The True Cost Of Care And How We Are Misled

English: NHS logo

English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I seem to lately not be able to find many plus point’s in today’s ” Care In The Community” but so easily we are told we are here to improve things for the elderly and disabled! So often this is not the case and they just tinker with the edges.

Then you read an article that says –

The Sunday Express examines who should pay for the cost of care. It says that there is a common misconception that people in care homes automatically have to pay for their own care, when in fact anyone reliant on long-term care owing to illness should be assessed for their medical and health needs, as they may be eligible for full NHS funding.

On the face of it seems great and people can get ” FULL” funding from the NHS well would that not be great news! Well anyone reading this can add their take and leave a comment about their experiences and if l get enough l will start a poll and we will try to gauge as much public opinion and l will launch a campaign to get people the funding they need!

Anyway anyone reading my posts will realise l spend so many days a week running my mother’s care provisions, l say running as it is my job as the only member of the family, will to do it! Anyway less of my woes and onto the reason for my earlier comments. These relate to obtaining funding and how and what you are entitled and where to go to get it agreed! On the face of it social services, suggest you do not get them involved as when they do they own all funding and think they can tell you what to do!

As you know l am not a yes man and l just ignored them and worked through the system and eventually got whatever my mother required as she was my guinea pig and would one day catapult me to provide care through a ” Welfare Fund ” for people in need commencing in Warwickshire UK. Well l decided if l had to use my time to help and guide my mother then l may as well make good use of the knowledge gained.

The comments that are related in the article on the Sunday Express state simply if you get assessed you can receive full funding, well please l challenge anyone to get it all paid, the system is designed in so many ways,to prevent you qualifying! There are so many onerous questions and once you get one part sorted, then part two will change it and so on and so on!

After five years l have reached a point whereby l know what l can get, how much l can have and where to get it and l never take NO for an answer! So please do not get disheartened and always look at what others can have and make sure you get all you are entitled and never ever take NO for an answer!

Need advice or guidance let me know, l will always try to help?

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The Real Truth Behind Care Reforms

"Old age (?)" - Unknown Painter from...

“Old age (?)” – Unknown Painter from the Low Countries (16th century) (Photo credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis)

Care Home Funding

Experts have warned that thousands of middle-class home-owners will still be forced to sell their properties in order to pay for care home bills, even after government reforms are introduced. They say that the plans to possibly cap an individual’s bill at £100,000 will cover only the cost of care itself and that people will still have to find the money for residence bills which make up the bulk of the cost of staying in a care home. It is also noted the government is undecided on how it will fund a £200mn scheme that would see local authorities provide loans to pay for care which could then be paid back after an elderly persons death. An opinion piece in the Sunday Times examine the problems within the UK’s care system. It concludes that people must accept that their savings, including their homes, may have to be spent on paying for care in old age.

My take on the story

Even as we try to find the funding to pay for our ageing population we are becoming evermore aware that at every turn we are being stopped! As finding that elusive answer to the how, what and where will we be able to get this to work, becomes ever more difficult.

On my previous post l looked at the problems facing people that are not of their making! This makes us become ever more dependent on the state, so we become hooked by our own want! The mere fact that we allow ourselves to become reliant on other people as a crutch, leads to despair and heartache, by the fact we were once capable of working out our own problems! But now we have so many outlets so many people, hellbent on what? Are they here to provide the answer or is it more like the answer to it is and it will cost you X or Y! Or do they really care?

Let us take a look at this story and see the real cracks, in what seems on the face of it, a fairly mundane post. Firstly the government are going to let us keep our homes and we can l said in my post have a loan, but with interest. Ok forgetting this is not the right way to help the people who need care, it will help the care industry improve their profits. We all hear of hidden agendas well here is one no one can see!

It is the hidden area of wealth creation by design

This is firstly hidden from our eyes but is provided by subtle words such as, we are here to make sure the people will be able to keep their homes. The fact that they cannot sell them or gift them to other people at their death is not mentioned, why? Because the greater number of homes that cannot miss paying that ” Death Tax” the greater wealth the government can obtain. The simple fact that any contract provided be it care or another, has become the design made to on the face of it,provide all you need! Though in truth it really provides, all the contractor wants out of it, first and last.

I remember many years ago when people approached me for funding a nursing/care home, they wanted firstly to convince me that they were the right people. Their CV’s were glowing and hid many onerous omissions! When questioned about their business plan with their projected accounts of profits it told me whether these are the right people, or the wrong ones, to run a home! The sheer fact that they wanted above 25% profit from this home told me volumes and looking at staffing ratios to profit margins told me, are these the right people to own and manage a nursing/care home.

