` Ukraine’s TV and Radio Recommends Change to Programme Schedules to Counter Russian Information ‘

#AceMediaNews – KIEV – March 25 – Ukraine’s State Television and Radio broadcasting Committee recommended state TV and radio broadcasters to “correct” their program schedule “taking into account the need in neutralizing information onslaught from Russia”.

At a meeting that took place on Tuesday, the committee decided to increase the amount of news round-ups and, at the same time, lessen the number of other types of programs. “State TV and radio companies are recommended to submit in time their proposals on changes in relevant appendixes to broadcasting licenses to the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting,” the state committee said.

Earlier, the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting in Ukraine recommended the cable providers to “temporarily abstain” from retransmitting programs of Russia’s channels Vesti, Rossiya 24, Channel One, RTR Planeta and NTV-Mir within their cable networks.

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` Lithuania’s suspends broadcasting of `Russian TV ‘ Channel ‘

#AceWorldNews – Lithuania’s commission for radio and television broadcasting, which supervises the operations of radio and TV relay networks and reports to the national parliament, has suspended for three months the programming of the Russian channel NTV-mir via cable networks.

The decision to take the channel off the air was taken unanimously but it is also to be confirmed by court.
Commission chairman Edmundas Vaitekunas said that Lithuanian legislation prohibits the dissemination of data enticing the audiences to war, having a deceptive character and/or containing calls for physical reprisals targeting a group of people.

The commission’s claims against NTV-mir are linked to the airing of a documentary that discussed the events in Vilnius in January 1991, which cause heated political debates in Lithuania even now.

The country’s authorities offer a sharp reaction to any interpretations from the officially appointed one. In October 2013, First Baltic Channel was fined for airing a talk show on the same issue and was also denied access to relay broadcasting for three months.

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