(PAKISTAN) Centre for Legal Aid Assistance & Settlement Report: A couple in Punjab province forcibly converted a 13-year-old Christian girl to Islam so that she could work as a cook in their kitchen #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.26: Now they are refusing to allow her to return home to her parents unless they pay a ransom, according to a report:

The Muslim man, identified only as a medical doctor named Altaf, recently told the parents of Neha, the Christian teenager, that she had embraced Islam and he and his wife were keeping her as their servant, the U.K.-based nonprofit Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement said in a statement Thursday about the abduction: By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor


Pakistani Christians in prayer in Karachi on November 15, 2015. | ASIF HASSAN/AFP via Getty Images: Christian Post:

Neha’s father, Munawar Masih, and his wife, Mehtan Bibi, who live in Muzaffargarh district, are economically poor and had hoped that their daughter would earn a little money by working in Altaf’s house.

The young Christian teen has seven siblings and their parents earn only about $50 a month.

Altaf was introduced to Masih as someone who was looking to employ two girls to work in his house. Initially, Masih sent Neha and her sister, Sneha, to work in Altaf’s house, and the two worked there for four years despite being treated as slaves, CLAAS said.

The sisters “complained about mistreatment by the family, who would swear at them and even physically assault them. … They told the family that they wanted to go back home and live with their family, but Dr. Altaf did not allow them to leave.”

The girls were promised $65 a month but were only paid $20.

Due to her deteriorating health, Altaf allowed Neha’s sister to return to her parents. But when Masih requested Altaf to return also, he was told that Neha had embraced Islam and therefore could not live with her parents any longer.

Altaf told Masih that it was not possible for them to allow any non-Muslim to enter the kitchen and touch their food items and kitchen utensils so she had to convert.

He also claimed that he had mistakenly overpaid Masih $1,750 and told him he must pay him that amount if he wants to get his daughter back.

“Perhaps Pakistan is the only country where such crimes are happening on a daily basis under the cover of Islam,” CLAAS-UK Director Nasir Saeed said. “It cannot be justified at any cost that a young girl was converted to Islam against her will and without her parents’ knowledge and now she cannot be returned to her parents because her parents are Christians, and she cannot be allowed to live them.”

A 2014 study by The Movement for Solidarity and Peace Pakistan estimated that about 1,000 women and girls from Pakistan’s Hindu and Christian communities were abducted, forcibly married to their captor, and forcibly converted to Islam every year.

International persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA ranks Pakistan No. 5 on its 2021 World Watch List of countries where Christians face the most severe persecution due to an “extreme” level of Islamic oppression. Pakistan is also listed by the U.S. State Department as a “country of particular concern” for tolerating in or engaging in egregious violations of religious freedom.

#AceNewsDesk report …….Published: Jun.26: 2021:

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(NEW DELIHI, India.) Interfaith Law Report: A controversial new anti-conversion law that criminalises interfaith love has put Hindu-Muslim couples on edge. Now, they face the wrath of not just their families, but also the Indian state #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.16: Ayesha and her boyfriend, Santosh (both their names have been changed) are on the run. “My parents have come to look for me and they are outside somewhere,” Ayesha said. “We are scared. We have been asked to stay inside: “ The couple, both 29, fled their home town in the western state of Gujarat. For now, they are living in a safe house – a nondescript two-story building – in Delhi. Also hiding with them is another couple from Uttar Pradesh state in India’s north:

India’s interfaith couples on edge after new law: In November 2020, Uttar Pradesh became the first state to pass a law – Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Ordinance – banning “unlawful conversion” by force, fraudulent means or marriage. It was in response to what right-wing Hindu groups call “love jihad”, an Islamophobic term denoting a baseless conspiracy theory that accuses Muslim men of seeking to make Hindu women fall in love with them with the sole purpose of converting them to Islam.Santosh and Ayesha have dated secretly for 13 years

15 hours ago

By Chinki Sinha
BBC Hindi

A civil right activist holds a placard during a demonstration condemning the decision of various Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led state governments in the country for the proposed passing of laws against "Love Jihad" in Bangalore on December 1, 2020.
Several couples have been arrested under a new law that targets interfaith marriage

The iron door opened just enough for the girl to peep out. She looked scared. 

