` Victory Day Parade in Ossetia by 600 Servicemen Marking 69 Years since the Great Patriotic War '

#AceWorldNews – TSKHINVAL – May 09 – More than 600 servicemen took part in the Victory Day parade in Tskhinval, the capital of South Ossetia, marking the 69th anniversary of Russia’s victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

“Victory Day is a sacred holiday for all us, when the joy for the victory interlaces with the grief for the fighters killed during the war, together with millions of innocent victims of Nazism,” South Ossetia President Leonid Tibilov said in his speech in Tskhinval’s Theatre Square.

Congratulating the veterans, he noted their contribution to the historical victory over Georgian neo-Nazism. “Together with glorious Russian soldiers, it was won by your sons who keep glorious military traditions,” he said.

Taking part in the parade were Tskhinval Garrison troops, Russian border troops deployed in South Ossetia and servicemen of the 4th Russian military base, as well as special task force police and South Ossetia border guards.

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` South Ossetia’s Border Guard Service is investigating a Possible Border Violation by Georgian Journalists ‘

#AceWorldNews – TSKHINVAL – April 16 – South Ossetia’s border guard service is investigating the circumstances of border violation by three Georgian journalists, the republic’s State Security Committee says.

“At about 17:00 (local time) on April 15 patrol guards of Russia’s FSB (Federal Security Service) Border Guard Service for South Ossetia detained three Georgian citizens, who identified themselves as Tbilisi-based TV3 journalists, for violating the state border,” the Committee’s press service told ITAR-TASS on Wednesday.

The detainees are reporter Bela Zakaidze, cameraman Vakhtang Lekiashvili and broadcast technician Mikheil Mikhoev, the press service says.


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` Switzerland is not planning to repeat the `Sanctions’ on the `Russian Federation ‘ by the US or EU ‘

#AceWorldNews – Geneva – March 18, 22:35 – Switzerland is not planning to automatically repeat the sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United States against Russia, Swiss Confederation President Didier Burkhalter said in an interview with the Neue Zurcher Zeitung.

“We will take a time-out and will not act exactly the same way as the ‘X’ or the ‘Y’ alliance has acted. Switzerland is neither the EU nor the United States,” the president said, adding that Bern intended to “act impartially and maintain trust in a long-term prospect”.

Didier Burkhalter said Switzerland must be “doubly unbiased” as this year Switzerland held the presidency of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

“Switzerland has good relations with China, the US, Russia and the EU,” he said, adding that Switzerland could be useful “as a mediator in such situations”.

After the 2008 South Ossetia war, Switzerland has been representing Russia’s interests in Georgia and Georgia’s interests in Russia.

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