(AFGHANISTAN) #Taliban Invasion Report: The fate of Panjshir Valley – the final holdout against their control – hangs in the balance as heavy fighting continues #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Sept.04; Taliban sources told Reuters news agency that they had seized the area, but the resistance fighters they are battling denied this: One of the resistance leaders, Amrullah Saleh, dismissed claims he had fled, but said the situation was “difficult”….

#AceDailyNews as the #Taliban prepare to set-up governance across Afghanistan the ‘Fate of Panjshir Valley’ is in balance amid heavy fighting to gain complete control against militant forces as claims and counterclaims are reported by both sides that they had seized the area ….

ANALYSIS: What rise of Taliban means for Pakistan

BACKGROUND: : The story of Afghanistan’s ‘undefeated’ valley

ON THE GROUND: In Kabul, Afghans adjust to a new, uncertain fate

VOICES: Kabul make-up artist: ‘Women like me are targets’

Anti-Taliban militants in training
Thousands are reported to be taking part in the fighting in Panjshir

The fighting in Panjshir is reported to have left hundreds dead. 

In Kabul and other cities several people were killed and others injured by celebratory gunfire, reports say. 

Panjshir Valley, north of the capital Kabul, is one of Afghanistan’s smallest provinces and the only one not to have fallen to the Taliban.

The traditional anti-Taliban stronghold is home to somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 people, and is hidden behind mountain peaks. 

The resistance – which includes former Afghan security force members and local militias – is led by local tribal leader Ahmad Massoud. His father successfully fought the Soviets who invaded in the 1980s, and the Taliban in the 1990s.

In a video message sent to the BBC, Mr Saleh, a former vice-president of Afghanistan, said there had been casualties on both sides. 

“There is no doubt we are in a difficult situation. We are under invasion by the Taliban,” he said.

But he added: “We will not surrender, we are standing for Afghanistan.”

He said he was sharing the video to assure people that reports suggesting that he had left the country were false. However the BBC was unable to independently confirm his location.

Ali Nazari, a spokesperson for the National Resistance Front (NRF) fighters, told BBC World News that the rebels had pushed the Taliban on the back foot.“There are well over a few hundred Taliban who are trapped. And they are running out of munitions and they are negotiating terms of surrender right now,” he said.But Taliban officials have been claiming victory in the area, with one commander telling Reuters news agency: “By the grace of Allah Almighty, we are in control of the entire Afghanistan. The troublemakers have been defeated and Panjshir is now under our command.”

The are now in control of the rest of the country, and are expected to announce a new government in the coming days.The European Union and UK on Friday joined the US in saying they will deal with the Islamist group, but won’t recognise them as Afghanistan’s government: The EU also said it was planning to re-establish a diplomatic presence in Kabul to oversee evacuations and ensure that a new Afghan government fulfils commitments on issues including security and human rights: But its foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell said any engagement would be subject to strict conditions and would only be to support the Afghan people.

The BBC’s chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet, who is in Kabul, says that while the Taliban are seeking international acceptance, they are seeking it on their terms. If the West does not want to deal with them, there are other powers such as China, Russia and Pakistan they can turn to, our correspondent adds.Meanwhile, the Taliban are said to have issued strict orders against aerial firing after unconfirmed reports of a number of deaths caused by celebratory gunfire in Kabul and elsewhere.

#AceNewsDesk report ……..Published: Sept.04: 2021:

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(AFGHANISTAN) JUST IN: Heavy clashes continue in Kunduz city in the northern province since their start on Saturday night, according to security sources #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Aug.07: Dozens of shops and buildings have caught fire in fighting around the Kunduz airport and police HQ in the city, the sources said. …

#AceDailyNews says that Fighting Ongoing in Kunduz City, Clearing Operation Launched and the #Taliban takes first provincial capital in Afghanistan as city of Zaranj falls into group’s hands as the militants entered the city on Friday afternoon, according to media reports corroborated by footage circulating online TOLONews.Com/

“The Taliban have taken Chawk-e-Kunduz (the center of the city),” sources said: Dozens of families have evacuated their homes.

Taj Mohammad, a commander leading Afghan commandos, said: “The enemies have intensified attacks in Kunduz city over the past 24 hours during which they suffered heavy casualties.” He assured the residents of Kunduz that the security forces will defend the city.

The Defense Ministry in a statement said that Afghan commandos have launched a clearance operation in the city, adding that Gen. Raziq roundabout and national TV building have been cleared of Taliban.