A ‘lost baby’ in a battle over love and religion

The law has led to multiple cases and arrests in UP, a state governed by India’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Madhya Pradesh, another BJP-ruled state, has already passed a similar law and others, including Gujarat, are mulling doing the same. So couples are now leaving these states to marry in what they consider “safer” places such as Delhi. 

Interfaith marriages in India are registered under the Special Marriage Act, which mandates a 30-day notice period. But couples live in fear of reprisals throughout this time and even more so now, with a new law that targets such marriages. 

It’s yet another obstacle in Ayesha and Santosh’s 13-year-long relationship: ‘Our love is love, not jihad’

They met in college in Gujarat in 2009. He was studying Gujarati, and she was an economics student. 

“We had a common Hindi class,” Ayesha said. They became friends and grew close. Two years later, she finally asked him if he loved her and, if he did, why couldn’t he admit it?

Santosh loved her but he also knew that the road ahead would be hard in Gujarat, a state where communal tensions run deep. The couple met in college

They both belong to India’s middle class – Ayesha’s father ran a small local business and she was a school teacher. Santosh’s father was a clerk at the university, where he had a data entry job. He also worked as a freelance photographer. 

But Ayesha is Muslim and Santosh is a Dalit (formerly untouchable), a community that is at the bottom of the unyielding Hindu caste hierarchy.

They both recalled 2002, when more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, died in riots after a train fire killed 60 Hindu pilgrims in Gujarat. Muslims were blamed for starting the fire. It was one of India’s worst episodes of religious violence. 

And Ayesha and Santosh, who grew up in the shadow it cast, were well aware of the consequences of love that was considered out of bounds. 

“In Gujarat, being an interfaith couple is a big problem,” Santosh said. “You can’t meet, you can’t talk, you can’t do anything.”

But they were undeterred. Santosh told Ayesha that once they began a relationship, he would be in it until the end.

After graduating from college in 2012, they met rarely – but when they did it was the result of meticulous planning. They would meet in public places so it wouldn’t arouse suspicion. And they would keep it short. 

“We would meet with cloth wrapped around our faces,” Santosh said. 

The rest of the time they kept in touch over the phone. 

“We would save each other’s numbers under false names or call from other phones,” he added. Since Ayesha’s family monitored her calls, Santosh often mimicked a woman’s voice when he called her.

When Santosh’s parents found out about the relationship, they decided to get him married. They even forced him into an engagement with a girl last November.

“I was depressed for days. I couldn’t talk to Ayesha as her family had also come to know by then,” he said.

Ayesha’s father and brother were pressurising her to marry as well. 

So Santosh and Ayesha tried to get married in Gujarat – they filed a petition to register the wedding under the Special Marriage Act. But the clerk, who saw Ayesha’s name in the paperwork, alerted her father. The couple fled to Delhi to get married

Santosh paid a lawyer 25,000 rupees ($340; £250) to get their marriage registered, but the lawyer backed out.

“No officials agreed to help. No lawyers would take our case. They would say this is an interfaith marriage and it is dangerous for them. They told us to not to do it,” he said. “Perhaps, there are [right-wing] vigilante groups on the court premises.”

Time was running out. So the couple decided to run away. “I wanted to be with Ayesha. We had no other choice,” Santosh said. 

On 22 January, they came to Delhi hoping to finally marry. 

They say that it was on the flight to Delhi that they spent hours together for the first time in their 13-year courtship.

When they arrived, they sought out the offices of Dhanak, the group that runs the safe house. They informed their parents and the respective police stations that they were in Delhi. They moved to the safe house on 29 January.

