‘ Project Muslim Brotherhood ‘

CAIRO: ‘ Islamic State Claim responsibility for Karnak Temple Suicide Bomb Attack ‘

` Egyptian Electorate Voted Overwhelmingly for Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi ‘

` Egypt Prosecutor To Try Two Hundred Alleged Members Of Al-Qaeda Group ‘

` Car Bomb Explodes in Down-town Cairo Fourth Explosion to Hit Egypt on Day of Islamic Demonstrations '

` Hundreds of Egyptians Activists take to Streets against an Anti-Protest Law a Month Before Election ‘

` Egyptian Court al-Minya Sentences 683 Muslim Brotherhood Members to Death ‘

` Egyptian Court Sentences 119 Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to Three Years each in Prison ‘

` Egyptian Security forces Attack ` Student Protesters ' at University Campuses ' over Court's Ruling '

` Court in `Alexandria ‘ has Sentenced Two ` Egyptian Pro-Morsi ‘ Supporters to Death for Throwing Two People off a Roof ‘

” Russia Supports Al-Sisi in Moscow to get Signature on Arms Contract”

#Cairo :” Egyptian `Interior Ministry Official’ `Assassinated’ by `Gunmen’ on Motorcycle”

#AceNewsDesk : ” World News – Headlines – Good Morning – 26 January 2014″

#Cairo : “Third blast `Ring’s Out’ after `Bomb’s’ Hit Police HQ”

Egypt: ” Ninety Eight Percentage Voter’s Back New Military-Backed Constitution”

Egypt: “Voters Back New Constitution”