(PAKISTAN) ISPR REPORT: The Pakistan Navy detected and blocked an Indian submarine from entering Pakistani waters on October 16 (last Saturday), the military’s media wing revealed on Tuesday #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.20: During the prevailing security milieu, a strict monitoring watch has been kept by Pakistan Navy to safeguard maritime frontiers of Pakistan,” the ISPR said.

#AceDailyNews says according to The Dawn News reports The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) said the navy showed “unremitting vigilance and professional competence” in ascertaining and blocking the attempted entry of the Indian vessel.

It added that the Oct 16 incident was the third time an Indian naval submarine had been detected and tracked by the Pakistan Navy’s long-range maritime patrol aircraft. 

“The recent incident reflects the deplorable Indian machinations vis-à-vis commitment and resolve of Pakistan Navy to defend maritime frontiers of the motherland,” the statement reads. 

The last such reported incident occurred in March 2019 when the navy had detected and thwarted a similar attempted entry by an Indian submarine. “The Pakistan Navy used its specialised skills to ward off the submarine, successfully keeping it from entering Pakistani waters,” a statement from the navy’s spokesperson had said at the time.

Another attempt was made in November 2016 when an Indian submarine was tracked and pushed clear out of Pakistan’s waters. 

The UN Convention on Law of Sea does not allow a state to carry out manoeuvres or exercises in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and in the continental shelf of another coastal state without its consent. EEZ signifies an area of coastal water and seabed within a certain distance of a country’s coastline that cannot be entered without permission or prior information.

The area of Pakistan’s territorial waters is 12 nautical miles while its seabed territory (EEZ) grew to 290,000 square kilometres in 2015. 

#AceNewsDesk report ……………..Published: Oct.20: 2021:

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(PROVIDENCE, R.I.) Justice Dept Court Report: A former U.S. Navy pilot who admitted to coercing a minor to engage in illicit sexual conduct, distributing, receiving and possessing child pornography, all while actively serving in the U.S. Navy and following his retirement from active service, was sentenced today to life in federal prison #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewReport – Sept.11: Cases involving the coercion and sexual exploitation of children are among the most heart-wrenching and disturbing cases that federal prosecutors confront. This case is particularly troubling because, as the prosecutor in this case stated in a court filing, ‘[Zenga] abused the most sacred trust a human being can be given, responsibility for the health and well-being of another living soul,’”noted acting United States Attorney Richard B. Myrus. “

#AceDailyNews reports that a former navy commander has been sentences to life in federal prison for coercing a minor and child pornography charges after an ICE investigation …

Thanks to the work of our dedicated law enforcement partners both here and abroad, this defendant has been held to account for his vile crimes. We hope that today’s result will provide some relief to the victim in knowing that the man who preyed upon her will be safely locked away.”

Lieutenant Commander Ronald W. Zenga, 45, of Middletown, Rhode Island, pleaded guilty on November 19, 2020, to coercion of a minor, distribution of child pornography, receipt of child pornography, and possession of child pornography. He was sentenced today by U.S. District Court Chief Judge John J. McConnell, Jr., to life in federal prison and lifetime federal supervised release and pay restitution to the victim in the amount of $500,000.

“Ronald Zenga committed heinous crimes and had the audacity to brag about his exploits online — hubris which ultimately led to his arrest. The abuse and exploitation of children is deeply cruel, violating the trust and safety of victims and generating trauma that may never fully heal. We hope that today’s sentence provides a measure of justice to those he harmed,” said Matthew Millhollin, Special Agent in Charge for the Homeland Security Investigations’ Boston Field Office. “Homeland Security Investigations is grateful to our international partners for their vigilance and assistance in this case.”

“Today’s sentencing closes the case for the exceptional team of investigators and prosecutors that worked tirelessly to pursue Mr. Zenga for his crimes, but today our thoughts are with his victims who continue to suffer from his actions,” said Colonel James M. Manni, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and Director of the Department of Public Safety. “The Rhode Island State Police is grateful for the definitive outcome of this investigation and proud to work with this outstanding group of law enforcement agencies to bring justice to Mr. Zenga’s victims.”

