#AceWorldNews – INDIA – Nov.13 – Police have detained a doctor over mass sterilization surgeries in central India that left 13 women dead and dozens ill in hospital, AFP reported.

'Indian surgeon detained over deaths of 13 women after sterilization '

‘Indian surgeon detained over deaths of 13 women after sterilization ‘

Dr R.K Gupta was detained for questioning late Wednesday in Chhattisgarh state.

In five hours, the doctor operated on 83 women who were paid $26 under a government-run sterilization scheme to reduce population growth.

The doctor, who says he has conducted more than 50,000 such operations, blamed adulterated medicines for the tragedy.

India is the world’s top sterilizer of women, and efforts to rein in population growth have been described as draconian, Reuters said.

Birth rates fell in recent decades, but population growth is among the world’s fastest.


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#AceNewsServices – MOSCOW – November 04 – A column of 10 trucks carrying humanitarian aid, sent by Russia’s Emergencies Ministry, has reached Lugansk.



“Ten trucks have arrived in Lugansk, bringing 50 tons of medicines and fuel.

The convoy is starting to be unloaded,” said the deputy head of the National Emergencies Center, Oleg Voronov.

'Humanitarian Aid Trucks Arrive in Luhansk '

‘Humanitarian Aid Trucks Arrive in Luhansk ‘

The regional government had ordered 100 tons of medicines to be brought as well as fuel, which is much needed in Donetsk and Lugansk.

This is the sixth convoy to have provided humanitarian aid, with thousands of tons of aid having already been delivered, including generators, drinking water and warm clothing.

Yesterday it was confirmed that a sixth load of Russian humanitarian aid is ready to be shipped to the suffering people of Ukraine’s Donbass region, according to Oleg Voronov, deputy head of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations.

The shipment will consist of over 100 tons of food and medical supplies and will be sent via 20 lorry trucks to Lugansk and Donetsk.

Source: Tass – RT – RIA Novosti 


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` Gaza Tunnels Closure adds up to ` Economic Crisis ' with No Job's and No Chance to Feed their Families ' '

#AceNewsServices – RAFAH – GAZA STRIP – March 31 – (ALJazeera) – Rafah, Gaza Strip – Two men load boxes onto a solitary motorcycle-pulled trailer in an otherwise deserted pavilion.

The Gaza Strip’s customs and excise terminal on the southern border with Egypt, once a hive of activity, now sees barely a trickle of imports after the Egyptian military began destroying Gaza’s extensive network of smuggling tunnels, following the ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Adjacent to the empty terminal and backing onto a collection of decrepit, bullet-ridden apartment buildings, a bank of metal-framed structures stretch across into the distance. Each white covering shelters the entrance to a privately owned smuggling tunnel, the closure of which has further crippled an already besieged Gazan economy.

In March, Egyptian authorities announced the destruction of 1,370 tunnels along the Gaza border.

“They’re working very hard to destroy all the tunnels now,” Hamas border guard Muhammad Abu Hossam told Al Jazeera from his guard post along the Gaza-Egyptian border. “You see the explosions on their side, it’s like a war. Yesterday it was 20 and today it was 10.”

Israel’s imposed land and sea blockade of Gaza, approaching its eighth year, lead to the construction of tunnels to import medicine, food, consumer goods and building materials. While some speculators made small fortunes on tunnel construction, the network sustained many livelihoods through labouring, distribution and the supply of materials to the construction industry.

“The tunnel was destroyed two months ago when the Egyptians filled it with water,” Ahmad, a labourer who worked in the tunnels, says, nodding towards the dark entrance. “Now, there’s nothing to do and there’s no chance for the people to work. If the tunnels are open, there is work in Gaza. I have a wife and two children to feed and I worry for them. I’m lucky to still have a job watching the entrance.”

While operating, the tunnel employed around 20 people to move goods underground, load them onto trucks and distribute them around Gaza.

“I used to get paid 80 shekels [$23] per day – carrying sand during construction and carrying the goods onto the waiting trucks,” Ahmad said.

Courtesy of Al Jazeera – Nigel O’Connor – Last updated: 31 Mar 2014 14:13


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#Syria : “Food and Basic Supplies running dangerously low in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp due to lack of Humanitarian Aid”

#AceWorldNews says that food and basic supplies are running dangerously low in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) announced, urging for speedy access of humanitarian aid.

“We have not distributed food there over a week now, which is potentially life-threatening for the besieged civilians trapped by the conflict and desperately dependent on UNRWA for food and basic medicines,” said UNRWA spokesperson Chris Gunness, clarifying that fighting that broke out on 7 February forced the agency to temporarily suspend its activities.

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