PAKISTAN: ‘ Army announce death penalty for 6-militants linked to assault on #Peshawar military school ‘

#AceNewsReport – Post Update: PAKISTAN:Aug.14: Pakistan’s army on Thursday announced the death penalty for six militants linked to an assault on a school in Peshawar that killed 151 people, AFP reported.

The convicts were given trial by following “all the legal formalities,” the military’s website said. The sentences have been confirmed by the Chief of Army Staff, it added. A seventh man was given a life sentence.
The men were convicted by military courts in the wake of the attack in December last year.

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#AceWorldNews – Update: PAKISTAN: Jan.17:The nineteenth sectarian militant has been executed in Pakistan, as the country continues to deal out justice in the aftermath of the tragic school massacre last month, after lifting a moratorium on death penalties.

The Saturday hanging comes after first being cancelled, but with court later rejecting a pardon offered by the victim’s family, according to officials RT News reported. 

Afghan security services also arrested another five men in connection with the massacre at a Pakistan military school last month that killed 150 people, most of them children, officials said Saturday.

The men, all foreigners, helped support the Dec. 16 assault by the Taliban at the Army Public School and College in the city of Peshawar, the three Afghan officials told The Associated Press.

They said the men were arrested in recent weeks near Afghanistan’s eastern border with Pakistan.


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#AceWorldNews- Update: PAKISTAN:Jan.12: Pakistani children returned on Monday to the school where Taliban gunmen killed 150 of their classmates and teachers last month, AP said.

The terrorist attack on December 16 in Peshawar was one of the worst Pakistan has experienced.

A ceremony was held at the school to mark its reopening, with classes restarting on Tuesday.


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` TTP Splinter Group Hakimullah Mehsud Claim Responsibility for Kidnap of Chinese Tourist Hong xu Dong ‘

#AceWorldNews – PESHAWAR: May 21 – A Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) splinter group, of the Hakimullah Mehsud faction claimed responsibility on Tuesday for the kidnapping of Chinese tourist Hong xu Dong from Dera Ismail Khan on Monday.

The abducted Chinese tourist had been travelling from Lahore to Balochistan via Khyber Paktunkhwa. He was kidnapped from the Darban area of Dera Ismail Khan.

Security forces had recovered a cycle from Garah Mehmood along with the belongings of the tourist from the spot.

Abdullah Bahar, who claimed to be a commander of the Hakimullah Mehsud faction of TTP splinter group led by Sheryar Mehsud alleged in a telephonic interview that “we have kidnapped the Chinese tourist from Daraban and he is in our custody.”

He further stated that the Chinese tourist was abducted to force Pakistani authorities to release TTP fighters in their custody.

Regarding the location of the kidnapped tourist, Bahar said Hong xu Dong had been shifted to a “safe area” and is in the custody of TTP Sheryar Mehsud group fighters.

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#AceWorldNews PESHAWAR May 02 DWN Police on Saturday…

#AceWorldNews – PESHAWAR – May 02 – (DWN) – Police on Saturday registered a First Information Report (FIR) in the Dera Ismail khan incident in which chemical waste coming out of Chasma Sugar Mills-2 claimed the lives of 10 people including five of a family.

Seven people including the owner of the mill was charged in the FIR while six officials of the Mills had been arrested so far.

The owner, according to police, was still absconding and a search was in progress for his arrest.



` Threats by `Bara-based Lashkar-i-Isalm’ Commences Movement of Afghans Before Deadline Today ‘

#AceNewsServices – PESHAWAR – April 27 – After threats from the Bara-based outlawed Lashkar-i-Islam, scores of Afghan and Zakakhel tribesmen from Khyber tribal region’s Bara area on Sunday have started shifting to safer places.

Tribal and the official sources confirmed that the Mangal Bagh-led Lashkar-i-Islam had warned Afghan refugees and the Zakakhel Shinwari tribes, a sub-tribe of the Afridis, and known their tribal fierceness, living in the area to announce allegiance to the Lashkar or leave Bara where the banned group is still known to have stronghold.

An Afghan refugee Rehman Gul who was leaving from Bara via Bara Qadeem check post, to a safer place told Dawn that the banned outfit has threatened the refugees to vacate the area.

He said that they had been living in Bara for the past 27 years and now were forced to leave.

“I am moving to my relatives’ place in Baghbanan area near Urmar, which is safer than here,” he added.

Most of these people were settled in Akakhel, Sipah, Malikdin Khel and Shalobar areas in Khyber region who were given the deadline of April 27, 4 pm to take either of the options as their decision.



