SAUDI ARABIA: ‘ Car Explosion Near High Security Prison Killed Driver & Wounded Two Security Officials ‘

#AceNewsReport – SAUDI ARABIA:Post Update:July.17: A car explosion at a checkpoint near Saudi Arabia’s highest security prison killed the driver and wounded two security officials, the interior ministry said on Thursday, as reported by AFP.

“The driver blew up the car and killed himself,” said the spokesman, adding that the explosion is now under investigation.

The policemen, who were in a “stable condition,” were taken to the hospital, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.


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‘ The Killer Robot’s of the Future or Meaningful Mind Control ‘

#AceNewsReport – Editors Featured Post:June.11: Fully autonomous weapons, also known as “killer robots,” raise serious moral and legal concerns because they would possess the ability to select and engage their targets without meaningful human control.


Many people question whether the decision to kill a human being should be left to a machine. There are also grave doubts that fully autonomous weapons would ever be able to replicate human judgement and comply with the legal requirement to distinguish civilian from military targets. Other potential threats include the prospect of an arms race and proliferation to armed forces with little regard for the law.

These concerns are compounded by the obstacles to accountability that would exist for unlawful harm caused by fully autonomous weapons. This report analyzes in depth the hurdles to holding anyone responsible for the actions of this type of weapon. It also shows that even if a case succeeded in assigning liability, the nature of the accountability that resulted might not realize the aims of deterring future harm and providing retributive justice to victims.

Fully autonomous weapons themselves cannot substitute for responsible humans as defendants in any legal proceeding that seeks to achieve deterrence and retribution. Furthermore, a variety of legal obstacles make it likely that humans associated with the use or production of these weapons—notably operators and commanders, programmers and manufacturers—would escape liability for the suffering caused by fully autonomous weapons.

Neither criminal law nor civil law guarantees adequate accountability for individuals directly or indirectly involved in the use of fully autonomous weapons.

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#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON – Nov.18 – US President Barack Obama has, for the first time, admitted he would deploy US ground troops to Syria and Iraq to fight Islamic State – that is, if the extremist group obtained a nuclear weapon.

'Obama: I will send US troops to fight ISIS if they get nukes '

‘Obama: I will send US troops to fight ISIS if they get nukes ‘

“If we discovered that [Islamic State] had gotten possession of a nuclear weapon, and we had to run an operation to get it out of their hands, then, yes,” Obama told reporters at a news conference in Brisbane, Australia, on Sunday.

I would order it.”

Since Operation Inherent Resolve – or US-led airstrikes against Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) – began in August, President Obama has maintained that he would not send a large fighting force to Syria and Iraq to confront the jihadist network, which has come to control large areas of the two adjacent Middle Eastern nations.

However, Obama authorized the deployment of about 1,500 troops to Iraq earlier this month, doubling the American military presence in the country. Yet all soldiers sent to the region are there to “advise” Iraqi forces and not engage in combat, according to official explanations.

US officials said there is no evidence that Islamic State possesses or could easily attain a nuclear weapon.



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“Iran Steps up to Co-operate with UN Nuclear Agency IAEA”

#AceWorldNews says `Iran steps up to cooperate with UN Nuclear Bomb Probe, to Assure IAEA that they do not intend `Designing Atomic Weapons

English: Flag of the International Atomic Ener...

English: Flag of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an organization of the United Nations Deutsch: Flagge der Internationalen Atomenergieorganisation (IAEO), eine Organisation der Vereinten Nationen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The UN’s nuclear agency revealed Sunday that Iran moved towards cooperation in terms of allegations that it is designing atomic weapons.

The development could significantly impact upcoming negotiations in Vienna – due to start February 18 – between Iran and the six world powers.

Iran had earlier promised to clear up “any ambiguities” regarding its uranium enrichment program.

On Saturday, Iran resumed talks with the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In line with the framework, Iran is expected to take six practical measures by this Tuesday – including an additional IAEA visit to an unfinished heavy-water reactor at Arak and another inspection of Gachin Mine in Bandar Abbas Port in southern Iran.


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#Peace Comes at a Price the Need to Rid the World of Nuclear Weapons – But all Countries Must Agree

Nuclear weapon free zone

Nuclear weapon free zone (Photo credit: quinn.anya)

#AceNewsServices says at a recent ” Historic Meeting UN Officials Urged Renewed Efforts To Rid The World of a NUCLEAR THREAT in New York, on Sep 26 2013 at 11:00AM Senior United Nations officials called on Member States to take renewed steps to rid the world of nuclear weapons, during what was the first high-level meeting ever held by the General Assembly devoted to this issue.

“Some might complain that nuclear disarmament is little more than a dream. But that ignores the very tangible benefits disarmament would bring for all humankind,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon <““>said at the meeting, held on the margins of the Assembly’s high-level General Debate.

“Its success would strengthen international peace and security. It would free up vast and much-needed resources for social and economic development. It would advance the rule of law.  It would spare the environment and help keep nuclear materials from terrorist or extremist groups.  And it would remove a layer of fear that clouds all of human existence.”

NPT Nuclear Weapon States (China, France, Russ...

NPT Nuclear Weapon States (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, US) Non-NPT Nuclear Weapon States (India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan) States accused of having nuclear weapons programs (Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia) States formerly possessing nuclear weapons program (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In particular, Mr. Ban appealed to nuclear-weapon States to intensify their efforts to cooperate with the international community and move towards disarmament.