Taliban takes first provincial capital in Afghanistan as city of Zaranj falls into group's hands

The city is the first provincial capital to fall amid the ongoing #Taliban offensive against government troops….

The development was confirmed to Reuters by Nimroz’s police spokesperson, with the official, who remained anonymous for security reasons, blaming the fall of the city on a lack of reinforcements from Afghanistan’s central government.

Footage shared online purports to show Taliban militants entering the city en-masse, on foot as well as riding atop a column of captured government armored vehicles.

وصلت فرقة القوات الخاصة للطالبان من فراه إلى ولاية نيمروز لتصفية مقر الشرطة و مركز الولاية من القوات الحكومية.كل الولاية بيد طالبان سوى مقر الشرطة و مبنى الولاية. pic.twitter.com/MkoktV0nLH— روح الله عمر الأفغاني (@roohullahumar1) August 6, 2021

The militants reportedly also broke into a local prison, freeing inmates from the facility.

The city apparently fell into hands of the Taliban largely without fighting, imagery from the scene suggests. It was not immediately clear whether the local security forces fled or defected to the Taliban.

The Taliban entered to Zaranj city, the provincial capital of Nimroz without any fighting. pic.twitter.com/HuXjlZsaw3— Fahim Abed (@fahimabed) August 6, 2021

In recent weeks, the resurgent group has launched a fresh major offensive against government forces, capturing large swaths of territory and establishing control over multiple border crossings.

The Islamist militants have also put pressure on several provincial capitals, including such major cities as Kandahar in the south and Herat in the west. Before the capture of Zaranj, however, the Taliban’s territorial gains primarily occurred in sparsely-populated rural areas.

Afghanistan War: Sheberghan falls to Taliban, militants say

Afghan security forces patrol in Herat
BBC News: The fall of two regional capitals in 24 hours is a blow to security forces, seen here in the city of Herat

The Taliban say they have taken control of the city of Sheberghan in the northern Afghan province of Jawzjan.

An Afghan defence ministry spokesman told the BBC government forces were still in the city and would clear out the Taliban “soon”.

This is the second regional capital to fall to the militants, after Zaranj in the south-western province of Nimroz fell on Friday.

It is a major blow to security forces, with battles raging across the country.

There are also reports of heavy fighting in Kunduz in the north and Lashkar Gah in the south.

Violence has escalated across Afghanistan after US and other international forces began to withdraw their troops from the country, following 20 years of military operations.

Taliban militants have made rapid advances in recent weeks, capturing large swathes of the countryside, and are now targeting key towns and cities. 

Sheberghan is a stronghold of the former Afghan vice-president and warlord, Abdul Rashid Dostum, whose supporters have been leading the fight against the insurgents. 

Local media reports that 150 people travelled to the city to help Afghan forces.

The Taliban first took control of the governor’s compound on Friday during intense fighting, before it was retaken by Afghan security forces. 

However, the region’s council chief, Babur Eshchi, told the BBC the militants were now in control of the whole city, except an army base, where fighting was still going on.Afghan interpreter relocated to UK: “A better life for my wife and children”

Afghan defence ministry spokesman Fawaad Aman told the BBC’s Newshour programme government forces were still in “the majority” of the city, including the airport, and insisted Sheberghan would be “clear of terrorists soon”.

But he conceded the Taliban had captured parts of the city, and that government troops had retreated “to prevent civilian casualties”.

According to the Afghan defence ministry, US B-52 bombers have hit Taliban positions in the city. 

Taliban officials meanwhile said they had taken a prison in Sheberghan. Video on social media shows hundreds of inmates leaving the city jail.

Other provincial capitals under pressure include Herat in the west, and the southern cities of Kandahar and Lashkar Gah.

The Afghan military says dozens of Islamist fighters, including senior commanders, have been killed in Lashkar Gah. The Taliban however have denied the military’s version of events.

And in the Afghan capital Kabul this week, the Taliban shot dead President Ashraf Ghani’s former spokesman and carried out a bomb attack on the house of the acting defence minister.

Taliban fighters have also captured key border crossings with neighbouring countries in recent weeks.The militant group has closed the border with Pakistan, and pictures show dozens of Afghans stranded on the Pakistani side, unable to return to their families.”We came [to Pakistan] to attend a funeral three days ago. Now the border is closed. We’re sitting here. We have no food and no money,” a man trying to get home to Kandahar told Reuters news agency. The US and UK governments have urged its citizens to leave the country immediately because of the worsening security situation.On Friday, the British Foreign Office warned that militants were very likely to carry out attacks in Afghanistan.

