MALI: ‘ Six UN Peacekeepers Attacked and Killed in Convoy – Officials ‘

#AceNewsReport – MALI: July.02: Six UN peacekeepers were killed and another five severely wounded in an attack on their convoy in northern Mali, Reuters reports.

The attack occurred close to Goundam, a town southwest of the northern city of Timbuktu. The convoy contained peacekeepers from the mission’s contingent from Burkina Faso, according to a UN soldier.

Northern Mali was liberated from Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist rebels in a French-led military campaign in early 2013.


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SYRIA: ‘ Freed Fijian Peacekeepers Arrive in Quneitra UN Confirms ‘

#AceBreakingNews – SYRIA (Golan Heights) – September 11 – Vehicles carrying freed Fijian UN peacekeepers arrived in Quneitra in the Golan Heights on Thursday, the UN confirmed.

The Syrian rebels from Al-Nusra Front had released all 45 Fijian soldiers who worked as UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights.

The soldiers were expected to cross from Syria into Israel, the TV channel said. All of them are reportedly safe.

The UN confirmed 45 kidnapped Fijian peacekeepers had been released, AFP said.

Earlier The Security Council called again today for the immediate and unconditional release of 45 United Nations peacekeepers seized late last week by an armed group in the Golan, while the Organization’s top peacekeeping official said the UN is continuing to look at ways to enhance safety and security procedures in what has become a “very challenging situation.” Read more


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