MALAYSIA: ‘ Airbus A330 flight makes Emergency landing in Melbourne ‘

#AceNewsReport – MALAYSIA:June.12: :A Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 flight to Kuala Lumpur has made an emergency landing in Melbourne, Air Services Australia said.

“There was an emergency declared, there was a ‘engine fire’ alert in the cabin. The plane proceeded to dump the fuel and returned to land and it landed safely at the aviation rescue sites,” a spokeswoman at Air Services Australia told Reuters.

There were about 300 people on board, local media said.


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‘ Australian Police Arrest Suspect of Funding Syrian Extremists’

#AceWorldNews – AUSTRALIA (Melbourne) – Australia police has arrested a man in counter-terrorism raids in the city of Melbourne on Tuesday, saying that he provided money to a US citizen fighting alongside extremists in Syria.

The unnamed man, 23, will be charged with intentionally making funds available to a terrorist organization, AP quoted Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan as saying.

A week ago, Melbourne police fatally shot a terror suspect who had stabbed two officers.

The man arrested Tuesday was not connected to that incident, Gaughan said.



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