The US said citizens can receive a repatriation loan if they cannot afford to pay for a commercial flight themselves.

PROFILE: ANALYSIS: How the Taliban retook half of AfghanistanON THE GROUND: Bodies on the streets as fighting traps Afghans

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: Aug.08: 2021:

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(BURKINA FASO) JUST IN: At least 130 people killed in worst attack on Saturday in recent years by Unidentified militants #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.08: The death toll from the worst militant attack in Burkina Faso in recent years has risen to 132, the government said on Saturday, after armed assailants laid siege overnight to a village in the jihadist-plagued northeast.

Burkina Faso: At least 132 civilians killed in worst attack in years,” Reuters, June 6, 2021:

The attackers struck during the night on Friday, killing residents of the village of Solhan in Yagha province, bordering Niger. They also burned homes and the market, the government said in a statement.

It declared a 72-hour period of national mourning, describing the attackers as terrorists, although no group has claimed responsibility. Another 40 residents were wounded, government spokesperson Ousseni Tamboura later told reporters.

The United Nations said Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was outraged by the attack, whose victims included seven children.

Despite the presence of thousands of U.N. peacekeepers, attacks by jihadists linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State in West Africa’s Sahel region have risen sharply since the start of the year, particularly in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, with civilians bearing the brunt….

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: Jun.08: 2021:

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(NIGERIA) JUST IN: Some gunmen suspected to be terrorists have stormed Gurmana community in the Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State, SaharaReporters has learnt #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.12: The suspected terrorists were said to have invaded the community in broad daylight on Friday, killing people and burning houses and properties:

Nigeria: Militants storm community, murder one, burn houses and crops, abduct six: ‘As at the time of filing this report, one person had been killed and six persons had been abducted, Sahara Reporters also learnt’

“Suspected Terrorists Storm Niger Community, Kill One, Abduct Six,” Sahara Reporters, April 9, 2021:

A source in the community also told SaharaReporters that “yams worth millions of naira were set ablaze”.

“It is so sad that people are getting killed every day and the government does not appear to be concerned or doing anything about it. It is a shame that we cannot sleep with our eyes closed,” the source said….

#AceNewsDesk report …………Published: Apr.12: 2021:

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EGYPT: Army says 18 #militants #killed in operation against #Daesh in northern Sinai; move follows Friday’s deadly attack in Al-Arish – Daily News Egypt – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Oct.17: Egyptian army says 18 #militants #killed in operation against Islamic State militants in northern Sinai; move follows Friday’s deadly attack in Al-Arish – Daily News Egypt – http://bit.ly/2e1mzFJ

As another Eight Egyptian security forces killed in Sinai attack as they start a major operation to root out militants …

At least eight Egyptian security forces have been #killed and nearly a dozen others injured in the country’s restive Sinai Peninsula as the army begins a major operation to root out terrorists.

Citing security forces, local media reported that a #police officer and four soldiers were #killed after armed fighters attacked a security patrol in Abu Taweela village in Shiekh Zwayed city of North Sinai on Sunday. Eight soldiers were also injured in the same incident.

Jihadists have mounted a string of deadly operations against security forces since the military ousted Egypt's Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013. (AFP/File)

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SYRIA: ‘ ‘ Five civilians killed & 55-others injured after militants target Damascus ‘

#AceNewsReport – SYRIA:Aug.12: Five civilians were killed and 55 others injured after militants targeted Damascus on Wednesday with mortars and rockets that landed in various neighborhoods, Syria’s state news agency SANA reported on Wednesday.

The shells were fired from positions in the eastern al-Ghouta, a source at Damascus Police Command said, adding that most of the victims were women and children.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was expected to head for Damascus from Beirut later in the day to discuss a new plan to resolve the civil war.

Ace Worldwide News

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LIBYA: ‘ Al-Qaeda Battling Islamic State after one of their leaders are Killed ‘

#AceNewsReport – LIBYA:Post Update:June.10: Al-Qaeda-linked militants are battling an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) affiliate in eastern Libya after one of their leaders was shot dead, AP reported.

Nasr Akr, an Al-Qaeda-inspired militant, was assassinated along with his aide in the eastern town of Darna. The Shura Council of Darna’s jihadists announced his killing on Wednesday, blaming it on Islamic State militants.

The killing sparked heavy fighting, leaving at least nine IS militants dead, according to witnesses. The so-called Islamic State seized control of Darna last year.

The IS group began as an Al-Qaeda affiliate, but later fell out with the jihadist network.