Many years later we now take for granted that people have to have profit before people’s welfare, it is called business and it is and does contain three letters that tell us if we read the small print that this is a contract written for them, not us! The sheer fact that the use of the word business has become synonymous with the reason for profit, speaks volumes in itself.

So what is care is it the how, the what or the where or is it more than that ? My answer is the truth it is love and love is not a sin to care ,as only by caring for others will we truly be happy. It is not buSINness with the hidden SIN!

But the sheer fact that only by applying our love to the fellow human being, do we truly understand that one day we may be like them, with same illness, disability or infirmity and we will need the same type of care. So by truly become a caring person, in our heart and in the world can we make a difference to people’s life’s.

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” Do We Understand The Elderly”

English: Elderly woman reading the newspaper, ...

English: Elderly woman reading the newspaper, 1930-1940 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a very busy weekend for me not just trying to sort out the old banger of a car to get it through the MOT, it failed miserably by the way!  But more importantly my mother and her failing health and other people in need.

Firstly this is in order to paint a picture that will become clearer soon. Simply,  just when you are organised, every thing goes wrong! It’s just like God suddenly says, he is have a good time let me add some pain! Well l personally believe it is not God but other” people who ” screw up our lives” many times without any intention, but because they have their’s screwed up by other people!

Anyway it was Friday afternoon, the car had just failed its MOT and l get a call from my mothers care supervisor, saying the carers are worried about my mothers failing health. Also she is hallucinating and trying to get a dog out of a bag and her standing has got worst and in fact, she is not very good at all. Well l said what do you suggest? Well shall l call the doctor or you and l have asked the OT for another urgent appointment. Alright l will go up and see her and ring you later, leave it with me.

Now my mother is 89 years old and over the past 5 years l have studied her way of asking, chatting and above all walking. I have looked at her eating habits and more importantly her drinking of fluids. So when l see her l can and do ask her the right questions to illicit an answer, so l visited, with my partner who by the way is a chef of some 30 years. As she works in a care home planning diets for the people like my mother, l thought her insight maybe helpful!

When l arrived l found her eating a meal l had previously prepared for the week, that can only be described on her plate a a piece of leather, with dried up red stuff mixed with soggy mush. It was in fact a beefburger, chips and tomatoes all the thing she likes, but not when they are burnt into the plate using a microwave that is how they look! As you can imagine she was poking at it like it with her fork, trying to stir some life into it, but to no avail.

Anyway moving swiftly on she was not happy and we removed the offending plate to the bin, with my partners comments l would not eat that myself, let alone expecting your mother. My mother said l was just eating that and now you took it away, you told me to eat!

You see in those days gone by during the war, food was in scarce supply people were grateful for what they were given ,so it was sacrilege we were told as children to leave our meal. We prepare fresh food and a treat as we forget that even though they cannot go shopping anymore and buy their own food, they need us to treat them with an occasional cake or bar of chocolate. Now to finish this section and get on to the deeper reason for my post and its title, l had many times written on the labels on her food, fresh, defrosted and do not overheat. It of course fell on deaf ears, as health and safety was to make sure it was hot.

So here l am being told by the care supervisor of my mothers care service providers she is hallucinating and not standing properly. So and this is the most important statement l will make in this post ” I Asked Her WHY was she looking in her handbag for the dog” ? She said they took it away, it’s here somewhere, l know it is! The item was a picture of her dog Punch, he died but she had a picture of him framed hanging on the wall, but it had gone. I had no even noticed, then l remembered my brother and his wife had cleaned the house on many occasions and moved things into cupboards, as they gained dust and it was cluttered. They had not asked her if they could remove her picture or any other items and she told me when she asked they said it was to make it more tidy. For who l ask, not my mother, she did not mind clutter and anyway these were her memories, not just things but memories that kept her going and gave her something to remember. Well this coming week l am going to replace all these memories back in her room, the room where she lives, not anyone else. Some are broken and worn and some are old and some even do not work, but they are her’s not mine or anyone else’s.

I rang the care manager and she had left for the day, so l left a message she just wanted her memories back, her picture of the dog and someone to care. It fell on deaf ears, as l knew it would by the word ok l will give her the message, anything else?