Dhanak facilitates marriages between interfaith couples. Its founder, Asif Iqbal, says they have been receiving many calls from couples wanting to get married ever since the new anti-conversion law was passed in Uttar Pradesh. 

“Santosh was crying when he called,” Mr Iqbal said.

Most couples end up losing their jobs while in hiding. Santosh and Ayesha are looking for work. They are worried and scared but they say trust in each other is keeping them going.

“Love is sacrifice,” Ayesha said.

For now, they say, they have a place to live and they are with each other.

“They say love is blind but it’s hatred that is blind,” Santosh said.

All illustrations by Gopal ShoonyaWhat happens when a Hindu and Muslim YouTuber meet?

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Mar.16: 2021:

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HUMAN TRAFFICKING: ‘ Police arrest 93 people in one year for offenses ‘

#AceNewsReport – Featured Update:June.08: Myanmar police have arrested 93 people for human trafficking offenses this year, AFP said.

However, no cases have been uncovered in Rakhine state where the persecuted Rohingya people have fled in droves. Most Myanmar victims were sold into forced marriages in China and forced labor in Thailand, local media reported, citing police.

The majority of cases were uncovered in eastern Shan state, which borders Thailand, Laos and China, followed by Mandalay and Yangon, the two largest cities.

Ace Related News:

Myanmar Time-line of Events 


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SYRIA: ‘ Muslims Defy ISIL & Open New Mosque Named After Virgin Mary ‘

#AceBreakingNews – SYRIA:June.07: Muslims in the Syrian city of Tartous have inaugurated a mosque named after the Virgin Mary, the Syrian Arab News Agency has reported. Observers called the opening a symbol of peace and religious tolerance between the country’s multiethnic, multi-confessional society.

Muslims defy ISIL and open new Mosque '
Muslims defy ISIL and open new Mosque ‘

 Speaking at the inauguration, Syrian Minister of Religious Endowments Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed noted that this was the first time in the Muslim world when a mosque has been named after the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. He added that the mosque embodies calls for amenity and fraternity between Syrians of all faiths.

Al-Sayyed noted that Syria is one of the places where Islamic culture and architecture originated, adding that Syrians of all confessions deplore and condemn the barbarity with which ultra-extremists from ISIL and other terrorist groups operating inside Syria demolish and deface places of worship.

Tartous and Lattakia Maronite Patriarchate representative Antoine Deeb noted that the symbolic gesture of naming the Mosque after Mary shows that Islam and Christianity share the messages of peace and love.



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#AceNewsServices – Editors Post: INDONESIA:Jan.05: Just recently, the largest Muslim country in the world passed a law saying that Christians can no longer say Merry Christmas or wish anyone a Happy New Year.

In this video Theodore Shoebat provides us with an insight into what this really means to Christians and other faiths alike.

The controversy seems to exist between two sides of a very different coin: Firstly Nahdlatul Ulama and they argue for the right to say in greeting form Merry Christmas or even Happy Holiday’s. Whereas and on the other hand Islamic hardliners sighting the province of Banda Aceh the only one in which Sharia law is implemented. In which they say: ‘ A radical vision of faith is on the increase in other areas of Indonesia as is the intention to introduce legislation or regulations relating to customs derived from Islamic Law.

According to varying reports a number of shops were attacked and merchandise destroyed that depicted celebrations of this festive time, with a number of Muslims banned from wearing clothes or items related to Christian celebrations.

So as ACEH bans Christmas 2014 the question still remains how much longer will the celebration by Christians in any part of the world be allowed – where the majority of population is Muslim.

As this seems to slowly becoming the beginning and the end of Christian beliefs everywhere, and soon Sharia Law will become the only law in town.


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#AceNewsServices – FRANCE:Dec.22- French protesters call for justice as police officers involved in the death of an unarmed Muslim man remain free, Press TV reports.