According to court documents and information provided to the court, in September 2018, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents in Providence received information from the Bedfordshire Police Department (BPD) in the United Kingdom that an individual, later identified as Zenga, was communicating with a BPD agent through a Russian file sharing website. The communications graphically described ongoing sexual encounters with a young minor child. Zenga described several years of sexual encounters with a child, dating back to the child’s prepubescent years.

On October 17, 2018, HSI agents and members of the Rhode Island State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force arrested Zenga and executed a court-authorized search of his Middletown residence. Forensic previews of Zenga’s electronic devices resulted in the discovery of emails and files of child pornography shared, received, and possessed by Zenga.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney John P. McAdams.

#AceNewsDesk report …Published: Sept.11: 2021:

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(SRI LANKA) JUST IN: Navy has apprehended a trawler, allegedly involved in drug trafficking, in the high seas and brought it back to Colombo arresting 7-Pakistani nationals #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Sept.10: Seven persons, all Pakistan nationals, were taken into custody, and 336 kg heroin was seized in the operation earlier this week.

#AceDailyNews says that according to the New Statesman the Sri Lankan Navy has seized 336 kg heroin and apprehend 7 Pakistanis: The trawler, reportedly acting as a multi-day fishing trawler, was transporting drug consignments, with a street value of around Rs 3.1 billion, to other boats.

New Statesman Report:

The trawler, reportedly acting as a multi-day fishing trawler, was transporting drug consignments to other boats, and investigations are still in progress. No weapons were recovered so far. The stock of heroin weighing 336 kg with a street value of around Rs 3.1 billion was detected by the Sri Lanka Navy was found in this operation.

A seven-member crew was found to be Pakistan nationals with a multi-day fishing vessel used to transport the heroin from a foreign port.

The operation was the culmination of a stringent three weeks of surveillance and information sharing between the Navy and intelligence agencies.

The Sri Lankan navy was recently involved in an incident with Indian fishing boats. The fisheries department alleged that Sri Lankan navy personnel pelted stones on Indian boats causing damage to about 60 of them and also damaged fishing nets in around 25 boats, news agency PTI had reported. The boats involved in the incident were fishing near Katchatheevu on August 21.

In a similar incident, the Lankan navy had chased away fishermen from the Palk Strait on July 4 and damaged their fishing equipment. Lankan navy personnel allegedly chased away the Indian fishermen at gunpoint on t and “cut the nets up each costing about one lakh rupees,” fishermen association chief Sesu Raj told news agency PTI, adding that such instances have been on the rise and that Central government should intervene.

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: Sept.10: 2021:

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(ROME, Italy.) JUST IN: An Italian navy officer has been arrested while being caught in the act of handing secret documents to a Russian military official, police say #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.02: The men were stopped by military police on suspicion of serious crimes relating to espionage and state security: The Russian, who reportedly worked at the Russian embassy in Italy, is expected to be expelled:

‘Italian officer ‘caught selling secrets to Russia’ the Russian ambassador Sergey Razov has been summoned to the foreign ministry in Rome’

March 31, 2021

The carabinieri del Ros special operations group swooped on the men in Rome on Tuesday evening “during a clandestine meeting between the two, caught immediately after the transfer of a document by the Italian officer in exchange for a sum of money”, a police statement said.

The Italian is described as being the captain of a frigate and the Russian officer’s diplomatic status is currently being assessed.

The Russian embassy confirmed the involvement of a military attaché official but said any further comment was inappropriate, adding that it hoped the incident would not affect relations, Russia’s Ria news agency reported.

Italy’s Corriere website reports that papers seized in the naval officer’s flat suggest he may have passed on Nato secrets, thereby placing other countries’ national security at risk.

Russian decline in relations with Nato

Police moved in following a lengthy operation by Italy’s Aisi domestic intelligence agency. Italian media are describing the incident as the most serious since the Cold War.

Relations between Moscow and Nato have deteriorated since Russia seized and annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region in 2014. The poisoning of leading Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, now being held in a Russian penal colony, has also led to a decline.

Last week, Nato member Bulgaria expelled two Russian diplomats for “intelligence activity incompatible with diplomatic relations”.

