`Ukraine’s Opposition initiates Parliament Session’

#AceBreakingNews says that according to itar-tass the opposition initiates to hold a plenary session of the Ukrainian parliament at 17:00 Moscow time, one of the leaders of the Batkivshchina party Alexander Turchinov said on Independence Square.

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” Lee Seok-ki is Sentenced in a `South Korean’ court under a `Rare Treason Trial’ to Twelve Years in Prison”

#AceWorldNews says according to latest reports a South Korean court on Monday sentenced an opposition legislator to 12 years in prison, AFP reported.

A rare treason trial saw Lee Seok-ki, 52, convicted of plotting an armed revolt in support of North Korea. Prosecutors had demanded 20 years for the MP, who was tried along with six other members of his left-wing United Progressive Party.

They were sentenced to terms ranging from four to 12 years. Lee was the first member of the National Assembly to face treason charges since the country’s transformation from a military-backed autocracy to a fully-fledged democracy in the 1980’s.

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#HOMS : `One million Suffering as Syrian Government and Opposition still Argue over Who is Right’

#AceWorldNews says following the end of round two of the peace talks in Geneva leaving it in deadlock, arguments over who is right still rage!

Whereby people are suffering as the Syrian government and opposition are still not honouring international humanitarian law, according to the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Negotiations have not yet resulted in “meaningful access or a firm commitment to respect the basic principles of international humanitarian law.

This pattern has again played out in Homs over the last week,” said ICRC President Peter Maurer on Saturday. This is despite the ongoing evacuations of Syrians under siege in Homs.

The deal to allow civilians to leave the city was initially regarded as an icebreaker. However, after the second six-day round of talks devoted to getting civilian out of the city, government and opposition remain deadlocked over other issues.

Maurer said that there were many other besieged cities beside Homs and that more than 1 million people were living in difficult conditions as a result.

“If humanitarian work is to be meaningful and effective, it must be supported by the parties [in the conflict],” Maurer said.

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`Ukrainian Opposition Agrees to Vacate State Administration Building in Response to Release of Detainees’

#AceWorldNews says according to /ITAR-TASS/ the Ukrainian opposition is ready to vacate the seized building of the Kiev city state administration and unblock down-town Grushevskogo Street in response to the release from custody of all participants of anti-government protests, an opposition lawmaker said.

“We start vacating the city hall’s building,” Sergei Sobolev, an MP from the opposition Batkivshchina party’s faction, said on Ukraine’s Channel 5 on Friday.

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`Thai Riot Police Deployed in Capital to Clear Anti-Government Protest Sites’

#AceWorldNews says that thousands of riot police were deployed in the Thai capital on Friday to clear areas occupied for weeks by opposition protesters, AFP reported. Security forces easily re-took areas around Government House, which Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra had been unable to use for about two months. Most protesters appeared to have left the area already.

The operation marked a shift in tactics by the embattled government, which has allowed the protesters to camp out at locations around Bangkok for several months.

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