A 69-year-old Algerian man, named Ali Ziri, died after being held in a French prison for two days in June 2009, the presiding judge concluded that there were “no acts of voluntary violence, which may have directly or indirectly caused the death.”


In April 2011, an autopsy confirmed that Ziri died due to the restraint techniques he was subjected to while in custody.

The police officers involved in the arrest and transportation of Ziri are yet to be questioned by the judge.


“As amnesty international has reported our police men are permitted to be above the law, that is a structural problem in France as the justice system seemingly takes its orders from the police and that is a real problem for a democratic country,” Omar Slaouti, from the Collective Truth and Justice for Ali Ziri, told the Press TV correspondent in Paris.

Various protests have been held against police brutality in France over the last few months, and French police have made numerous arrests and sentences.


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#AceNewsServices – KUWAIT – October 19 – Islamic State is a fraud, and the Islamist organization is selling Muslim women to Jews, according to Kuwaiti Shi’ite cleric Imam Saleh Jawhar.

The coalition to fight ISIS is a fraud and ISIS is selling Muslim women to Jews, according to Imam Saleh Jawhar.

The coalition to fight ISIS is a fraud and ISIS is selling Muslim women to Jews, according to Imam Saleh Jawhar.

In a video released by MEMRI, The Middle East Media Research Institute, Jawhar can be seen making the remarks in a recent sermon in Kuwait.

“Even if we accept everything else – what kind of religion allows the capturing of a Muslim woman, and on top of that, allows her to be sold to a Jew?!” the cleric asked in the sermon entitled “The False War on ISIS [Islamic State].”

Jawhar pointed to Islamic State’s successes in the northern Syrian town of Kobani as evidence that the US-led coalition’s fight against the extremist Islamist group may not be real.

“Today, on the northern border of Syria, all those countries are fighting ISIS, yet ISIS has managed to capture that city [Kobani]… Is this conceivable? Or perhaps there is a premeditated scenario at play here,” he said.

“It was reported that ISIS members had managed to survive the air strikes by starting fires and generating black smoke that concealed them. But [the coalition] has cameras, and can even smash through rocks, and see through cave walls, so how come they cannot see through some smoke?” he queried.



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BRITAIN: ‘ Radicalisation of Muslim Youth And The Islamic State by A Writer for Dawn ‘

#AceNewsServices (Opinion) – BRITAIN – October 16 – A MAJOR issue being debated in Britain today concerns the Muslims — men and women.

It is what is termed the radicalisation of their youth.

Concerns were sparked off by the Islamic State (formerly Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) when its militants beheaded James Foley, an American journalist covering the war in Syria, and circulated a video of the bestial act.

Even before this incident grabbed the headlines, media reports had been suggesting that authorities in London believed that as many as 500 Muslim men with British nationality had left the UK to join the IS ‘jihad’.

The last straw came when Foley’s killer was identified from his speech and accent as British. Writing for The Sunday Times, the foreign secretary summed up the widely felt sentiments:

“It is horrifying to think that the perpetrator of this heinous act could have been brought up in Britain.”

Since then the police have been empowered to seize the passports of people if need be. The move has come too late in the day and two more hostages have been murdered since and one more is under threat.

Many young Muslims draw inspiration from websites with extremist content.

One had hardly got over the shock when came another bombshell. A couple having Pakistani roots made public their dismay at their daughter’s decision to leave home to join IS jihadis.

In a statement released to the Glasgow press, they described her as a “bedroom radical” and termed her action as a betrayal of her family, her community and the people of Scotland. It would be upsetting for them as many migrate from Pakistan to give their children a better future, so bleak has life become for the youth in our own country.

Against the backdrop of these horrifying events is the fact that a number of young Muslims are drawing inspiration from websites notorious for their extremist content.

At the same time, there have been reports in Britain as also other Western countries of an increase in racism and hate crimes against Muslims in the wake of 9/11.

