FRANCE: ‘ Protesters Brandishing Placards Proclaiming “Humans Are Not a Commodity ‘ March Against Anti-Family Policies ‘

#AceNewsServices – FRANCE (Paris) – October 05  – Brandishing placards and flags proclaiming, “Humans are not a commodity” and “No to the demolition of the family,” tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Paris Sunday to oppose what they call the government’s “anti-family” policies.

As the march made its way through the affluent neighbourhoods of west Paris, some residents hung banners of support and cheered on the demonstrators from their windows.

The protesters, including a mix of hardline Catholics and traditional conservatives, declared their opposition to a number of causes, including surrogate mothers and artificial insemination technology for non-married couples.

' Manif pour Tous '

‘ Manif pour Tous ‘

Above all, the demonstrators wanted to deliver the message that “all children need a mother and a father,” said Caroline, a 54-year-old retiree from Paris, as she waved a flag with a picture of a man, a woman and two children standing hand-in-hand – the symbol of the Manif pour Tous movement that organised the rally.



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