@AceNewsServices Indian Fishermen released from Karachi Jail

#AceNewsReport – PAKISTAN:June.18: Pakistan on Thursday released 113 Indian fishermen, AFP reported. The fishermen, who had been kept in a Karachi jail for nine months to a year, were put on a train bound for the eastern border city of Lahore.

The release of the Indian fishermen followed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s phone call to his Pakistani counterpart, Nawaz Sharif, on Tuesday.

India’s leader offered best wishes to his counterpart on the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and announced the release of the detained fishermen in an apparent move to ease bilateral tensions.

Fishermen are frequently arrested by both India and Pakistan because the maritime border between the two countries in the Arabian Sea is poorly defined.


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India vote in leader to the World’s biggest democracy

Narendra Modi brings new hope to India

incoming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hailed a “landmark” election victory by his BJP party.

Thanking supporters in his own constituency in his home state of Gujarat, Mr Modi said they had written a new chapter in the country’s history. Results show the BJP won the biggest victory by any party for 30 years, gaining a majority in parliament and trouncing the outgoing Congress Party. The controversial leader campaigned on promises to revive the economy.

However, many Indians still have profound concerns over Mr Modi because of claims he did little to stop communal riots in Gujarat in 2002 when he was first minister in the state. At least 1,000 people died, most of them Muslims. Mr Modi has always denied the allegations over he was never charged.

‘Real government’

With votes still being counted, the BJP has won more than the 272 seats needed for a parliamentary majority. With its allies, the party could get more than 330 seats. “India has won, good days are about to come,” Mr Modi tweeted as it became clear that the BJP had triumphed. The tweet became the most retweeted in India’s history. The prime minister-elect told his supporters the victory was no ordinary one. “In the 60-year history of Indian independence, I have never seen this in the Indian media, what you have done in our country,” Mr Modi said, as supporters shouted “Modi, Modi, Modi”. He said he would rule for all Indians.

“Real government doesn’t belong to a community. It belongs to the entire country,” he said. “The real government will belong from Kashmir on top to Kanya Kumari [on India’s southern tip] – that is a real government.” Several world leaders have congratulated Mr Modi on his victory. US President Barack Obama phoned the prime minister-elect and said the US “looks forward to working with India to continue to build a strong partnership between our democracies”, National Security Adviser Susan Rice wrote on Twitter. Earlier UK Prime Minister David Cameron spoke to Mr Modi. He received invitations to Washington and London, despite being persona non grata in both capitals following the 2002 riots in Gujarat. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif commended the BJP’s “impressive victory” in the election. The election result will be a crushing blow to the Congress party, which is led by the Nehru-Gandhi family and has dominated Indian politics since independence. It is only expected to win 44 seats.

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` India’s Narendra Modi Son of a Poor Tea-Seller Becomes Next Prime Minister Amid Controversy ‘

#AceWorldNews – NEW DELHI – May 16 – India’s next prime minister, Narendra Modi, is the son of a poor tea seller who has long set his sights on the highest elected office in the world’s largest democracy.

The top official in Gujarat state for over a decade, Modi often contrasted his humble roots with the posh background of his main rival, 43-year-old Rahul Gandhi, heir to India’s most powerful political dynasty.

As the career politician led his Bharatiya Janata Party through a dazzling, high-tech election campaign, Modi called voters’ attention to his mother riding a three-wheeled auto-rickshaw to cast her ballot earlier this month.

“I am the chief minister of a prosperous state … And my 90-year-old mother goes to vote in an auto-rickshaw,” the white-bearded Modi boasted, punching a fist through the air as he claimed his place by India’s poor masses.

But despite playing up his folksy, common-man credentials, the 63-year-old Modi is widely seen as the darling of India’s corporate world and a decisive, 21st-century administrator expected to revive job creation and economic growth.

Born in 1950, Modi will be India’s first prime minister born after the country’s violent 1947 partition and independence from imperial Britain.

Modi grew up in a poor village family, and at 18 was married to a girl his parents had chosen five years earlier. The union never stuck, and Modi soon left to travel for several years before returning and joining the RSS as a propagandist in his early 20’s. He and his wife never had children.

Having studied political science in Indian universities, Modi formally entered politics in 1985 with the BJP, regarded as the political arm of the RSS.

He quickly gained a reputation as a talented orator and a workaholic, campaigning for the BJP in several elections before being chosen as Gujarat’s highest elected official in 2001.

Modi and the BJP have been strategising this campaign for years, launching Twitter accounts and promoting Gujarat’s economy as one to emulate for development and modernity, though several Indian states topped Gujarat’s average annual growth of 8.68 percent from 2001 to 2010.

Backed by enormous corporate wealth, Modi and the BJP ran an aggressive, tech-savvy campaign, sending out dozens of daily messages on social media sites and even having Modi appear virtually as a hologram at campaign events. Indian media quickly gave him the celebrity-like nickname of “NaMo.”

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` Modism or Thatcherism that will be the Question when the Indian Electorate decide by their Vote ‘

#AceNewsServices – INDIA – April 06 – With the elections in India about to commence on Monday, the man tipped to become the electorates favourite is Narendra Modi, who some have called a `Thatcherite ‘ as his economic policies border on the same ideals (ANS).

New Delhi (CNN) — National elections in the world’s largest democracy are always a mind-boggling spectacle. The Election Commission of India estimates some 788 million people are eligible to vote in 2014 — an electorate that’s more than double the population of the United States. How the country conducts this mammoth exercise every five years never ceases to amaze observers.

(Reuters) stated that when Indian opposition leader Narendra Modi gave a speech on the virtues of smaller government and privatization on April 8 last year, supporters called him an ideological heir to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died that day.

These supporters dismiss criticism of Modi for religious riots that killed some 1,000 people in his home state of Gujarat 12 years ago. For them, Modi stands for economic freedom (Reuters)

“If you define Thatcherism as less government, free enterprise, then there is no difference between Modi-nomics and Thatcherism,” said Deepak Kanth, a London-based banker now collecting funds as a volunteer for Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Either way he has his worked cut-out to bring such a idealistic country into the twenty first century.

Reuters – CNN – ANS2014


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` India’s Election will start on April 7 with the race between BJP Leader and Nehru-Gandhi Families Congress Party ‘

#AceWorldNews says that India’s parliamentary election will start on April 7, the Election Commission announced on Wednesday.

The race will pit BJP leader Narendra Modi against the unpopular Nehru-Gandhi family’s ruling Congress party, Reuters reported.

Chief Election Commissioner V.S. Sampath said 814 million people will be eligible to vote, a number larger than the population of Europe.

This makes the voting the biggest election the world has ever seen.

Results are due to be announced on May 16.


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