Publications such as Maybe we are hated: The experience and impact of anti-Muslim hate on British Muslim women by the University of Birmingham are cited in support of the claim that Muslims are being victimised for their beliefs.


By Zubeida Mustafa


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‘ Egyptian Judge Sentences Sixty Eight Muslim Brotherhood Supporters to Prison Terms ‘

#AceWorldNews – EGYPT (Cairo) – September 30 – An Egyptian court sentenced 68 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to jail terms on Tuesday, Reuters said.

' 68 Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Jailed in Egypt '

‘ 68 Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Jailed in Egypt ‘

Judge Mohamed Ali Al-Faqi gave 63 of the defendants 15 years in jail and five others 10 years, according to judicial sources.

All were found guilty of killing 30 people and intending to kill others in Cairo on October 6, 2013.

On that day, more than 50 people died in clashes across the country between opponents and supporters of then-President Mohamed Morsi.


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‘ Radical Sheik Calls for Murder of US Troops ‘

#AceNewsServices – TUNISIA – September 29 – A radical Tunisian sheik who has called for the murder of U.S. troops abroad and was banned from the United States for supporting the terror group Hamas is scheduled to headline an event on Tuesday at Yale University focusing on Islamic law and civilization, the Washington Free Beacon has learned. 

Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi, the head of Tunisia’s controversial Islamist Ennahda Movement, is scheduled to head a lecture Tuesday afternoon Yale’s Law School, according to the school’s website.

Al-Ghannouchi’s upcoming appearance at the Ivy League school could become controversial given the sheik’s longtime support for radical terror groups and his past calls for Muslims to wage “unceasing war against the Americans.”

Al-Ghannouchi is the leading figure in Tunisia’s previously banned but hugely popular Islamist Ennahda (“Resistance”) political party, which despite being billed as “moderate” by many, has a history of violence inside and outside of Tunisia.

Al-Ghannouchi was a founding trustee and board member of a group that signed onto a notorious2004 fatwa endorsing the murder of U.S. troops in Iraq and has personally urged the Muslim world to “burn and destroy” U.S. interests across the globe.

“There must be no doubt that we will strike anywhere against whoever strikes Iraq,” the sheikh said during a speech in the early 1990s and reported on by Middle East scholar Martin Kramer.

“We must wage unceasing war against the Americans until they leave the land of Islam, or we will burn and destroy all their interests across the entire Islamic world,” al-Ghannouchi was quoted as saying. “Muslim youth must be serious in their warning to the Americans that a blow to Iraq will be a license to strike American and Western interests throughout the Islamic world.”

The sheik’s violent rhetoric, radical leanings, and endorsement of Hamas led him to be banned from entering the United States for a time.


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' Military Court Acquit's Abu Qatada on Terrorism Charges '

#AceWorldNews – AMMAN – September 24 – A Jordanian military court on Wednesday acquitted radical Muslim preacher Abu Qatada on terrorism charges for his role in plotting attacks against Americans and Israelis.

040276 britain abu qatada

040276 britain abu qatada

The ruling, handed down by civilian judges presiding over the hearings, capped a lengthy legal odyssey for the cleric known for his fiery pro-al-Qaida speeches but who in recent months emerged as a harsh critic of the Islamic State militant group.

The court ruled there was insufficient evidence against Abu Qatada and his defence lawyer, Husein Mubaidin, said he expects his client to be released within hours.

Abu Qatada, described as a onetime lieutenant to Osama bin Laden, was charged with involvement in plans to target Israeli and American tourists and Western diplomats in Jordan in 2000 – the so-called “millennium plot.”


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CHINA: ‘ Multiple Explosions Rock Xinjiang – Media Reports ‘

#AceWorldNews – CHINA – September 22 – At least two people were killed and many others injured in multiple explosions that rocked China’s western autonomous region of Xinjiang, state media reported.

