Venezuela: ` Witnesses the Worst Violence seen for Weeks as the Death Toll Rises to 36 and Many Innocents Die'

#AceWorldNews – VENEZUELA – March 25 – The death toll in Venezuela’s anti-government unrest has climbed to 36.

A pregnant woman was lethally shot near Caracas and a older one was killed in the western state of Merida, officials announced.

The 28-year-old pregnant woman was shot dead on Sunday during a protest as she was getting off a bus stopped by a barricade set up by protesters. In a separate accident, a National Guard sergeant was shot shot in the neck during clashes in the western state of Merida.

Venezuela has been hit by a wave of violent protests that have continued for almost a month, with people in the streets accusing the government of inflation and holding it responsible for the lack of basic products in the country.

President Nicolas Maduro has repeatedly accused the White House of sponsoring members of the opposition with a view to destabilize Venezuela.


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Venezuela ` Chilean Student shot dead whilst clearing away a barricade put up by Anti-Government Protester ‘s’

#AceWorldNews A Chilean woman was shot dead while clearing a barricade put up by anti-government protesters, Reuters reported.

Gisela Rubilar, 47, who was studying in the western Venezuelan city of Merida, is the first foreign fatality during a month of civil unrest in Venezuela, authorities said.

“She was ambushed by an extreme right-wing group,” Alexis Ramirez, the governor of Merida state, said, blaming the killing of Rubilar on unidentified demonstrators.

The deaths of Rubilar and of a protester shot in the border state of Tachira, brought to at least 22 the number of fatalities in five weeks of unrest.


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