‘ International Team of Scientists Reconstruct the History of the HIV Pandemic Using Historical Records and DNA Samples of the Virus’

#AceNewsServices (Editors Choice) – October 03 – The HIV pandemic that has now infected 75 million people worldwide emerged in a “perfect storm” of bustling trade routes and migrant workers in central Africa in the 1920’s, researchers said in a study published in the Science journal.

An international team of scientists led by the University of Oxford in the UK and the University of Leuven in Belgium reconstructed the history of the HIV pandemic, using historical records and DNA samples of the virus, tracing it back to the city of Kinshasa, capital of what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

' Map of Democratic Republic of Congo '

‘ Map of Democratic Republic of Congo ‘

Rapid social changes in the early 20th century, along with spreading prostitution and use of unsterilised needles in health clinics, resulted in transmission of the virus, which was also carried to distant parts of the Congo by millions of passengers who used the newly-built railway network, the study found.

' HIV Warning Poster '

‘ HIV Warning Poster ‘

This confluence of factors, including urban growth, extensive railway links during Belgian colonial rule and changes in sexual behaviour, combined to see HIV spread across the globe, the scientists said.


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` National Teacher’s Strike takes place across ` England and Wales ‘ over Pay and Conditions ‘

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN – March 26 – A national teachers’ strike taking place across England and Wales on Wednesday is affecting 10,000 schools, including in London, Oxford city and Yorkshire, which have all been closed to their students.

The National Union of Teachers is protesting working conditions, the potential introduction of performance-related pay and pensions, with NUT deputy general secretary Kevin Courtney labelling the industrial action a ‘last resort’, criticizing Education Secretary Michael Gove’s policies for ‘exhausting and demoralizing’ teaching staff.

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#UK : ” Suspicious Packages have been found at British Army Offices”



Slough (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


#AceUKNews says `Suspicious Packages Found at British Army Offices’




Suspicious packages were found at three army recruitment centres across southern England on Thursday, counter-terrorism police said.




Bomb disposal units were sent to Brighton, Oxford and Slough to assess the packages and roads near to the offices were sealed off,




Reuters reported, citing a South East Counter Terrorism Unit statement.




Similar packages were earlier found this week at Army Careers offices in Aldershot, Reading and Chatham.




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