' 2 Dead, ‘many’ injured after Blasts in China’s Xinjiang region '

‘ 2 Dead, ‘many’ injured after Blasts in China’s Xinjiang region ‘

An unspecified number of people have been taken to hospital with injuries, according to the regional branch of the Communist Party news portal, the Tianshan.

The explosions occurred in at least three separate locations in Luntai County on Sunday afternoon.

An investigation is under-way. Xinjiang has seen unrest in recent months, with Beijing blaming the region’s native Muslim Turkic Uighur ethnic group, which seeks independence, for the unrest.


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‘ Intelligence Sources Prevented Terror Attacks Planned by Muslims Returning From Syria ‘

#AceWorldNews – BELGIUM (Brussels) – September 20. /ITAR-TASS/. Belgium’s intelligence services prevented several terror attacks, which were planned by Muslim Belgians, who had returned from Syria where they supported the militants, local media reported on Saturday.

Archiv© AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere

Archiv© AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere

The media say radicals, who shared views of the Islamic State terrorist organisation, also planned bloody actions. All suspects were detained.

The authorities preferred not to publish the information earlier to avoid possible panic in the society.

The media write up to 90 nationals of the Kingdom have returned from Syria, and every ninth was involved in preparing terror attacks similar to the firing at people near the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

As many  as about 300 Belgian nationals are among radical Muslim militants fighting in Syria.


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YEMEN: ‘ Government and Shiite Muslim Houthi Rebels Sign Agreement to End Crisis ‘

#AceWorldNews – YEMEN – September 11 – Yemen’s government and Shiite Muslim Houthi rebels signed an agreement Thursday to end a crisis that has seen weeks of protests, Reuters said.

Houthi demonstrators have been blocking the main road to the capital Sanaa’s airport and holding sit-ins for weeks at ministries in an attempt to oust the government and restore fuel subsidies.

A member of the government’s negotiating team said that the agreement includes a further reduction of fuel prices and the formation of a new government.


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INDIA: ' Al-Qaida Has Expanded into India Leader of Terror Group Said in Video '

#AceBreakingNews – INDIA (New Delhi) – September 04 – Al-Qaida has expanded into India, the leader of the terror group said in a video released Thursday, vowing that its militants would bring Islamic law to the entire subcontinent and "wage jihad against its enemies."

At least three Indian states with large Muslim populations have been put on alert in the wake of the video’s release, local TV stations reported, though there was no indication of an increased security presence.

The new group "is the fruit of a blessed effort of more than two years to gather the mujahedeen in the Indian subcontinent into a single entity," al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahri said in the video, which was seen online by the SITE monitoring group.

While his comments raised concerns in India, al-Zawahri’s message seemed largely directed at his own rivals in the international jihad movement, and with raising al-Qaida’s profile in the wake of repeated successes by the Islamic State militant group.


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PAKISTAN: ‘ ICMICA Pakistan Role of Youth in Peace Building ‘

#AceGuestNews – PAKISTAN – September 03 – Youth can play a crucial role in positively transforming conflict situations and building peaceful societies. In countries like Pakistan, where peace and stability seem a far-fetched idea for most, investing into young people to build their synergies and unity is the need of hour.

Human Lens ICMICA - 4116236661_36ef642c73_z
Moreover, the current turmoil calls for youth in Pakistan to become prepared to shoulder the responsibility to respond to the situation with understanding and ownership.

Peace is all about understanding each other’s perceptions and learning to find common grounds. This year “Role of Youth in Peace-building” a series of discussions took place across cities with the collaboration of Youth Development Foundation YDF and ICMICA Pakistan.

It comprised of panel experts that highlighted motivational skills for peace awareness, urged youth to accept followers of different faiths, think above school syllabus and understand the true message of every religion.

Last year, this activity was organized by the Youth Development Foundation YDF/ Interfaith Youth in Action where the youth participants hailing from different religions interacted and took part in a diversity tour across Lahore to visit a historic mosque, two churches and a gurdwara, the place of worship for Sikhs.

