(LONDON Press Release #Coronavirus #NHS App Statement Report: Matt Hancock urges ‘ Businesses across E ngland & Wales to download the new NHS QR code posters that need to be visible on entry for customers who ha ve downloaded the new NHS #COVID19 app that will be launched on Thursday 24th September 2020: and enable cus tomers to check-in #AceHealthDesk report

(LONDON) #Coronavirus ONS Report: #COVID19 Related deaths by ethnic group under revised ‘ Race Disparity Audit (RDA) ‘ since 2018 including socio-economic position, area context, access to housing and living arrangements across the U.K. updated Feb.07:2020: PDF Link Below: #AceHealthDesk reports

(LONDON) #Coronavirus Business Report: Mercedes Formula One Team Begin delivery of 10,000 ‘ Brand New ‘ Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Devices ‘ it was announced on Tuesday to enable patients of #coronavirus to breath more easily after they have been fully evaluated by UCL and other area hospitals will now go into full production to produce a 1,000 per day #AceFinanceDesk report

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