(ESSEX, U.K) Colchester Magistrates Court Report: A Polish lorry driver has been charged with drugs smuggling offences by National Crime Agency officers after cocaine worth £8.5 million was seized at the port of Harwich #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.22: The NCA began an investigation after border officers found the cocaine in taped packages, which had been placed in sacks on top of a load of washing machines and tumble dryers.

ESSEX: ‘Lorry driver charged following 107 kilo cocaine haul in Harwich: Lucas Wesolowski, 28, who lives in Poland, was arrested after the class A drugs were found in the trailer of an HGV which had arrived on a ferry from the Hook of Holland on Wednesday (12 May)’

Image showing class A drugs discovered in HGV.

After being questioned Wesolowski was charged with attempting to import a class A drug, and following an appearance at Colchester Magistrates today (13 May) he was remanded in custody until his next appearance at Ipswich Crown Court on 10 June.

NCA branch commander Lydia Bloomfield said: “ This was a large amount of cocaine, which would have been worth around £8.5 million if cut and sold on the streets of the UK: “ Losing it will be a big blow for the criminal network likely to be behind this attempted importation – profits which they will not be able to invest in other criminality: “ Working with law enforcement partners like Border Force, we are determined to disrupt the organised crime groups involved in drug supply and protect the public.”

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: May.22: 2021:

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BRUSSELS: ‘ Gas Supplies for Poland and Slovakia Dip As EU Imposes Sanctions ‘

#AceNewsServices (Exclusive) – BRUSSELS – September 12 – Poland and Slovakia have said gas supplies from Russia are down, as the EU impose’s new sanctions.


A Polish diplomat told EUobserver on Thursday (11 September) that volumes fell by 20 percent on Monday and were down by 45 percent by Thursday.

The same day Slovak PM Robert Fico said supplies to his country had dipped by eight to 11 percent.

Both countries are trying to find out what is going on amid denials by Russian supplier Gazprom that its shipments are any lower than normal.

The Polish diplomat said the enquiries are being made by Polish gas distribution firms. But Fico told press he has tasked officials to contact Moscow.

Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary are involved in shipping “reverse-flow” gas to Ukraine after Russia cut off Ukraine gas in a price dispute.

But a Hungarian diplomat told this website its Russia gas deliveries are normal for now.

We did not see a drop in supplies. But we are filling up our storage tanks so that we are prepared for any scenario that may come”, the source noted.

The Polish diplomat added: “On the Polish side, there is no risk to national consumers at this stage. We have generous reserves. But the supply reductions could be a burden on reverse-flow and I have heard talk that this is being scaled down”.

Gazprom’s reductions come the same week the EU adopted a new round of economic sanctions against Russia following its invasion of east Ukraine.

Some EU states had wanted to wait and see if a ceasefire deal with Russia holds before implementing the new measures.

But EU Council chief Herman Van Rompuy announced on Thursday that they will enter into life the following morning.

Gazprom Gas supplies - 50f5940df92d861b9e51de5bd2c5f517

The most vulnerable to gas cuts is Finland and according to report by EUobserver

“A Russian gas export embargo during the winter of 2014/15 lasting for more than 6 months would cause supply shortfalls in many European countries, in particular, in central and eastern Europe, including Germany,” according to a study published Wednesday (3 September) by the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne. 


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‘ Plane Loaded with Parachutists Crashes in Southern Poland ‘

#AceWorldNews – POLAND (Warsaw) – July 05 – A plane with parachutists crashed in the city of Czestochowa, southern Poland, on Saturday, July 5.

The local rescue service said of the 12 people aboard 11 had died and one had been taken to hospital in critical condition, the Polish Press Agency reported.


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` Britain is Dispatching Four Typhoon Jets to Patrol Air Space of Baltic States Part of the NATO Pact ‘

#AceWorldNews – LONDON – April 28 – Britain is dispatching four Typhoon fighter jets to patrol the airspace of Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, British media said Monday.

They will perform their patrolling mission alongside with six fighter jets of the Polish Air Force and will serve as a replacement for six F15 jets of the US Air Force.

British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the Typhoons would support Poland’s contribution to the operation destined to calm down the apprehensions of easternmost member-states of the North-Atlantic pact.

In February 2012, NATO Council extended the patrolling of the airspace over former Soviet Baltic republics by combat aircraft of the North-Atlantic pact through to 2018. Air Forces of different NATO nations take part in the operation on the basis of rotation.

The effort also involves more than 50 members of ground personnel.


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` Polish Investigators of TU-154 Passenger Plane Crash that Killed ` Lech Kaczynski ‘ Rule out a Bomb Explosion ‘

#AceWorldNews – WARSAW- April 08- According to ITAR-TASS/ – Polish prosecutors will likely close their investigation next year into the 2010 plane crash which killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski, his wife and 94 other passengers in western Russia.

