BAHRAIN: ‘ Release Sunni-Opposition leader Ibrahim Sharif after 4-years ‘

#AceNewsReport – BAHRAIN:June.20:  The Bahraini government has released a Sunni opposition leader who had been imprisoned for four years for taking part in Shiite-backed anti-government protests, the Waed secular group – his party, announced on its Twitter account.

Ibrahim Sharif became a prominent face in the 2011 uprising that demanded a constitutional monarchy and an elected prime minister. He was later charged along with 20 other activists for allegedly plotting to overthrow the Sunni rulers of Bahrain – a Shiite-majority country.

He received a five-year sentence, which was one of the lesser sentences. Eight others received life. News of the release comes four days after another opposition leader – the Shiite Ali Salman – received a four-year sentence for inciting disobedience. Salman’s group was also a key force in the 2011 uprising.

Some 90 people have died in clashes with security forces since then, according to rights groups. Hundreds more have been put on trial.


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‘ Bahrain’s Opposition Shiite Movement Gear up for Protests Ahead of Parliamentary Elections ‘

#AceWorldNews – BAHRAIN (Manama) – September 30 – Bahrain’s opposition movement paralysed traffic on the main streets in the country’s capital Manama, RIA Novosti reports.

Largely made up of Shiite citizens, the opposition burned tires and poured oil on the city’s main streets.

'Bahrain Opposition Blocks Central Streets in Manama'

‘Bahrain Opposition Blocks Central Streets in Manama’

In order to prevent accidents, the police blocked access to certain areas in the city centre.

The opposition movement is gearing up for more protests ahead of the parliamentary elections scheduled for November 22.

The demonstrators are speaking out against the government’s decision to abolish one of the country’s provinces, distributing the election polls among other provinces.

' Protests in Manama in 2011 '

‘ Protests in Manama in 2011 ‘

The demonstrations in Bahrain have not ceased, since the uprising in 2011 followed by the crackdown backed by Saudi-led Gulf troops.


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` Explosion in Shiite Village in Bahrain Kills Two People and Wounds a Third in Bomb Attack ‘

#AceWorldNews – BAHRAIN – April 19 – The explosion was in the mostly Shiite village of al-Maqshaa, outside the capital Manama, according to the Interior Ministry’s Twitter account, as Reuters reports.

It added that the car had signs of explosive substances inside.

The explosion killed two people and wounded a third. In recent weeks Shiite villages in Bahrain have seen several explosions, with a bomb attack in March leaving three policemen killed.

The US ally is still struggling to control the restive Shiite population in Bahrain.


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` Bahrain tightens its grip on `Security ‘ following threats by ` Shiite Opposition ‘ to Protest ‘

#AceWorldNews – BAHRAIN – April 03 – Bahrain tightened security on Thursday, as the three-day Formula One Grand Prix was about to get under way, AFP reported.

The move came after the country’s Shiite opposition announced plans of new protests. Police were deployed on Thursday along a main road linking Manama to the Sakhir F1 circuit in the south.

More checkpoints were set up on roads leading to Shiite villages, according to witnesses.

The Grand Prix begins on Friday and runs through Sunday.


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` Shiite Village in `Bahrain ‘ suffers home-made bomb wounding two policemen ‘

#AceWorldNews A home-made bomb exploded in a Shiite Muslim village in Bahrain on Tuesday, wounding two policemen, according to the Interior Ministry.

It provided no further details about the explosion in al-Eker, south of the capital, Manama.

It came nine days after another blast in the Gulf Arab Kingdom killed three security men, Reuters reported.


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” Police and Rioters clash head on and two home-made bombs explode in Shiite Village”

#AceWorldNews says overnight clashes between Bahraini police and rioter’s lead to two home-made bombs exploding, in a Shiite village west of Manama.

According to BNA news agency they reported, citing police ,as the agitator’s.

The bombs exploded as “security forces were confronting acts of sabotage, blocking of roads and attacks with Molotov cocktails,” it said.

However, the main Shiite opposition bloc Al-Wefaq said security forces attacked mourners in Saar, AFP reported.

There were no reports of casualties.

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