#Kiev : ” Ukrainian Rioters are once again in `Pitch Battles’ with the Police & Authority”

#AceBreakingNews says `Fresh Riots break out in Kiev, violent clashes, tires burn down-town.

Fresh Riots in #KievReports that Ukrainian rioters are reigniting street clashes with police in the capital Kiev, with opposition MPs attempting to paralyse the work of the parliament. Protesters are stoning police, with law enforcement responding with tear gas and stun grenades.

Hundreds of rioters have started an assault on police in several places in central Kiev. They are breaking up pavement stones to throw at police along with crackers and smoke grenades.

Police are using rubber bullets against the rioters. Insurgents have captured several trucks blocking the way to the capital’s center, and set one of them on fire.

The protesters have again set tires on fire on several streets leading to the Ukrainian parliament, and claim they are ready to storm the parliament building where MPs are debating a constitutional reform.

Radical far-right extremists taking an active part in the clashes are chanting “Fascists!” to police.

Rioters have used one of the captured trucks against law enforcement, driving it straight into police lines.

Reportedly several reporters, who happened to be in the thick of events, have suffered the effects of tear gas.

#Kiev protesters fight the police with fire and stones.http://t.co/tpOwsGT3Wa pic.twitter.com/jIuEbltF35

— Ruptly (@Ruptly) February 18, 2014

A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the central office of the ruling Party of Regions in central Kiev, and a fire started inside the building. Molotov cocktails have also been used against police.


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