PENNSYLVANIA: ‘ Attorney General charged with leaking secret grand jury information ‘

#AceNewsReport – NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP):Aug.06: Pennsylvania’s attorney general was charged Thursday with leaking secret grand jury information to strike back at her critics, then lying about it under oath, in a case that could spell the downfall of the state’s highest-ranking female politician.

Kathleen Kane leaked the material to a political operative to pass on to the media “in hopes of embarrassing and harming former state prosecutors she believed, without evidence, made her look bad,” Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said.

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#AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES (Pennsylvania) – October 16 – A scandal involving pornographic emails circulated within the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office widened at the highest level of the judiciary Wednesday when the state’s chief justice said 234 emails with sexually explicit material or pornography were sent or received by a fellow justice.

Chief Justice Ron Castille said in a news release that Justice Seamus McCaffery sent most of the emails to a now-retired agent with the attorney general’s office, who then forwarded them to others.

Castille said the seven-member court is reviewing the matter further.

Neither McCaffery nor his lawyer, Dion Rassias, responded to requests for comment. Rassias told The Philadelphia Inquirer earlier this month that he wondered “why a half-dozen private emails, allegedly from Justice McCaffery’s personal computer, are front-page news.”

Justice Corry Stevens, a Corbett appointee and the court’s newest member, said the high court has no specific plans to meet to discuss the emails, and he suggested it would not be the Supreme Court’s role to investigate further.

He said it would be up to McCaffery to decide whether to step down or not.

“I think there’s some fact-finding that needs to be done and that would really not be the Supreme Court, I would think,” Stevens said.

The new details were disclosed after Castille was provided with the emails, at his request, by the attorney general’s office Friday. Castille said neither he nor the other five justices was implicated.

McCaffery, 64, was elected as a Democrat seven years ago, after serving as a Philadelphia municipal judge and a member of the state Superior Court, an intermediate appeals court.

A former Philadelphia police officer, he also presided over the so-called Eagles Court that operated inside Veterans Stadium on NFL game days.

The circulation of pornography within the attorney general’s office from late 2008 until early 2012 has led three former members of that office to leave their government jobs, including a member of Gov. Tom Corbett’s Cabinet, and a fourth former member to announce Wednesday he would resign at the end of this month.



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‘ Eric Frein Man-Hunt Shows Attack & Arrest Theory ‘

#AceNewsServices – PENNSYLVANIA – September 27 – Eric Frein man-hunt case has taken a surprising turn this last few days. According to the police they say the hard drive of a computer used by the suspect in the deadly ambush of Pennsylvania state police troopers provides evidence he has been planning an attack for years and preparing to avoid arrest.



State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said a police inspection of the hard drive shows Eric Frein did Internet research on how to avoid police manhunts and on law enforcement technology and survival skills.

' Suspect Eric Frein identified in Shooting of Trooper's '

‘ Suspect Eric Frein identified in Shooting of Trooper’s ‘

Bivens said Frein might now be treating the dragnet in northeastern Pennsylvania as “a game – a war game, if you will.”

Authorities believe they have Frein contained within a 5-square-mile perimeter around his parents’ home in Canadensis.

' Police Trooper Bryan Dixon Laid to Rest '

‘ Police Trooper Bryan Dixon Laid to Rest ‘

They provided new details Friday, two weeks after a gunman opened fire at the state police barracks in Blooming Grove, killing Cpl. Bryon Dickson and injuring a second trooper who remains hospitalized.

Frein has managed to elude hundreds of law enforcement officials looking for him in the thick woods around his parents’ home in Canadensis, taking advantage of the difficult terrain to keep them at bay.

He is believed to be armed with at least one high-powered rifle.



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‘ FBI’s Most Wanted Man Evades Capture For Nine Days ‘

#AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES (Pennsylvania) – September 21 – The suspect in the deadly ambush at a state police barracks in a remote part of north-eastern Pennsylvania remained at large  for a ninth day Sunday as police appeared to have narrowed their search, largely shutting down the area where he lived with his parents but leaving neighbours with few answers about what’s going on just outside their front doors.

' Eric Frein FBI's Most Wanted List '

‘ Eric Frein FBI’s Most Wanted List ‘

Part 2 - Eric Frein, 31, now on the FBI's Most Wanted list.Screenshot from 2014-09-21 12:48:46

With a helicopter flying overhead, law enforcement officers wearing bulletproof vests and armed with rifles continued their hunt for Eric Frein, 31, now on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

On September  12, 2014, a gunman  targeted the Pennsylvania State Police Blooming Grove Barracks in Pike County, Pennsylvania, ambushing Corporal Bryon Dickson and Trooper Alex Douglass.

Corporal Dickson, 38, was fatally shot and Trooper Douglass, 31, critically  wounded.  Days later, Freins  vehicle  was found partially submerged in a nearby pond and allegedly contained evidence linking him to the shootings.

State arrest warrants were issued after Frein was charged with homicide, homicide of a law enforcement officer, and attempted murder. F

Frein is also  charged federally with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.


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`Two Graduates Charged with Operating an Extensive Drug Ring that Dealt in Cocaine and Marijuana in Local Schools'

#AceNewsServices – PENNSYLVANIA – April 23 (Reuters) – Two graduates of an exclusive Pennsylvania prep school were charged with operating an extensive drug ring that dealt cocaine and marijuana to students at high schools and colleges in an affluent part of Philadelphia, authorities said on Tuesday.

