“Nepalise Police Discover Plane with No Survivor’s”

#AceWorldNews says `No Survivors were found in the wreckage of the missing Nepal Passenger plane that l reported on Sunday, as Missing’

Nepalese police on Monday discovered the wreckage of a plane that had gone missing one day earlier in the country’s mountainous west.

No survivors have been found, AFP said, citing an official.


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The Nepal Airlines plane with 15 passengers and three crew crashed into a forested hill in Arghakhanchi district, 226km west of the capital, with aircraft pieces found in a nearby village.

The plane, carrying locals and one passenger from Denmark, lost contact with air traffic controllers after taking off from the town of Pokhara on Sunday afternoon. The aircraft from the state-run carrier encountered heavy rain en route from Pokhara to the town of Jumla, 353km west of Kathmandu.


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” Nepal Airlines Plane goes missing with 15 passengers on board after taking off from Pokhara Airport”

#AceWorldNews says that a `Nepal Airlines Plane’ carrying 15 passengers, including one infant, and three crew members went missing on Sunday afternoon shortly after taking off from a popular tourist resort, police and airline officials said.

Nepal police spokesman KC Ganesh told AFP that the Nepal Airlines plane took off from Pokhara airport at 1:30 pm and disappeared 15 minutes later.

“One of the passengers is from Denmark,” spokesman Ram Hari Sharma told AFP. “The rest of the passengers are from Nepal.

The airline has alerted police to find the plane’s location” and is “preparing for rescue operations,” Sharma said.

The state-owned aircraft was travelling from Pokhara to the town of Jumla, 353 kilometers (220 miles) west of the capital Kathmandu, when air traffic controllers lost contact with the cockpit.

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