on their site WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. official says investigators are examining the possibility that someone caused the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jet with 239 people on board, and that it may have been “an act of piracy.”

The official wasn’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter and spoke only if not identified. While other theories are still being examined, the official says key evidence for “human intervention” in the plane’s disappearance is that contact with its transponder stopped about a dozen minutes before a messaging system quit.

This official says that it’s also possible the plane may have landed somewhere.

Another communications system on the plane continued to “ping” a satellite for about four hours after contact was lost with the Boeing 777 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing — an indication the plane may have continued to fly on for hours. Read More http://bigstory.ap.org/article/1-us-theory-someone-diverted-missing-plane

Meanwhile Bloomberg said this in their post A satellite transmitter on the plane was active for about five hours, indicating the plane was operational after its transponder shut down less than an hour after takeoff, said three U.S. government officials. The 777 can cruise at 500 miles (805 kilometers) an hour or more, meaning it may have flown for as far as 2,500 miles beyond its last point of contact if it was intact and had enough fuel.http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-03-13/missing-malaysian-jet-said-to-have-flown-with-beacon-off.html

RT News added this from the Wall Street Journal On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal published a report that suggested Flight MH370 may have stayed in the air for four-to-five hours after air traffic controllers lost contact with the cockpit. The AP later corroborated that claim, and said a US official briefed on the search said that the plane sent signals for four hours after it initially disappeared.

BBC – RT News – AP – Reuters – AFP – Bloomberg – Wall Street Journal


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` US officials have found an “indication” that the missing Malaysia Airlines jet-liner could have gone down in the Indian Ocean'

#AceWorldNews US officials have found an “indication” that the missing Malaysia Airlines jet-liner could have gone down in the Indian Ocean, ABC News reported, citing a senior Pentagon official.

According to the source, there were indications that the plane flew four or five hours after disappearing from radar, which gives reasons to expand the search further to the west of Malaysia, far from the original flight path of the plane.

Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has said that the authorities will expand the search “even if the evidence suggests there is a possibility of finding a minor evidence to suggest that… the aircraft would have been there.

” According to media reports, the US Navy has deployed USS Kidd to the Straits of Malacca, which connect the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, to facilitate the search.

Please note this has not been confirmed at the present and needs verifying.

ABC News – Read More: Press Conference – Video http://abcnews.go.com/International/us-officials-malaysia-airline-crashed-indian-ocean/story?id=22894802


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` Malaysia Airlines `MH370 ‘ possible fragments spotted off coast of `Vietnam’ but officials waiting until daylight to investigate ‘

#AceWorldNews Search and recovery officials have spotted possible fragments from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 off the coast of Vietnam, but they’re waiting until daylight to investigate.

If you’re on the East Coast of the U.S., don’t expect many updates before 6 p.m. EST; Kuala Lumpur local time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Until then, here are some updates from around the Web about Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.



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` Chinese Martyr’s Brigade claim responsibility for ` Malyasia Airlines Flight MH370′ claiming we hijacked aircraft ‘

#AceWorldNews A shadowy, previously unknown terror group has claimed responsibility for the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines jet, flight MH370.

Despite the Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade group’s claim that it has hijacked Flight MH370, officials were skeptical and said the claim could be a hoax.

According to news.com.au, on Sunday, the group sent an e-mail to journalists across China that read: “You kill one of our clan, we will kill 100 of you as pay back”.

Malaysian Defence Minister Hishamuddin Hussein said he doubted the claim’s legitimacy.

According to the report, other officials said the claim could be a hoax aimed at increasing ethnic tensions between Uighurs and Han Chinese after the March 1 knife attacks in the south-western city of Kunming that left 29 people dead and about 140 others injured.

They added that the message was delivered through an encrypted, anonymous Hushmail service that is virtually impossible to trace, the report added.



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Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 MH370: Tests show that `Oil Slicks’ are `Bunker Oil ‘and not used by any Aircraft ‘

#AceWorldNews says latest reports from news sources that earlier reported two oil slicks off the Malaysian coast could point to the spot where Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on Saturday have not been backed up by tests.
“The chemical department has confirmed this evening the oil found in Malaysian waters yesterday is bunker oil, and is not used by any aircraft,” said a statement from Faidah Shuib, spokeswoman for the Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency.

The investigators are now focusing on the possibility that the Boeing-777 disintegrated mid-air at cruising altitude, according to official sources interviewed by the Chinese state channel, CCTV.

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` Malaysia Airlines MH370 and still searching investigations move to yellow object but it was just moss-covered trash ‘

#AceWorldNews says that rescue helicopters and ships searching for a Malaysia Airlines jet rushed Monday to investigate a yellow object that looked like a life raft.

It turned out to be moss-covered trash floating in the ocean, once again dashing hopes after more than two days of fruitless search for the plane that disappeared en route to Beijing with 239 people on board

With no confirmation that the Boeing 777 had crashed, hundreds of distraught relatives waited anxiously for any news.Thai police and Interpol questioned the proprietors of a travel agency in the resort town of Pattaya that sold one-way tickets to two men now known to have been travelling on flight MH370 using stolen passports http://wp.me/p165ui-4aM



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Malaysia Airlines Disaster : ` At least two reported Malaysian jet passengers ‘safe at home’ following passports stolen ‘

#AceWorldNews says reports are coming in that that at least two passengers registered aboard missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have been found safe and sound in their home countries.
The Austrian and Italian citizens reportedly had their passports stolen earlier in Thailand.

An Austrian national thought to have been aboard the plane that disappeared off the coast of Vietnam early Saturday is alive and safe, an Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman revealed.

“Our embassy got the information that there was an Austrian on board. That was the passenger list from Malaysia Airlines.

Our system came back with a note that this is a stolen passport,” the spokesman said, as quoted by Reuters.

The man, who was found at home by police, had his passport stolen while travelling in Thailand in 2012.

However, this was not the end of the story. An Italian ‘ghost’ passenger was also discovered, according to the Foreign Ministry in Rome.


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