#AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES – October 26 – USCIS is always looking for ways to support jobs in the United States. Also at the same check your immigration records and qualification for work.   

' MyEVerify Checking Your Records and Data Online '

‘ MyEVerify Checking Your Records and Data Online ‘

They have call it myE-Verify. It’s a free and secure way to be part of the E-Verify process for confirming employment eligibility.

MyE-Verify was launched on Oct. 6 in five states and the District of Columbia, and will be rolling it out nationally in future releases. 

With myE-Verify, anyone in Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Mississippi, Virginia and Washington, D.C., can:

  • Create a personal account to manage how their information is used in E-Verify and easily access Self Check, where any U.S. workers can confirm their employment eligibility themselves;

  • Use Self Lock, a feature we created just for myE-Verify that lets users lock their Social Security numbers in E-Verify, preventing fraudulent use in the system in the future;

  • Get resources explaining employee rights in the employment eligibility process.

While myE-Verify is currently only available to a limited audience, all workers and job seekers in the U.S. can still use the Self Check system and check out helpful materials in the myResources section.

More than half a million U.S. employers already use E-Verify to check that their new hires are authorized to work in the United States. Almost 1,400 more employers are joining this free on-line service each week.

If you get a job anywhere in the country, it’s more and more likely your employer will use E-Verify to quickly confirm your employment eligibility.

Ace News Services – USCIS – Department of Homeland Security


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#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Arkansas) – October 13 – At least seventeen people killed and many injured in south-western Arkansas as a powerful storm system swept across the state, as well as Texas and Oklahoma, emergency officials said.

NOAA - Little Rock at 20.24 GMT - Arkansas

NOAA – Little Rock at 20.24 GMT – Arkansas

The death and injuries occurred early Monday when the storms destroyed a home near Ashdown, about 150 miles south-west of Little Rock, according to Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

More than 36 million people are in the path of damaging winds, possible tornadoes and heavy rainfall Monday, AP said, citing the Storm Prediction Centre.

The greatest risk is along the Mississippi River from extreme southern Illinois to northern Louisiana.


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` Mississippi is Scheduled to Execute its first Woman since 1944 even though her Son Confessed to the Murder’

#AceWorldNews – MISSISSIPPI – March 24 – Mississippi is scheduled to execute its first woman since 1944 on Thursday, despite multiple pieces of evidence showing her son confessed to the murder she was convicted of.

The case involves 57-year-old Michelle Byrom, who was originally convicted of hiring her son’s friend, Joey Gillis, to kill her husband in exchange for $15,000 back in 1999.

The problem is that none of those allegations may be true, and the jury hearing the case was not only kept from witnessing evidence of Byrom’s mental illness, but also barred from seeing letters in which Edward Byrom Jr. confessed to killing his father himself.

“As I sat on my bed, tears of rage flowing, remembering my childhood my anger kept building and building, and I went to my car, got the 9mm, and walked to his room, peeked in, and he was asleep,” Byrom Jr. wrote in one of the letters.

“I walked about 2 steps in the door, and screamed, and shut my eyes, when I heard him move, I started firing. When I opened my eyes again, I freaked! I grabbed what casings I saw, and threw them into the bushes, grabbed the gun, and went to town.”

During the capital murder trial, Byrom Jr. testified against his mother, claiming she was the mastermind behind the death of his father and that Gillis was responsible for the shooting. Byrom Jr. had also been arrested as part of the conspiracy – and was the only individual involved with gunpowder residue on his hands – but after making a deal with prosecutors he was sentenced to 30 years in prison and is now free on a supervised release.

Gillis was also freed in 2009 after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors.

According to the Jackson Free Press, however, there are at least four confession letters – including one to a court-appointed psychologist – in which Byrom Jr. states he is the one responsible for killing his father.

Still, prosecutors maintained that based on the son’s previous statements, Michelle was primarily responsible for organizing the murder.

Read More at: http://on.rt.com/2ygvza


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I LOVE HISTORY …and research!!! says Watch this Racially-Charged Video Set During the Turbulent Civil Rights Era

Mildred and Richard Loving

Mildred and Richard Loving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is a good friend of mine on Facebook who runs a group and l thought that people would be interested in this post and video. #Must-Watch


Sarita Havens posted in I LOVE HISTORY …and research!!!

Sarita Havens
Sarita Havens 7 November 14:46

Finally found the whole documentary!!!
“A racially-charged criminal trial and a heart-rending love story converge in this documentary about Richard and Mildred Loving, set during the turbulent Civil Rights era. Long Way Home: The Loving Story is a story of love and the struggle for dignity set against a backdrop of historic anti-miscegenation sentiments in the U.S. The Lovings, an interracial couple, fell in love and married at a critical time in American history, and, because of a confluence of social and political turmoil our reluctant heroes bring about change where previously no one else could. They are paired with two young and ambitious lawyers who are driven to pave the way for Civil Rights and social justice through a historic Supreme Court ruling, changing the country’s story forever (IMBD).”..


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