Next day Saturday phone call to the care services supervisor she was not aware of my phone call and message, as they email each other. Anyway the cot sides had been delivered and she had been up to the hose and fitted them herself. I had asked  discuss it with her and the reason why they were being fitted, but that to fell on deaf ears. So that night when she would go to bed it would different and she will react as she does so often, by it being my fault or not drinking or show her dislike, at being treated like a child. I have still to wait for that reaction, but it will come as so often we object and can put over our point. At 89 with slight dementia, unable to walk, bad eyesight and hearing ,the elderly cannot.

My point with this post is to show how it is that when we try to care for someone else we need to be not just aware of their mental and physical capabilities but their life. We need to be interested in them as a person and above all their good and bad memories and not dismiss them with a swish of a pen, as so many agencies and people do these day’s! Many years ago l was at college on an access course and my subject that day was ” Care In The Community” l had to stand up and give my overview of this recent act of 1990. I did not know what to say, except it was written by a man called Griffiths and he was an ex supermarket manager and his way to tackle care was to see everyone as a tin of baked beans on a shelf. He believed that funding would be easily ring fenced for use when these cans of baked beans were ill and needed healthcare.

The problem arose when things do not go according to plan, as my weekend has not. These tins of baked beans are not people with feelings, thoughts and memories they are not ill by order or all at the same time. These people are human beings like us in need of help and guidance, desperate to be loved and cared for and sometimes not able to ask, but most of all unable to ask. We miss the small things in favour of the bigger picture in care. Its more important that they eat and drink we are told by the professionals ,the truth is far more complex. Actually it is not just feed and water them like pot plants, but show them everyday you care and eventually when they trust you, they will respond with a simple thank you. It is not a lot but believe me when it comes it means so much, it makes all that not working, work in your heart.

I finish with a saying of mine and a thought for the day!

” As we stand on the abyss of the greater understanding of knowledge, judge not what you do not understand. As in so judging others your understanding is lessened in the eyes of God”

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“Care In The Community”

Nursing Home

Nursing Home (Photo credit: LOLren)

After a number of years of personally looking after an elderly person. Having spent 5 years before involved in caring in 2 homes, firstly a private nursing home and then a residential care home, run by a charity. I have been able to  experience and witness care,first hand. Also with the ever-increasing costs having risen to such a degree,they are slowly becoming prohibitive for many elderly people, to live comfortably in the community.

I do not intend to cover the financial aspect in this post but to look at the how we care for our elderly and what is the result,of us not being able to apply the type of care needed.

As a person ages we all expect to one day look after our family without any idea of what this entails. The sheer fact that as we watch daily, we see signs of deterioration in the way the person acts or in some cases interacts with people. Or in the case of the person l look after, they shut down and you end up talking to yourself. The fact of  coping daily gets harder and as in my case l see less and less of that person,as you want to do more, but cannot,as they still believe they are able to walk or use the toilet as they once did.

Then unable to cope you call in people who can help you from social services,  who you believe are trained to provide what they believe is good care. They without any understanding of that persons need,provide carers through ” Care Services Provisions”  and they take over changing everything. The upshot is you this persons carer are to blame ,not the family who visit on seldom occasions, but you!

You see this person l am writing about is my mother and for the last 5 years, I  having not been able to work as l once did, l look after everything. The reason has alluded me for years since l was very young and my dad died and l became the son who did it all. So when l read this article today on my emails l would like all you government officials to take a look at how difficult it is for anyone to care, in a world were you measure everything by the £ and not by the love.

You see what l realised among all the arguments and disagreements and anger, oh yes there was lots of anger. I love the people l cared and care for more than l love myself. As and only by the fact that l never felt love from my family,so l thought,that it must be my fault, so l carried guilt for not doing more!

Now and only now after 5 years of caring l realised it was my mother that did not love me and it made me so angry. WHY l was so wrong,was simply because she did not know HOW to show her love with feelings not just words! So now instead of feeling angry l feel so sorry for her and do my best,

Christian Nursing Home

Christian Nursing Home (Photo credit: sheilaz413)

as that is all any of us can do.

We do not need money to care we need just to be able to love the person we care for without expecting anything back in return.

Article published today about the crisis for care in the UK   

A survey conducted by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services has found that elderly and disabled care budgets have been cut by £900mn this year as local councils struggle to balance the books. Almost £2bn less is being spent on care for vulnerable older or disabled people than two years ago as nationwide cuts to reduce the deficit take effect. The Association said figures showed there was now a desperate need for politicians of all parties to agree a solution to the looming crisis in care for the elderly.

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