(MANAGUA, Nicaragua.) At Least 3 Killed, Including Police Officer, in Protests over changes to ‘ Social Security Benefits ‘ that will ‘ increase contributions and lower pensions ‘ as # Nicaragua Travel Advisory Update: Remains Level 2 after three days of rioting putting increased pressure on the dictator Ortega #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Apr.21: Protests in Nicaragua over changes to social security have led to the deaths of at least three people, including a police officer, the Red Cross said on Friday, heaping pressure on the leftist government of President Daniel Ortega: Nicaraguans have been protesting for three straight days against government changes to social security, signed into law earlier this week, that increase worker contributions and lower pensions #AceNewsDesk reports

On Thursday, the police officer and a young protester were shot dead in the Nicaraguan capital, Managua, while another youth was shot in the city of Tipitapa, northeast of Managua, the nation’s Red Cross told Reuters on Friday:

“We’re not sure what happened. It’s unclear. We don’t know whose side (the victims were on), whether they were in favor or opposed,” said Lisseth Guido, a spokeswoman for the Red Cross of Nicaragua.

Guido said some 48 people had received medical attention on Thursday for varying injuries due to the protests. Violent protests continued into Friday as anti-riot police used tear gas, but it was not immediately clear if there were further casualties.

A former leftist guerrilla leader who critics accuse of trying to set up a family dictatorship, Ortega has been president since 2007, delivering solid growth by fusing socialist policies with an embrace of free markets.

But moves to increase worker contributions to social security and reduce pensions, which the government argues are fiscally necessary, has sparked a violent backlash.

The wave of protests is the biggest since Ortega took power, placing him alongside other Latin American leftists who have come under pressure after failing to consolidate economic gains.

After Ortega’s government approved the social security overhaul this week, hundreds of retirees hit the streets in protest on Wednesday. They were joined the next day by thousands of students and business workers in cities around the nation, sparking violent clashes with police.

Protesters on Friday held signs saying: “no more repression” and “we are not scared.”

Since the protests began, at least three local television stations that were broadcasting the protests live had their signals abruptly cut.

100% Noticias, the only TV station still without a signal, called the move “arbitrary and illegal.”

Neighboring Costa Rica’s foreign policy chief, Christian Guillermet, expressed concern on Friday about the violence and media censorship.

“It’s always important to maintain social peace and in that sense we don’t believe infringing on freedom of expression is conducive,” said Guillermet.

Reporting by Oswaldo Rivas in Managua; Additional reporting by Diego Ore in Mexico City; Writing by Anthony Esposito, Editing by Rosalba O’Brien

At Least 3 Killed, Including Police Officer, in Nicaragua Protests pic.twitter.com/l7ydN91rfs— The Voice of America April 20, 2018: https://t.me/acenewsgroup/460316: Protests in Nicaragua over changes to social security have led to the deaths of at least three people, including a police officer, the Red Cross said on Friday, heaping pressure on the leftist government of President Daniel Ortega https://t.me/reuters_news/42879

#Breaking144#Nicaragua Travel Advisory Update: Remains Level 2. Exercise increased caution due to crime and civil unrest. Violent crime, such as sexual assault and armed robbery, is common. Occasional violent protests resulting in injuries and deaths are occurring – @AceBreakingNews


🇷🇺🇳🇮On the 19th of March Director of the Department of Latin America Alexander Shchetinin met with Vice-President of Nicaragua Rosario Murillo in Managua. They discussed issues concerning strengthening of the Russian-Nicaraguan strategic partnership pic.twitter.com/73eehzL1Qb— MFA Russia 🇷🇺 March 22, 2018: https://t.me/acebreakingnews/596298

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NICARAGUA: ' First Eleven of Freelance Gold Miners Trapped When Mine Collapses Have Been Rescued '

#AceWorldNews – BONANZA, Nicaragua (AP) – The first 11 of 24 freelance gold miners trapped by a collapse in a mine in northern Nicaragua have been rescued and crews were working early Saturday to free more, officials said.

​The men walked out of the mine on their own as their relatives and fellow miners cheered late Friday night, more than 24 hours after a collapse at the El Comal gold and silver mine in the town of Bonanza left them cut off in a mine shaft.


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` Russia in Talks with a Number of ` Latin American ‘ Countries over Creation of Logistics Facilities for Naval Ships ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – March 29 – A senior Russian military official has confirmed that Russia is in talks with a number of Latin American countries over creation of logistics facilities for its naval ships, but at the same time dismissed rumours of Russia’s plans for planting its naval bases in some countries of the region.

Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov told reporters on Friday media speculations of a looming “Russian military expansion” into Latin America were devoid of any foundation.

Antonov said oppositional media were particularly zealous in that respect. In Venezuela and Nicaragua, for instance, a real information war was well under-way, he added.

“The purpose is to discredit the political leadership of both countries and to call in question the mutual benefits of military and military-technical cooperation with Russia,” he said.

“Such media either distort the real facts or are reluctant to understand the purposes and tasks of our policy in the region.”

“In that connection we would like to confirm that Russia’s military and military-technical cooperation with countries in the region is first and foremost geared to maintaining stability and international security,” Antonov said.

“It is not aimed at harming anyone’s interests. We rely on our partners’ voluntary consent to develop long-term ties.”

Russian News and Media Sources


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` Russia has no Plans to Create a Naval and Military bases abroad but we will strengthen to fight Piracy '

#AceWorldNews – March 29 – Russia has no plans to create naval and military bases abroad like American facilities, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview on Saturday News with Sergei Brilyov on Russian television.

Commenting on reports that Russia allegedly planned to open bases on the Seashells, in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba and Argentina, Lavrov said “It is not true at all. We have no plans to create naval and military bases abroad in the meaning you understand the term.”

“The Navy has strengthened significantly in Russia, and I think, after the joining of Crimea to Russia, it will have much more potentialities for development,” he noted. Aside from the Black Sea Fleet, we have the Far Eastern, Northern and other fleets,” he said.

“It is very important for the state to have the navy on the highest level of training, especially when the fleet has not only to cross oceans for training, but carry out specific tasks to fight piracy in the Gulf of Aden. Pirates appear in other parts of the world ocean. The fleet makes long trips.”

“We have agreed with some countries for our vessels and naval ships to use their existing infrastructure for calls, service, minor repair, replenishment of food and water reserves and rest of crews,” Lavrov explained. “Construction of bases like American ones is out of the question.

Any agreements like those concluded by Americans to ensure immunity for their servicemen from crimes in the country of their presence are also out of the question,” he noted.

Russian News and Media Services


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` Earthquake measuring 6.4 Magnitude has struck off Nicaragua ‘

#AceBreakingNews says reports of a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake has struck Nicaragua, the US Geological Survey reported.

The epicentre of the quake was estimated at a depth of 70.9 kilometers in the ocean and 23 kilometers away from the town of Jiquilillo.

Government officials said that the earthquake was felt across the country.

There were no reports of personal or material damage.


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How to Spend a Weekend Brushing up on Nicaraguan History – Well Then Ask Ambassadors Chris and Sharon Campbell

A pre-columbian vessel
A pre-columbian vessel

Chris and Sharon truly enjoyed exploring this eco-tourism gem and received quite a surprise upon their visit to the museum. Among the pre-Columbian artefacts was a vessel dating from 300BC-500AD, with what appeared to be a Union Jack design on the front!

Indigeneous art from Ometepe
Ometepe is home to impressive indigeneous art.

This mystical island, with its petroglyphs, rock carvings and fascinating culture, was well worth the visit.


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