Italian fighter planes were involved in a Nato operation to intercept Russian planes over the Baltic Sea on Monday.

(c) BBC.Com/

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Apr.02: 2021:

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#AceWorldNews – BANGLADESH(Dhaka) – Nov.18 – Bangladeshi Navy on Monday intercepted a ship in the Bay of Bengal carrying hundreds of migrants being taken to Malaysia by people-smugglers, officers said.



Most of the would-be migrants were from Bangladesh, but some were thought to be from Myanmar, an officer told AFP on condition of anonymity.

“There are 500-600 people in the boat,” the officer said.

“Some 90 percent of those aboard the boat are Bangladeshis and the rest are from Myanmar.

The crew are all from Myanmar.”

Thousands of poor Bangladeshi and ethnic Rohingya refugees from Myanmar try to migrate to Malaysia every year on a perilous and sometimes fatal 3,200-kilometer journey.

Rights groups say thousands have perished along the way, while thousands more have fallen into the hands of people-traffickers.

Bangladesh’s coast guard and border forces have launched crackdowns on economic migrants, confiscating their ships and arresting a number of human traffickers.

Police said the boat was “heading to Malaysia illegally” and would be taken into shore.


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#AceWorldNews – PERSIAN GULF – Nov.15 –  The US Navy has deployed its first ever combat laser. The futuristic weapon has boosted the arsenal of the Fifth Fleet’s command vessel in the Persian Gulf. The laser is said to be effective against numerous small targets, such as Iran’s gunboats.

A 30-kilowatt-class Laser Weapon System has been equipped on the USS Ponce amphibious transport ship since late August, Navy officials told Bloomberg.

The device is capable of focusing beams from six solid-state commercial welding lasers into a single strong beam, which can be used both as a blinding warning shot and as a weapon capable of setting fire to a drone or small boat.

It took Naval Sea Systems Command technicians seven years and $40 million to develop the technology to the current stage.

The tour in the Gulf is more of a trial continuation than regular duty, as the Navy wants to learn more about its new tool. 

It was crucial to learn how the system would operate in the environment and how much energy it would consume, Kendall added.



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‘ FBI Order Investigation into Escape by Two Asylum Seekers & Car-Jacking of 91 -year-old Navy Veteran’s Car’

#AceNewsServices UNITED STATES (Illinois) – October 11 – Two teenage asylum seekers from Guatemala have escaped a detention centre in Illinois and car-jacked a 91-year-old Navy veteran’s car.   

EXCLUSIVE: Feds order review of security at all facilities holding illegal immigrant children after two Guatemalan teens escape from Illinois detention center and carjack a 91-year-old Navy veteran

EXCLUSIVE: Feds order review of security at all facilities holding illegal immigrant children after two Guatemalan teens escape from Illinois detention center and carjack a 91-year-old Navy veteran

The incident has prompted the federal government to order a security review at all 139 shelters across the country that house illegal immigrant minors, MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

The boys, age 16 and 17, were able to walk away unchallenged from Maryville Academy in Des Plaines, Illinois, outside Chicago, on Wednesday morning and carjack two victims before they were arrested more than 225 miles away outside Iowa City, Iowa, according to authorities.

Police say they targeted an elderly man in Moline, Illinois, who was picking up his prescription at Walmart. 

They threatened him with violence, forced him out of his car and then sped off with his Buick LeSabre.  

A 225-mile escape plan: Police say the escaped teens, age 16 and 17, were headed for California, where one of them has family

Police tell MaiIOnline they were headed for California, where one of the teens has family.

The teens had been transferred to the Illinois facility after crossing the US-Mexico border as unaccompanied minors and requesting asylum in the United States.



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UNITED STATES: ‘ Self-Guided and Unmanned Swarm Boats Ready to Join Navy ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Norfolk) – Self-guided unmanned patrol boats that can leave warships they’re protecting and swarm and attack potential threats on the water could join the Navy’s fleet within a year, defence officials say, adding the new technology could one day help stop attacks like the deadly 2000 bombing of the USS Cole off Yemen.