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#AceWorldNews – NIGERIA: Jan.12: Boko Haram militants in Nigeria attacked a military base in north-western Cameroon on Monday, TASS reported, citing police.

Residents of Kolofata reportedly fled the town where fierce fighting broke out.

Boko Haram has crossed the border with Cameroon in the past to avoid clashing with Nigeria’s military.


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#AceWorldNews – LIBYA:Jan.05: The Libyan air force has attacked a Greek operated oil tanker in the militant controlled port of Derna, killing two of the crew and injuring another two, AFP reports.

Aegean Shipping, which runs the tanker, said that no oil has leaked out and the company is as assessing the damage.

A Libyan military spokesman said the tanker was “suspicious” and had been hit because it had not been inspected before entering the port.

The Libyan military carried out several attacks on Derna last year in an attempt to weaken the Islamic militants, who have controlled it for the past two years.


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#AceWorldNews – NIGERIA:Jan.04: The militant group Boko Haram has seized a town and key multinational military base in north-eastern Nigeria, officials and eyewitnesses say.

A senator in Borno state said troops had abandoned the base in the town of Baga after it was attacked on Saturday. 

Residents of Baga, who fled by boat to neighbouring Chad, said many people had been killed and the town set ablaze. Baga, scene of a Nigerian army massacre in 2013, was the last town in the Borno North area under government control.

It hosted the base of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF), made up of troops from Nigeria, Chad and Niger.Set up in 1998 to fight trans-border crime in the Lake Chad region, the force more recently took on Boko Haram.

Boko Haram attacks towns and villages on an almost daily basis, abducting people including young boys and girls, BBC Africa editor Mary Harper reports. The military, which includes Western advisers and surveillance, seems incapable of dealing with the problem, our editor adds.


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#AceNewsServices Featured Post: IRAQ: Jan.03: Islamic State militants have kidnapped at least 170 men in two villages in northern Iraq, officials and locals said. The jihadists are reportedly searching for people who burned their flags.

The men were abducted from the villages of Al-Shajara and Gharib in Kirkuk province Friday. Earlier it was reported that two flags of IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL) were burned in the area.

“Members of the [IS] organization who were driving around 30 vehicles took the kidnapped [people] to the center of Hawijah [town],” an intelligence officer told AFP.

Hawija, with about 450,000 inhabitants, has a jihadist court and a prison.

Islamic State flags flutter on the Mullah Abdullah bridge in southern Kirkuk (Reuters / Ako Rasheed)

Islamic State flags flutter on the Mullah Abdullah bridge in southern Kirkuk (Reuters / Ako Rasheed)

Women from Al-Shajara village asked the extremists not to harm their men, a villager said. The extremists replied that they were planning to punish only those responsible for burning of the flag.

The Gharib resident said that IS fighters took about 90 men from his village, adding that they were searching for 15 men who set ablaze the militants’ flag there.

Islamic State jihadists have repeatedly turned to mass detentions of residents in Iraq and Syria. In September, the group took 50 people in Kirkuk province after locals burned an IS flag and attacked one of their positions.

Since the IS lightning advance this year, the insurgents have committed systematic human rights abuses – including mass executions, abducting women, and using girls as sex slaves, according to a UN report.

About 1.8 million Iraqis have been forced to leave their homes. More than 500,000 Yazidis and other religious minorities have fled Islamic State attacks in northern Iraq since June, most to the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

In areas of Iraq controlled by the Islamic State, trials have been conducted by self-appointed courts where people, including Sunnis, have been condemned to death for breaking Sharia law.

Islamic State has also carried out indiscriminate destruction of places of cultural and religious significance which do not conform to its takfiri doctrine. Under the doctrine, Sunni militants justify their actions by branding others as apostates.



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#AceWorldNews – NIGERIA:Jan.03: Armed militants abducted 40 boys and young men from a remote village in north-east Nigeria on Wednesday.

The raid became known only when residents who escaped from the village informed the authorities on Saturday, AFP reports.

The age of all the kidnapped males is from 10 to 23. Officials suspect the militants were Boko Haram members, who still hold in captivity over 200 schoolgirls abducted last April.


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AceWorldNews – NIGERIA:Jan.02: Al Shabaab militants staged an attack on a military base outside the town of Baidoa on Friday morning, killing at least 7 Somali soldiers, a Somali military official said. “Al Shabaab “ attacked our base unexpectedly early in the morning today.