The discussions started off with a slideshow showing the grave consequences Pakistani people suffer on hands of religion based discrimination and sectarian violence.

Different panel experts spoke on various topics and youth participants were able to clarify many misconceptions about different faiths. Participants learned more on reasons why Pakistan is radicalized. A myriad of complexities including the distorted education, prejudice against religious minorities, hatred towards non Muslims in school textbooks are the main elements that create disharmony and conflict in society and derail peace in Pakistan.

But, the discussions’ main focus remained the ways through which  the nation’s youth mobilization could help in eradicating the national scale religious intolerance. The young participants of all religious communities were present and sensitized “to welcoming religious diversity”, and for rejecting violence.

These programs concluded with Q/A session, some of them quiet, other very heated on issues including religious discrimination and war on terror, and a candle lighting ceremony.

Our country is witnessing a rise in fanaticism, as never before and with no state control of their activities. But Pakistan is not an exception.The whole of South Asia is in the grip of right-wing ideas.

However, Pakistan’s case proves that a religious state cannot deal effectively with religious fanatics. Therefore, religion should be separated from the affairs of the state.

Overshadowed by an economic, social and humanitarian crisis in the wake of a bloody war against terrorism, Pakistan’s sole hope lies with the youth. It is time to let them pave a path towards a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

 Pakistan Zindabad. Long Live Pakistan

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‘ Muslim Student Said She Lost Scholarship After Refusing Drinks With Funder ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Chicago) – July 18 – After she was allegedly stripped of a scholarship, a former University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) student is suing the school and an outside organization claiming she was treated unfairly and wrongfully expelled from the school.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) alley ...

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) alley facing Student Center East (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Moriah Elusta, who was set to graduate from UIC in May 2014, claims in a lawsuit that she was the recipient of a $2,000 scholarship from the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation (ILLCF) in November 2013. However, according to her, when she was unable to attend the awards ceremony, a senior-level ILLCF member called her and said the money came directly from him and in order to receive it, she would need to meet with him over drinks.


According to Elusta—whose mother is Hispanic—ILLCF told her that the scholarship is for Latino students, not Muslims.   

“Mr. Gonzalez added that if plaintiff did not meet with him, he would cause problems for her at UIC,” the suit claims, adding that he told Elusta that he “had connections” at the university.


Elusta is Muslim and refused to meet with Gonzalez, claiming that she cannot “go out drinking and have sexual relations with men,” according to the complaint.


Ultimately, Elusta’s scholarship offer was rescinded. According to Elusta—whose mother is Hispanic—ILLCF told her that the scholarship is for Latino students, not Muslims. The scholarship guidelines on ILLCF’s website specify that recipients must be of “Latino ancestry.”


The lawsuit goes on to allege that after Elusta and her father complained to ILLCF, UIC accused her of submitting a fake letter of recommendation. Elusta’s request to have the university hearing postponed in time to obtain a lawyer was denied, and she subsequently was informed that she was in violation of professional standards and misuse or unauthorized use university documents.


She was then dismissed from the university,  the suit alleges.






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‘ Brother of Sudanese Woman on Death Row for Being Christian Deserves to Die ‘

#AceNewsServices – SUDAN – June 06  – The alleged brother of the Sudanese woman on death row for being a Christian says she deserves to die if she won’t renounce her faith.

Al-Samani al-Hadi told CNN that he is one of three brothers to Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, a 27-year-old who was sentenced to death last month for abandoning Islam. In Sudan, converting religions is a crime.

Ibrahim, who gave birth in jail shortly after her sentencing, has appealed her execution, the Associated Press reported.

Al-Hadi claimed his sister was a Muslim until she met her future husband. He said she went missing last July, and when the family found her 45 days later, “she was bewitched.”

The Muslim man said he believes Daniel Wani gave his sister “potions” and coerced her into converting religions.

Ibrahim has a different story.