The Arlington-based Office of Naval Research demonstrated the autonomous swarm boat technology over two weeks in August on the James River near Fort Eustis in Virginia – not far from one of the Navy’s largest fleet concentration areas.

It said the Navy simulated a transit through a strait, just like the routine passage of U.S. warships through the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.



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UNITED STATES: ' Promoting `Every Sailor. Every Day ' Under Suicide Prevention Month '

#AceWorldNews- UNITED STATES (Pearl Harbor NNS) – August 30 – Starting in September the Navy will be promoting the message "Every Sailor, Every Day," to encourage all Sailors, leaders, families and members of the Navy community to strengthen their connections with those around them in accordance with Suicide Prevention Month.

Unfortunately, suicide is currently one of the top causes of death in the Navy, claiming the lives of approximately 44 Sailors in 2013 alone and, according to Navy Personnel Command, 39 lives so far in 2014.

While these statistics suggest a decrease in frequency of total suicide fatalities from previous years, the numbers show that some.

Sailors are still finding themselves with nowhere to go and no other option.

In an organization that requires the cooperation and unity of every Sailor to accomplish its mission, one suicide is one too many….. Read More:



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UNITED STATES: ' Navy Accepts Delivery of the First PCU North Dakota Virginia Submarine Code-Name North Dakota into Service '

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (GROTON, Conn. (NNS) — The Navy accepted delivery of PCU North Dakota (SSN 784), the 11th ship of the Virginia Class, on Aug. 29, two days prior to its contract delivery date.

​North Dakota is the first of eight Virginia Class Block III ships. Approximately 20 percent of North Dakota was redesigned as part of the Virginia Cost Reduction work done to lower acquisition cost and increase operational flexibility. The changes include a ship’s bow redesign, replacing 12 individual launch tubes with two large-diameter Virginia Payload Tubes, each capable of launching six Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.

"North Dakota delivered ahead of schedule and under budget," said Capt. David Goggins, Virginia Class program manager. "When one considers the scope of design changes, this represents a tremendous achievement."

Only six days ago North Dakota successfully completed Alpha, Bravo, and Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) trials, which evaluate the submarine’s seaworthiness and operational capabilities. During the trials, the crew took the submarine to test depth, conducted an emergency surfacing, and tested the submarine’s propulsion plant.

"North Dakota and her crew delivered an outstanding performance," said Program Executive Officer for Submarines Rear Adm. David C. Johnson. "It was almost 10 years ago that the first ship of the class, USS Virginia delivered on Oct. 12, 2004. Since then, this program has delivered 10 ships, with North Dakota the latest. We continue to meet the Virginia Class standard of delivering submarines early, under cost, more complete and ready for tasking right out of the shipyard. North Dakota set a new benchmark for excellence in what is the arguably the best performing program in defense acquisition."

The Navy postponed North Dakota’s original May commissioning date because of quality issues with vendor-assembled and delivered components that required an unplanned dry-docking to correct. Additional design certification work was also required on the submarine’s redesigned bow.

"Now that certifications are complete, and we’re armed with lessons learned,we can move forward knowing that we are providing our fleet with the most capable, and battle-ready submarine possible," said Goggins.

North Dakota will spend the next two months preparing for its Oct. 25 commissioning in Groton, Connecticut.


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` Italian Navy has Rescued 18,000 Migrants since Launching Operation ` Mare Nostrum ‘

#AceWorldNews -ITALY – April 10 – (RT) – The Italian Navy said Thursday it has rescued over 18,000 migrants since launching a Mediterranean operation called Mare Nostrum (Our Sea), following two deadly shipwrecks in October 2013.

Five warships are usually deployed with more than 900 military personal at a cost of 9 million euros ($12 million) a month.

Navy chief Giuseppe De Giorgi said that after the twin tragedies last October which left more than 400 people dead, a total of 18,546 migrants had been rescued off Italy’s shores.

De Giorgi rejected claims by right-wing parties in Italy than the operation had led to an increase in migrants.


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Obama To Military Heads: Support Me Or Resign

When I showed you all this website: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/09/american-military-refusing-to-fight-for-al-qaeda-in-syria-pictures-2752748.html I got a lot of grief. I have it Obama 100% told his Military to go to Syria and they refused, I stick by the source and the story. So what is happening? Has Obama’s men turned their backs? Well he sure is firing a LOT of people right?