Neil Scott, 25, and Timothy Brooks, 18, led the effort to create a “monopoly” on drug sales in the area and used high school students to deal drugs at their local schools, Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said.

“While parents sought to provide education to their kids, these defendants sought to use the schools to create drug addicts,” Ferman said in a statement announcing their arrests.

Scott and Brooks were former lacrosse players and graduates of The Haverford School, an all-boys prep school near Philadelphia that charges $35,000 per year in tuition, prosecutors said.

They used their privileged connections to move drugs along suburban Philadelphia’s Main Line, a stretch of wealthy neighbourhoods north-west of the city, authorities said.

The two called their drug network the “main line take over project,” and “employed students from five local high schools and three colleges as what they call sub-dealers to distribute cocaine, marijuana, hash oil, ecstasy,” Ferman said.

Scott and Brooks encouraged dealers, who were assigned to specific schools, to meet quotas including selling a pound (450 grams) a week of marijuana transported to Pennsylvania from a California supplier, prosecutors said.

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` White Supremacist Organisation the `Klu Klux Klan ‘ is on the Rise and is Kicking off Their Recruitment Drive’

#AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES – April 14 – (RT) – White supremacist organization the Ku Klux Klan looks determined to take advantage of a struggling economy, anger over immigration and wariness of America’s first black president as it kicks off an aggressive new recruitment drive.

Borrowing a popular theme from US wartime propaganda posters, American neighbourhoods in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois and Pennsylvania over the weekend discovered leaflets in their mailboxes and on car windshields that read, “The KKK Wants You!” – complete with a depiction of a hooded figure adorned with Klan insignia pointing at the reader.

The leaflets provide contact numbers for local recruiting offices, as well as “24/7 hotlines” and associated websites.

“Someone is passing out hateful flyers in the Acadiana area, telling Eunice residents the KKK is ‘awake’,” reported WGNO of New Orleans.

The flyers were signed by the “Loyal White Knights,” which their website ‘Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan’ claims is “the largest and most active Klan in America.”

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` Twenty People were Injured at `Pittsburgh High School ‘ when Student went on a Stabbing Rampage ‘

AceNewsServices – PENNSYLVANIA – April 09 – (FNA) – Twenty people were injured, at least nine seriously, when a student at a Pittsburgh-area high school went on a stabbing rampage early on Wednesday, officials said.

The suspected attacker, who was not identified, was in police custody, deputy emergency management coordinator for the West-Moreland County, Dan Stevens, told reporters.

Seven students between the ages of 15 and 17 and one adult were admitted to Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, with stab wounds.

“These are all very serious injuries,” hospital spokesman Jesse Miller said in a telephone interview.

The attacks took place in several classrooms and hallways as the school day began at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, 20 miles east of Pittsburgh, county emergency management officials said. The first 911 call was received at 7:13 a.m. EDT, Reuters reported.

Three of the patients admitted were in surgery and all eight were in critical condition, hospital spokesman Miller said.

He said a ninth patient who had arrived at the hospital was airlifted to another facility.

Zak Amsler, a 17-year-old junior at the school, said the attack occurred just before his first class was scheduled to begin.

“I saw a girl with blood running out of her sleeve,” Amsler said as he waited to pick up his younger sister, a student at the nearby middle school. “It was pretty mind-blowing.”


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` Abu Ghaith has been Convicted of ` Terrorism-Related Charges ‘ including, Conspiring to Provide Material for Terrorist’s ‘

#AceWorldNews – NEW YORK – (Reuters) – Suleiman Abu Ghaith, a son-in-law of Osama Bin Laden, was found guilty of terrorism-related charges on Wednesday following a three-week trial that offered unusually vivid details of the former al Qaeda leader’s actions in the days after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Abu Ghaith, 48, a Kuwait-born Muslim cleric, faces life in prison after a federal court jury in New York convicted him of conspiring to kill Americans, conspiring to provide material support for terrorists, and providing such support.

Jurors took just over one day to reach a verdict in a courtroom that is blocks from the site of the World Trade Centre destroyed in the hijacked plane attacks nearly 13 years ago.

Abu Ghaith’s court-appointed lawyer, Stanley Cohen, said there were several issues he would raise on appeal.
They include U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan’s decision to bar testimony from Pakistan-born Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the man the U.S. government accuses of masterminding the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

“He was stoic, he was at ease,” Cohen said of Abu Ghaith’s reaction to the verdict. “I think he feels that it was impossible under the circumstances to receive a fair trial.”

The judge scheduled September 8 for sentencing.


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Civil Rights: ” Restrictive Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Struck Down, Yet Civil Rights Advocates Hope for More”

#AceWorldNews says Civil rights advocates won a major victory Friday when a Pennsylvania judge struck down a contentious voter identification law, ruling that it disenfranchised “hundreds of thousands” of voters who were unable to meet the state’s new requirements.
The 2012 law required voters to present photo identification at the polls, although in the past they could use pay-checks or bills to fulfil that requirement. Judge Bernard McGinley also noted that there was no evidence that the law was passed to help stop voter fraud, a claim lawmakers cited frequently when they voted for it. William Yeoman’s, a former chief of staff at the US Justice Department, said that while the judge’s decision is a step forward, the number of states that still have restrictive voter laws puts a damper on any celebration. “One very important thing is the court seemed to reject the bogus argument that the law was aimed at preventing voter fraud,” he said. “That will have some broader resonance.”

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