(ISRAEL) LATEST: A 27-year-old man from was charged on Monday with murdering his mother and hiding her body last month, after she converted from Islam to Orthodox Christianity #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Sept.30: According to the charge sheet, Rasha Muklasha, 46, left her husband and severed ties with her five children — including the suspect, Muad Hib — in 2006. She then moved from the town of Zarzir to Nof HaGalil and converted to Christianity.

#AceDailyNews says according to Times of Israel a man has been charged with murdering his mother because she converted to Christianity: The Indictment says 27-year-old Muad Hib from Zarzir hid 46-year-old Rasha Muklasha’s corpse near the Jordan River last month

Rasha Muklasha, who was allegedly murdered by her son Muad Hib on August 5, 2021 (Israel Police)
By TOI staff27 September 2021, 1:36 pm

Recently, she resumed contact with her children following the death of her ex-husband. Prosecutors allege that her conversion, which greatly angered Hib, was the motive for the murder.

According to the indictment, the murder was premediated, with Hib setting up a meeting with his mother on August 5 near Nazareth with the intention of killing her and disposing of her remains.

After picking up Muklasha in his car, he “strangled the deceased with a rope or his hands, alone or with others, with the intention of causing her death,” the court documents said.

While searching for a place to hide the body, Hib noticed a police roadblock ahead and rammed into it, successfully fleeing the scene, the indictment said. He then traveled toward the Jordan River.

Police forces at the scene of the alleged murder of a 46-year-old woman from Nof Hagalil, near the Yarden Haharari section of the Jordan River, on August 7, 2021. (Israel Police)

There, he dug a pit and buried the body, the indictment said. He covered the spot with rocks and dry leaves, “all to obscure the body’s location and make it harder to locate.”

Later that day, the suspect rammed a second roadblock that had been set up as part of the investigation, and he was arrested after a brief chase near Nahalal, police said. The suspect’s two brothers, aged 23 and 20,were arrested separately. It was not immediately clear if they would be charged.

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Sept.30: 2021:

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(NAZARETH) JUST IN: A prominent British archaeologist has put forward a compelling case arguing that a well-preserved ancient house in Nazareth was the childhood home of Jesus #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.23: The building dates back to the first century and the site is now home to the Sisters of Nazareth Convent: In modern times, it was first identified as the house where Jesus grew up with Joseph and Mary in the 19th century, but the theory was dismissed in the 1930s and has been rejected ever since: However, after 14 years of fieldwork and research on the site, Ken Dark, a professor of archaeology and history at Reading University in the UK, has found that the convent stands on a dwelling that ancient Nazarene believed was Jesus’ first home: Significant chunks of the building survive, including a rock-cut staircase. In its first-century heyday, it probably included a number of living and storage rooms around a courtyard, and a roof terrace:

Workers from the Israeli Antiquities Authority work in the Herodium fortress. File Photo: © Global Look Press / Gil Cohen Magen

Inscription confirms ancient ring belonged to Pontius Pilate, man who ordered Jesus’ crucifixion

Professor Dark discovered that people in the area believed that the building was Jesus’ house from at least the 380s: His analysis also confirmed the building’s status as a first-century dwelling. No such case can be made for any other sites in the city: The archaeologist’s investigation of the two-story house revealed excellent craftsmanship and an understanding of rock that would be consistent with it having been built and owned by a tekton – the description of Joseph’s profession in the Greek gospels, which means that he was not only a carpenter, but also a stonemason or builder:

His fieldwork also indicates that a cave church decorated with mosaics was built next to the house’s remains in the fourth century. In the fifth century a church was built over both the house and the cave church and it was the largest church in Nazareth at the time: This church was elaborately decorated with marble and mosaics and it exactly matched a seventh-century description of the large Byzantine church that was said to have stood on the site of Jesus’ home and was an important pilgrimage destination:

In his book, ‘The Sisters of Nazareth Convent: A Roman-Period, Byzantine and Crusader Site in Central Nazareth’, Professor Dark probed the likelihood of memory of a building’s history being transmitted from the first century to the fourth century, when the first church was built at the site. “My conclusion is that, from anthropological evidence and studies of oral tradition, there’s absolutely no reason why they couldn’t have known,” he said:

#AceNewsDesk report ……………Published: Nov.23: 2020:

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