“We are trying to draw the time limits for our investigation, and they become clearer every day. A few months – this is the most appropriate deadline,” Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet told a radio station on Tuesday.

Seremet said the investigation, probing into a crash which downed the TU-154 aircraft near the Russian city of Smolensk, should be wound up in 2015 though inquiries continued in both Russia and Poland and no deadline had been set.

Polish authorities may even close the case if they failed to have the aircraft wreckage repatriated, Seremet added.

Investigators had ruled out the possibility of a bomb explosion on board and no further accusations might be made, the general said, adding that technical failure and pilot error remained suspected causes.


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` Custom Officers Seize `150 KG of Heroin ' Hidden in a Truck crossing into Poland from Ukraine '

#AceWorldNews – POLAND – April 04 – Customs officers seized 150kg of heroin hidden in a truck crossing into Poland from Ukraine on Friday, Polish authorities said.

The drugs were wrapped in 300 plastic bags hidden beneath the trailer floor of the truck, which tried to cross into Poland near the town of Medyka at about 0200 GMT, Reuters reported.

This is one of the biggest heroin busts in Europe for years.

TASS – According to representatives of the Polish Finance Ministry, this is the largest consignment of heavy drugs confiscated in Poland over a period of seven years. Its approximate cost on the black market may come to around $10 million.


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` New Ukrainian Government are `Violating Human Rights ‘ and ` Oppressing National Minorities ‘ Poland-Based NGO ‘

#AceWorldNews The new government in Ukraine is violating human-rights and oppressing national minorities, a Poland-based NGO said, adding that the actions of the Maidan leaders would be considered illegal in most EU states.

Mateush Piskorski, a Polish MP and head of the European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis, said: “The dominant political forces who participated in the so-called Euromaidan” are calling “for major violations of human-rights, mainly to violations of the rights of national minorities.”

Piskorski told Itar-Tass that his organization sent several groups of experts to Ukraine during the unrest.


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` US sending `F-16 Fighter Jet’s ‘ and ` 300 Service Personnel ‘ to ` Poland ‘ in response to crisis in Ukraine ‘

#AceWorldNews US is sending a dozen F-16 fighter jets and nearly 300 service personnel to Poland by Thursday as part of a training exercise in response to the crisis in neighbouring Ukraine, the Polish defence ministry confirmed.

The agreement to deploy US military forces in Poland was made between US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and Poland’s Minister of National Defense Tomasz Siemoniak during a telephone conversation on Sunday, March 9, 2014, according to a statement on the official website of the Polish Ministry of National Defence.

“The squadron will number twelve F-16 planes and will transport 300 soldiers,” Polish Defence Ministry spokesman, Jacek Sonta, confirmed to AFP.

Initially, the training exercise was planned to be smaller but was increased and pushed forward because of the “tense political situation” in neighbouring Ukraine, added Sonta.

The ministry also said that the aim of sending the units is to “strengthen Polish – American cooperation.” Part of the preparation team of US Air Force has already arrived on Polish territory.


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” EU-Ukraine Association Agreement maybe signed as soon `New Stable Government’ is formed in the country”

#AceWorldNews says that the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement may be signed as soon as a new stable government is formed in the country, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said in Budapest on Monday at a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Visegrad Group (V4) said, uniting four Central European States – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

“After setting Yulia Tymoshenko free Ukraine has fulfilled all the terms of signing the Association Agreement,” he said. “The treaty waits for signing and, as soon as Ukraine forms a stable government, it can be signed.”

Sikorski commented on the fact that Verkhovna Rada speaker and Ukraine’s interim president Oleksandr Turchynov confirmed the country’s intention to resume the European course, maintaining at the same time good relations with Russia.


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" First Sexual Abuse Case Ever Filed against Catholic Church in Poland"

#AceWorldNews says a 25-year-old man identified only as Marcin K has filed suit against the Polish Roman Catholic Church, alleging that the church is at least partly responsible for the sexual abuse the man suffered at the hands of a clergyman who is now serving a two-year prison sentence.

It is the first time in Poland that a victim sued not only his attacker but also the church as an institution. Higher-ups in the Polish church apologized to all victims of abuse last year but refused to offer financial compensation.

The UN has called on the Vatican to “immediately remove” all clergy suspected of child abuse but, in this case, the church has said it is not liable because the priest in question acted “independently” within his parish. Marcin K is seeking 47,500 euros ($64,500) in damages as well as an apology printed in the national press.

The Helsinki Foundation human rights group is helping the plaintiff in his case.

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