She said she was raised a Christian after her Muslim father deserted her mother.

She met Wani, a Sudanese refugee and U.S. citizen who lives in New Hampshire, in 2009 and married him in 2011.

But the 27-year-old was jailed in February because, under Sudanese law, children must follow their father’s religion — making Ibrahim legally a Muslim and her Christian faith punishable by death.

Al-Hadi told CNN that if his sister did not recant her Christian faith, he would accept the court’s sentence.

“If she refuses, she should be executed,” he said. “If she dies, we will have enforced God‘s word.”

CNN – AP – NYD  


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` Malaysian Teenager Allegedly Gang-Raped by Thirty Eight Men ‘

#AceNewsServices – MALAYSIA (Kalum Por) – A Malaysian police have detained 13 men and are looking for other suspects following allegations that a 15-year-old girl was raped by 38 men in an abandoned hut, media said on Friday.

Astro Awani television and and The Star daily reported that the assault took place in the northern state of Kelantan on May 20 when the girl met a girlfriend and was lured to an empty hut reported to be a local drug haunt.

The men took turns to rape her for hours. Police were also investigating whether her 17-year-old friend was also raped.

The alleged attack, one of several brutal cases this week underscoring the violence to which women are being subjected across Asia, sparked outrage among women’s groups.

Politicians from a Muslim party running the region said their proposal to introduce Islamic hudud law, with harsh penalties, would deter offenders.

State and federal police officers either declined comment or could not be immediately reached.

Media accounts, quoting information from district police chief Azham Otham, said 38 men were involved.

Several of those detained had tested positive for amphetamine, the reports said. The New Straits Times said a man and his two teenage sons were among those detained.

Police said action could have been taken had villagers reported the addicts’ presence.

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Daily Star – New Straits Times – Times of India – Astro Awani TV


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` Fifty Five People In China’s North-Western Province Found Guilty of Terrorism and Murder ‘

#AceNewsServices – CHINA (Xinjiang) – May 28 – Fifty-five people in China’s north-western Xinjiang province have been found guilty of terrorism, separatism and murder, state media report.

(Photos from the open-air trial showed police trucks parked near a running track)

The defendants, who appeared to be from the region’s Muslim Uighur community, were presented to a stadium holding about 7,000 spectators.

Three of the prisoners were sentenced to death.

Chinese officials have blamed militant Uighur groups for a growing number of violent attacks across the country.

Prisoners wearing orange vests stood in the back of the vehicles, surrounded by armed guards, their heads bowed.

The sentencing happened in Yili, near China’s border with Kazakhstan.

Local officials and residents watched the proceedings.

Those sentenced to death had used weapons to murder a family last year “using extremely cruel methods”, according to reports.

Celia Hatton, BBC News, Beijing – Reported

This kind of mass trial is reminiscent of China’s Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s, when large groups of people would gather to denounce those who crossed the Communist Party leadership. In the 1980s and 1990s, public trials were also used during the government’s widespread attempts to crack down on crime.

Startled by an increasing number of bloody attacks on civilians linked to militants within Xinjiang’s ethnic Uighur community, the Chinese government is returning to this type of political theatre.

Beijing is attempting to calm the wider Chinese public, by showing a blatant display of force, while also issuing a warning to Uighurs hoping to challenge the dominance of the minority Han Chinese moving into Xinjiang.

No further details about the defendants’ cases were immediately available.

The public rally seems to have been a show of force by the Chinese government, which has just launched a national anti-terrorism operation focusing on Xinjiang.

Officials last week announced a one-year campaign against militant violence in Xinjiang, banning people from conducting or supporting extremist activity.

BBC News – Reuters – Xinhua

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Five suspects were detained and 1.8 tonnes of material for explosive devices seized, Xinhua said.

Police said the suspects intended to bomb crowded locations in Hotan in south-western Xinjiang. http://tinyurl.com/klxkgy4


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