Amnesty International Calls For Saudi Arabia To End Persecution of Lawyer In Notorious Rape Case

#AceWorldNews says “Amnesty International” calls for Saudi Arabia to End Persecution of “Lawyer in Notorious Rape Case” #unfairlaw


saudi_4100px-Amnesty_International_logo.svgThe leading human rights organization Amnesty International has called on Saudi Arabia to end the persecution of lawyer Abd al-Rahman al-Lahem who was stripped of his license and put under investigation after telling the world of another abusive sentence of a rape victim by the medieval Sharia courts of Saudi Arabia. In the case, a court sentenced a 19-year-old rape victim to 90 lashes. When her attorney went public with the abusive sentence, her sentence was increased to 200 lashes plus six months in jail and her lawyer was stripped of his license. The victim was found guilty of violating the Sharia rule requiring strict segregation of the sexes.

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