' Nicholas Sarkozy Charged with Corruption '

#AceWorldNews – FRANCE (Paris) – July 02 – The former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, has been charged with corruption and illegally using his influence after a day in custody.

The disgraced politician was questioned by police for 15 hours, Le Monde reported, and was left without a lawyer when Thierry Herzog was also arrested along with two senior judges.

Sarkozy, 59, has become the first former French president taken into custody in a criminal investigation, making his widely anticipated political comeback look ever more unlikely.

The right-wing leader has been accused of multiple illegal dealings, mostly linked to the financing of his 2007 and 2012 election campaigns.


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‘ Nicholas Sarkozy is held for Questioning over Suspected Influence Peddling ‘

#AceWorldNews – FRANCE (Paris) – July 01 – Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was being held on Tuesday for questioning over suspected influence-peddling, Reuters quoted a legal source as saying.

Sarkozy arrived early Tuesday to be quizzed by investigators at their offices in Nanterre, west of Paris, the source said.

The ex-president’s lawyer was reportedly held for questioning on Monday.


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` Jean-Francois Cope of France’s Opposition UMP Party Will Resign after Allegations of Financial irregularities ‘

#AceWorldNews – PARIS – May 27 – Jean-Francois Cope will resign on June 15 as head of France’s main opposition UMP party after allegations of irregularities in the finances of the conservative party, Reuters reported, citing a UMP source.

The move effectively launches the race to secure the UMP ticket to stand in the 2017 presidential election.

Ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy and former prime ministers Francois Fillon and Alain Juppe are waiting in the wings.



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` Nicholas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni launch legal battle to prevent further publication of tapes’

#AceMediaNews says that Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni on Thursday launched a legal bid to prevent any further publication of tapes secretly recorded during his 2007-12 term as French president.

In a move that will inevitably fuel speculation the tapes could contain a seriously compromising “smoking gun”, lawyers for Sarkozy said they would be filing a request with a Paris court for an emergency injunction against further distribution or publication.

The tapes are thought to contain hundreds of hours of Sarkozy’s private conversations with Bruni and close aides.
They were recorded by a political advisor, Patrick Buisson, without the couple’s knowledge.

Some extracts — without any really explosive content — have already been published, by satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaine and news website Atlantico.

The revelation of what Buisson was doing whilst working as a close confidante of the centre-right president has sent shock-waves through the French political class.

Lawmakers across the political spectrum have denounced what they have described as an unprecedented act of treachery and, in some cases, a potential threat to national security.

In a statement to AFP, Sarkozy’s lawyers said the former president and his supermodel wife had no option but to take legal action.

“The protection of private and secret conversations constitutes one of the foundations of a democratic society and they cannot accept comments made in private being recorded and published without their consent,” the lawyers said.

The taped conversations which have been made public so far contain some slightly embarrassing material.


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