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` Mastermind Behind Dera Ismali Khan Break-Out Key Commander of ` Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan is Killed ‘

#AceNewsServices – PESHAWAR – April 27 – A key commander of the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), was killed during a gun battle, police sources claim.

The Station House officer (SHO) of Kulachi Police Station, Haroon Khan said one terrorist has been gunned down during the encounter as a probe into the incident continues.

Upon receiving a tip-off about the presence of the alleged militant, the police conducted an operation in the Kulachi area.

Back in June (Dawn) reported that PESHAWAR – witnessed dozens of heavily-armed Pakistani Taliban insurgents freed nearly 175 inmates, including 35 ‘high-profile militants’, during a brazen overnight attack on the central jail in Dera Ismail Khan, officials said Tuesday.

At least nine people, including four policemen and five militants, were killed in the attack and the following shoot-out, said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Shaukat Yousufzai.

KP chief minister Pervaiz Khattak termed the brazen attack a failure on the part of the intelligence agencies, and has vowed to punish those found guilty of negligence.

Khattak confirmed the number of escaped prisoners, including the 35 hardcore militants.

Earlier unconfirmed intelligence reports had suggested at least 45 high profile militants were being held at the jail.

The attack began with a huge explosion and several smaller blasts before security forces engaged the attackers. An intelligence official said the militants shouted “God is great” and “Long live the Taliban”.

Military troops were eventually called in which conducted a six-hour long operation to take back control of the prison.

A spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, Shahidullah Shahid, accepted responsibility for the attack. Speaking to ( Dawn) he claimed around 100 militants attacked the prison including a number of suicide bombers.

Dawn News – Agencies


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“ Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan Decision Not to Extend the `Ceasefire ' Adding Government not Serious about Peace '

#AceWorldNews – PESHAWAR – April 16 – (DWN) – The outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) announced on Wednesday its decision to not extending the ceasefire and said that the government had failed to respond positively to the militant organisation’s ceasefire of more than 40 days.

TTP spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid. — File photo

TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid, in his detailed statement, said that the government has failed to respond positively to Taliban’s ‘realistic’ demands of establishing a peace zone, release of non-combatants and suspension of security forces operation in tribal areas.

“These were concrete steps for building confidence and defusing the tension,” he added.

Shahidullah blamed the government for rooting out an operation killing more than 50 of their activists and arresting over 200, saying hundreds of raids have also been conducted across the country which negated the ceasefire.

He said that the deadline for ceasefire had expired six days ago (April 10) but still there was a “mysterious silence” among the government ranks over peace talks.

The central spokesman of the Pakistani Taliban added that in the light of these developments, the TTP Shura has unanimously decided not to extend the ceasefire any more. He, however, added that the militant outfit would be willing to respond to any positive response from the government so that the peace process continues.

Moreover, the TTP Mohmand Agency chief, Umer Khalid Khurasani, also issued a statement in which he had said that government was not serious about peace and the only way to implement true Shariah was jihad.


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` Two People Injured when Militants attacked a `NATO’ Supply Convoy on the Pak-Afghan Highway ‘

#AceWorldNews – PESHAWAR – April 14 – (DWN) – At least two people were injured on Monday when unknown militants attacked a NATO supply convoy on the Pak-Afghan Highway in Jamrud Tehsil of Khyber tribal region.

Meanwhile, some nearby vehicles also sustained minor damage.

Line officer Amjad Khan told Dawn that the convoy of trucks was targeted near the Sur Qamar area about 10 kilometres from the Bab-i-Khyber on the main Peshawar-Jalalabad Highway.

Officials reported that the militants fired two rockets on the trucks and used heavy machine guns and rifles to target the supply convoy.

Security forces and militants also exchanged gunfire for half an hour following which the militants managed to flee.

A heavy contingent of Frontier Corps and Khasadar Force also reached the spot and cordoned off the area as a search operation went under-way.


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` Shura of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) Meeting Under-Way in Unknown Location in North Waziristan ‘

#AceWorldNews – PESHAWAR April 14 – According to (DWN) the shura of the Pakistani Taliban is meeting at an unknown location in North Waziristan to discuss the fate of the peace talks and the extension in ceasefire.

Sources told Dawn that key Taliban leaders, including peace committee head Qari Shakeel and Azam Tariq, were attending the meeting while the TTP’s deputy ameer Khalid Haqqani was chairing.

Sources said the key issues being discussed during the meeting was of ceasefire extension and the exchange of non-combatants. Apart from these, infighting among two rival Taliban factions which has claimed scores of lives on both sides was also on the agenda.

In a statement issued on Sunday, TTP spokesman Shaidullah Shahid had said that the differences and clashes between the two groups had been blown out of proportion in the media, adding that these were not of much importance.