“Today, I once again call upon the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to demonstrate its commitment towards verifiable denuclearization,” he said. “I urge the Islamic Republic of Iran to fulfil its pledge to enhance the transparency of its nuclear programme.”

The Secretary-General also urged countries that have not yet done so to accede to the UN-backed Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) as well as the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).

Having entered into force in 1970, the NPT aims to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament. The CTBT bans all nuclear explosions in all environments, for military or civilian purposes. It was adopted by the General Assembly in September 1996 but has not yet entered into force.

Mr. Ban stressed that he would continue to explore ways to advance disarmament efforts and support existing ones, including the five-point plan he put forward in 2008 that includes recommendations on increasing security, verification, establishing a legal framework for nuclear disarmament, transparency and conventional weapons.

The President of the General Assembly, John Ashe, <““>reminded States of the link between the post-2015 development agenda and nuclear disarmament, emphasizing that fewer resources to weapons stockpiles translates into more resources for development.

“As we put time, resources and energy into maintaining and expanding this ever-increasing weaponry complex, we divert resources from education, healthcare, poverty reduction, and the overall goal to move towards more sustainable development,” he said.

“I urge you to devote part of the resources made available by the implementation of disarmament and arms limitation agreements to economic and social development.”

Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mr. Ashe noted that while the General Assembly has repeatedly stated its commitment to nuclear disarmament through numerous resolutions, treaties and initiatives, concrete and meaningful progress has not been achieved yet. In this context, he urged Member States to renew and strengthen their commitment to achieve this goal.

“Today’s historic high-level meeting provides an opportunity to honour the vision of the Millennium Declaration and to renew our commitment to a world free of fear,” he said. “Building on today’s meeting and the work many of you are already doing, we can make significant progress – to advancing the agenda before us and to creating a world that honours what we all truly value: security, prosperity and peace and human well-being.”

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Whistleblowers warn America of nuke movements

Emblem of the Nuclear Weapons Center of Air Fo...

Emblem of the Nuclear Weapons Center of Air Force Materiel Command of the United States Air Force located at Kirtland Air Force Base (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On September 3, whistle-blowers inside the US military alerted independent and mainstream media outlets about the mysterious movement of America’s dusty old nuclear warheads stored at an Air Force base in Texas. Witnesses described how the nukes were loaded onto semi-trucks bound for a military base in South Carolina. With the base commander present and approving the transfer verbally, no paperwork was ever noticed by any of the whistle-blowers.

Infowars was one the first outlets to alert the public. “Alex Jones here with a breaking emergency alert for,” Jones began his news announcement, “We’re in Texas and have military sources at a major Air Force base in west Texas that have reported to us the unprecedented event of secret nuclear weapons that were stored there being removed and transferred out of the base today, to be shipped to South Carolina.”

Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Obama reportedly redeploys Nukes for Syria Escalation’ for complete details.

English: Lindsey Graham, U.S. Senator from Sou...

English: Lindsey Graham, U.S. Senator from South Carolina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s cryptic warning

South Carolina’s Republican US Senator has made some bizarre comments over the last year, almost all in support of launching numerous new wars around the globe. It was Senator Graham (R-SC) who has ceaselessly argued that the US should join the Syrian rebels and launch a war against the Assad regime. Not stopping there, Graham insists that once Assad is removed from power, the US should turn on its Syrian rebel allies and annihilate them too.

Also on September 3 – the same day as the secret nuke transfers and the suspension of America’s #2 nuke commander – Sen. Graham ominously warned the nation that his home state of South Carolina was in danger of being nuked by Iran. The only way to guarantee the entire city of Charleston would not be murdered, Graham insisted, was to launch a pre-emptive war against both Iran and Syria.

Published by Infowars, CBS News quoted the Senator. “He [Graham] says if there is no US response [to Syria], Iran will not believe America’s resolve to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Graham also says those nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbour.”

Constant critics of America’s war machine and empire-builders immediately put the events of that one single day together and warned of an impending ‘false flag’ attack on South Carolina. They reiterated that on that one day, Sept. 3:

  • Nuclear command secretly moves nuclear warheads from Texas to South Carolina.
  • The #2 Commander of US nukes is suspended.
  • South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham warns that Iran may attack South Carolina with nukes.

Second nuke Commander removed from duty in same week

Just days later, the Washington Post reported that the Air Force’s top nuclear weapons commander was also removed from duty, joining his Navy counterpart. Neither the Air Force nor the Obama administration would comment on the reason for his removal.


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Post reported, ‘The Air Force removed Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, a 35-year veteran, from his command of 20th Air Force, responsible for all 450 of the service’s intercontinental ballistic missiles. Carey, who took his post in Wyoming in June 2012, will be reassigned pending the outcome of an investigation into personal misbehavior, the service said.’ Showing why so many critics of the federal government are suddenly nervous and suspicious, the outlet writes, ‘Removing senior officers in the nuclear force is rare but has happened twice this week.’

Echoing the suspicions of a number of government critics, Infowars closed its report describing Gen. Carey’s replacement as commander of the Air Force’s nuclear weapons, ‘The highest level generals have now installed a new commander, Pentagon Air Force Commander Jack Weinstein, who may be willing to do the bidding of higher-ups that the previous two nuke commanders would not.’

Courtesy of the Whiteout Press – Article – October 13 – 2013

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