In a meeting with the heads of the five service branches in 2010, President Obama offered the leaders a choice: Support my efforts to end the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, or resign, the Commandant of the Coast Guard said.

In a video obtained by BuzzFeed via a Freedom of Information Act request, Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Robert Papp revealed that Obama was unwilling to compromise with service leaders over DADT during a meeting in 2010. “We were called into the Oval Office and President Obama looked all five service chiefs in the eye and said, ‘This is what I want to do.’ I cannot divulge everything he said to us, that’s private communications within the Oval Office, but if we didn’t agree with it — if any of us didn’t agree with it — we all had the opportunity to resign our commissions and go do other things,” he said.

Papp talked about the meeting during a Q&A session with U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadets following a leadership address to the corps on Jan 8. The admiral was asked how officers should respond to policies that they disagreed with but were required to enforce. “If I disagree morally with [a policy], it’s my obligation to voice that, regardless of the risk it might give my career,” he said. “I’ve been in those situations. I’ve been fortunate to have good leaders that have appreciated that.” Using himself as an example, Papp said it was OK for leaders to “not be thrilled” with a certain regulation, but if they didn’t “see anything terribly wrong with it,” it was their job as officers to support and enforce it.

The admiral, who will be retiring from active duty on May 30, added that he thought the U.S. military made the right decision by abolishing DADT.

Ins 2008 interview, then-Senator Obama told The Advocate that he wouldn’t make support of DADt’s repeal “a litmus test” for his military leaders. “What I want are members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are making decisions based on what strengthens our military and what is going to make us safer, not ideology.”

NOW WATCH THIS VIDEO AND LEARN ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE USA!! Or turn away and pretend all is well. Scroll down and watch the video!




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” Italian Navy Rescues 1,100 Migrants in Rafts South of Sicily”

#AceWorldNews says the Italian navy has rescued more than 1,100 migrants from nine large rafts in the waters south of Sicily.
Patrol helicopters identified the overcrowded rafts with the latest arrivals from North Africa on Wednesday and four navy vessels participated in the rescue which ended early on Thursday, Reuters reported.

The navy gave no details about the nationalities of the migrants.

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#AceWorldNews says Somali pirates have hijacked a merchant…

#AceWorldNews says Somali pirates have hijacked a merchant vessel in the Red Sea in the first successful capture of a ship in the region since 2012, Reuters reports. The MV Marzooqah sent out a distress signal on Saturday evening, said Andrew Mwangura, secretary general of the Seafarers Union of Kenya. The number of pirate attacks in the area reduced drastically in 2013 due to the increased navy presence in the region.

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Lynda’s Storey – Saving The Sea Life

This was a story sent to me by Lyndia Storey and she ask everyone reading it to share and sign-up on her link.

Friends of the Sea:

My deepest appreciation goes to each of you 238,525 who have signed this petition to date to stop the deliberate killing and maiming of our sea life. The petition will be delivered next week on Tuesday to be answered and included in the Environmental Impact Statement that must be filed and approved to allow this to continue. I am just one person who has personal experience with the cetacean community and know how truly wrong it is to invade our oceans with harmful sound and other forms of pollution. We can stop this; your outpouring of e-mails and letters tells me it is time for this change. Respecting the oceans is a way of affirming our own humanity and our willingness to live in harmony with the natural world. We only have a few days to make our voices heard. Would you be willing to post this once again and ask your friends who have not signed to sign? Your small action now can make a big difference, it as a way of leveraging your voice. I would like to arrive at the Navy offices with 500,000 names of people who are asking for this to change.

Whatever you do in your lives to make a difference in this world, do it with “GREAT PASSION”.  There are so many areas in our world that need healing and all of us have a responsibility to speak out and help each other in that process. Thanks to Signon.org, we can easily make our voices heard. It’s not over till it’s over and we still have a few days left. I urge you to take action if it is in your heart to do! Thank you a million times over.

Lyndia Storey
(mother, grandmother and lover of the sea)


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