He had also said that the various groups of the TTP were united and on one page when it came to talks with the government.

On the other hand, independent as well as intelligence sources have said that the delay over the ceasefire issue was due to internal strife within TTP ranks.


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` Five Suspected Militants including their Key Commander belonging to ` TTP ‘ were Killed in Khyber Area ‘

#AceWorldNews – PESHAWAR – April 13 – (DAWN) – At least five suspected militants, including a key commander, belonging to the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Darra Adam Khel area on Sunday.

Intelligence sources said that five militant were killed in Darra Adam Khels border area with Frontier Region of Peshawar adding that further details regarding the incident were not available.

The Taliban commander killed was identified as Jangraiz, according to intelligence sources.


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` Nawaz Sharif Approves Release of 12 Taliban from Detention to help Resume the Peace Talks with TPP ‘

#AceWorldNews – PESHAWAR – April 13 – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has approved release of 12 people from detention as part of the so-called confidence-building measures to resume peace talks with the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), credible sources told Dawn.

They said the 12 “low profile suspected militants” held by security agencies could be released in next couple of days to meet a key demand of the Taliban.

The TTP leadership had handed over a list of combatants to the government negotiating team.

“None of those to be released are important,” the sources said.

They said the talks could resume soon after the prime minister’s return from China. Fawad Hassan, additional secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, who is accompanying the premier during his visit to China, is part of the government’s team holding dialogue with the Taliban.

The government, however, has not agreed to the TTP’s demand of declaring a peace zone in South Waziristan to facilitate their movement.


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` Secret Agencies `Alert Police ‘ that `Militants Opposed ‘ to `Tehrik-i-Taliban Peace Talks’ are `Planning ‘ Terrorist Attacks ‘

#AceNewsServices – ISLAMABAD – April 09 – (DAWN) – Secret agencies have alerted the police that militants opposed to the government-Tehrik-i-Taliban peace talks are planning terrorist activities in Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta, according to police and interior ministry officials.

They did not know when the malignant elements would strike, but the officials confided to Dawn that a new group, Ansarul Hind, would claim responsibility for the attacks.

Their intelligence sources, who raised the alert on April 3, said the TTP leadership had wished its informal affiliates to create the so far unheard of group.

Despite the possibility that the TTP sympathisers may be trying to pressurise the government by raising the threat of terrorist attacks in the three cities, the authorities took the threat seriously, police sources said.

“Although peace talks are in progress, we are taking necessary measures to counter terrorism in the cities,” said one official.

“Law enforcing agencies will be the main target of the terrorists, and in the case of their failure, any other official installation or public place.”

“TTP will choose the targets and the informal groups under its umbrella will provide support to the Ansarul Hind activists with weapons and other materials,” he added.

Security sources say the scenario looks similar to the terrorist attacks that quickly followed the announcement of a month-long ceasefire by the TTP last month. The most audacious of them was the bomb-and-gun attack on the district courts complex in Islamabad on March 3, which was claimed by Ahararul Hind group.

That group was heard of for the first time on February 9 when it sent emails to media outlets that it shared the ideology of the TTP but opposed it negotiating peace with the Pakistan government.

Its ownership of the March 3 attack gave rise to speculation that the Ahrarul Hind was affiliated with the Al Qaeda.


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` Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan has Launched its own Website During the Start of Peace Talks ‘

#AceWorldNews – PESHAWAR April 08 – (DWN) – The banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan(TTP) on Saturday launched its website hosting videos, a magazine, and its leaders’ interviews and statements.

A news release issued by the information and publication wing of the TTP said Umar Media had sponsored the website, which would serve as the central information portal of the outfit.

The TTP was declared a banned outfit in August 2008.

“Statements, videos, announcements and magazine released by the TTP will be available on the website,” the release said.

It added that Umar Media was the only authorised body to issue messages and statements of the TTP. The website carries e-mail addresses of central spokesman of TTP Shahidullah Shahid and other sections.

The website has been launched during peace talks between the federal government and the TTP.


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` Attacks in Pakistani cities of `Peshawar and Quetta ‘ kill a total of 19 people trying to hammer out ceasefire ‘

#AceWorldNews Attacks in the volatile Pakistani cities of Peshawar and Quetta killed a total of 19 people on Friday, Reuters reported.

In Peshawar, a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of a police vehicle, killing at least nine bystanders.

In Quetta, at least 10 people were killed when a motorcycle laden with explosives blew up near a college in the city center.

The attacks came as the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif tries to engage Pakistani Taliban militants in talks to hammer out a permanent ceasefire agreement.


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