‘ Two Iranians Arrested Plead Guilty to Stolen Israeli Passports ‘

#AceWorldNews- KENYA – September 24 – The two Iranians arrested in Kenya last week, pleaded guilty on the charge of possession of forged documents Jewish press reported today. 

The two were travelling on stolen Israeli passports, and had changed the photos to their own.

They pair claimed they were seeking asylum and asked to not be returned to Iran, where they said they might be killed.


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`Russian Lawmakers call for `Passports’ to be issued to `Ethnic’ Russians in the Ukraine are `Warned’ of the consequences’

#AceWorldNews says Russian lawmakers called for passports to be issued to ethnic Russians in Ukraine, a parliamentary committee chair warned Tuesday that the issue was a powder keg that should be handled carefully, reports Ria Novosti.

On Monday, Ilya Drozdov, a deputy in the State Duma – the lower house of the Russian parliament – introduced a bill to simplify the procedure for ethnic Russian Ukrainians to obtain Russian citizenship.

Russia has condemned the uprising in Ukraine that culminated in the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych at the weekend, and has expressed concern for ethnic Russians there.

Growing calls for ethnic Russians in Ukraine to be granted passports have drawn suggestions from some that Moscow may seek to claim a larger say in Ukrainian affairs by arguing that it is defending the interests of its own citizens.

Russian military intervention in Georgia in 2008 was prompted by claims that the South Caucasus nation had launched a military assault on South Ossetia, a breakaway province occupied almost entirely by Russian passport-holders.

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`Saudi Arabia signs agreement aimed at protecting rights of `Indonesian Maids’ following allegations of Abuse’

#AceWorldNews says that according to the BBC – Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with Indonesia aimed at protecting the rights of Indonesian maids following allegations of abuse.

The 1.2 million domestic workers will no longer be deprived of their passports and will also be guaranteed a monthly wage and time off.

Before allowing recruitment to continue, Indonesia’s government will wait to see how the deal is implemented.

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