We lost seven soldiers,” Captain Ahmed Idow, a Somali military officer, told Reuters. The attack comes just days after the United States said it had killed the group’s chief of intelligence, Tahliil Abdishakur. Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, al Shabaab’s military operation spokesman, told Reuters:

“We fiercely attacked the military base near Baidoa,” The militants are attempting to remove the Mogadishu government and introduce Islamic law in the country.


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#AceWorldNews – PAKISTAN:Dec.19 – Pakistani jets and ground forces killed 59 militants in a north-western tribal region near the Afghan border, AP reported, citing the army.

Three security personnel were wounded in the ensuing shoot out. Air-strikes and ground operations on Thursday and Friday were carried out in the Khyber agency – one of two main areas in the north west where the military has been trying to root out militants in recent months.

The offensive continued after Taliban fighters killed 148 people in a school massacre.


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#AceWorldNews – SYRIA:Dec.16 – Around 100 Syrian soldiers and 80 Islamist fighters were killed during a two-day battle over the Wadi al-Deif military base, Reuters reported, citing the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Al-Qaeda’s Syria wing, the Al-Nusra Front, overran the base, situated next to the country’s main north-south highway in Idlib province on Monday, the monitoring group said.

Two other Sunni Muslim militant groups, Jund al-Aqsa and Ahrar al-Sham, also took part in the battle.


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#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON:Dec.11 – Al-Qaeda in Yemen has blamed Washington for the death of a US and South African hostage killed in a failed rescue attempt by US forces, Reuters reported.

The US president and his government “could have at least negotiated” the militants’ demands, said Nasser bin Ali al-Ansi, representing the group.

His comments appeared in a video published on Thursday by the SITE Intelligence group, which monitors Islamist militants.“Despite our warning to him not to act foolishly” the US president “chose a military solution, which failed before and failed once again,” al-Ansi said.

American journalist Luke Somers, 33, and South African teacher Pierre Korkie, 56, were shot by the kidnappers during the raid on Saturday in the arid Wadi Abadan district of Shabwa.



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#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – Nov.26 – The Moscow Muslim Spiritual Department (DUM) has made inspections of Moscow mosques following Internet reports alleging that some of the mosques were used to recruit militants for operations in the Middle East.

' Muslim religious leaders in Moscow carry on regular work for prevention of extremism, the Moscow Muslim Spiritual Department said '

‘ Muslim religious leaders in Moscow carry on regular work for prevention of extremism, the Moscow Muslim Spiritual Department said ‘

As a result of the inspections, DUM representatives in an official statement have denied the reports as “groundless.” /TASS/. reported. 

“The Moscow mosques cannot serve as recruitment centers for militants deployed to fight in Syria because Muslim religious leaders carry on regular work for prevention of extremism,” the statement said. “Unauthorized gatherings or any recruitment activities are banned in the Moscow mosques; any attempts to violate the ban are resolutely cut short,” the statement said.

“The Imams of the Moscow Mosque regularly conduct seminars and deliver lectures for purposes of prevention of radical propaganda and protection of spiritual and moral values advocated by Islam,” it said.

The Internet report claimed that the alleged recruitment centre for volunteers to fight in Syria was in a mosque in Prospect Mira street in Moscow.


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#AceWorldNews – KENYA – Nov.22 – Latest updated news: The Al-Shabab militants in Somalia have claimed responsibility for the Saturday attack in neighbouring Kenya, which left 28 people killed.

The killing of bus passengers was retaliation for raids on mosques in the city of Mombasa by the Kenyan military, the group’s spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage told Reuters in an emailed statement.


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#AceWorldNews – KENYA – Nov.22 – Authorities say al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab militants from Somalia have hijacked a bus in northern Kenya and killed 28 non-Muslims on board.

Two police officers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the bus was hijacked 50 kilometres (31 miles) from the town of Mandera on its way to the capital Nairobi, AP reported.

Kenya has witnessed a rise in attacks by al-Shabab militants since it sent troops into Somalia in October 2011.

There have been over 100 attacks since then, including the 2013 Westgate Mall massacre that left 67 people dead.


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#AceWorldNews – IRAQ (Mosul) – Nov.18 – Iraqi security forces entered the country’s largest refinery for the first time on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

' Baiji Oil Refinery in Mosul '

‘ Baiji Oil Refinery in Mosul ‘

“The anti-terrorism force called Mosul Battalion, entered Baiji refinery for the first time in five months,” said police colonel Saleh Jaber.

Government forces had battled militants of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), who had surrounded it, for months.

State TV showed what it said was live footage of the complex from outside its walls.


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