#AceNewsServices – WEST AFRICA(Burkina Faso) – Political forces in the West African nation of Burkina Faso agreed on a framework for a transitional government following talks between opposition parties, the military, religious leaders, and civil society groups.

' Herve Kam, a member of the Balai Citoyen civil society '

‘ Herve Kam, a member of the Balai Citoyen civil society ‘

The decision comes two weeks after President Blaise Compaore was ousted in a military coup.

The transitional government will be tasked with bringing the country back to civilian rule and getting it ready for elections.

Compaore was forced to resign on October 31 following mass protests against a move to change the constitution in order to extend his long-standing leadership.

“Today was the day of compromise,” Herve Kam, a member of the Balai Citoyen civil society group, said. Both soldiers and civilians agree on a civilian transition. The institutions of the transition will be led by civilians.”

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EGYPT: ‘ Arab-League Appeals to Confront Islamic State ‘

#AceWorldNews – EYGPT (Cairo) – September 07 – The secretary-general of the Arab League has appealed to Arab countries to find the political will to confront Islamic State insurgents and other militant groups, describing them as an existential threat. 

Nabil Elaraby la-fg-wn-arab-league-seat-syria-opposition-201-001

Nabil Elaraby said Sunday the unprecedented challenges facing Arab countries, including the Islamic State group holding territory in Iraq and Syria, chaos in Libya and turmoil in other part of the regions, has tested the 22-member regional group.

He said the group often disagrees over what to do or uses the pretext of non-interference to avoid accusation of meddling in each other’s affairs, while saying some wouldn’t refuse a Western intervention.


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` Voters Waited in Long Queues to Cast their Ballots in the Third Stage of ` India’s Nine-Phase ‘ Elections ‘

#AceWorldNews – New Delhi – April 10 – (ALJ) – Voters in New Delhi waited in long queues to cast ballots in the third stage of India’s nine-phased parliamentary elections, with hopes of controlling inflation, ushering in development and ending corruption.

Residents of the capital on Thursday started gathering at the poll stations in the early hours under the watchful eye of thousands of police and election authorities.

An estimated 12.7 million voters will decide the outcome of seven lower house seats for which 150 candidates of several political parties are contesting.


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#Libya :Agrees to hold early elections to stop further `Political Turmoil’ that has continued since the fall of Gaddafi”

Libya’s most prominent factions have agreed to hold early elections, according to the spokesman for Libya’s interim parliament, Omar Humeidan. Humeidan stated that the decision was made on Sunday in a parliamentary session, according to AP.

A law to oversee the new elections is expected to be presented next month. The country has seen an outburst of protest since the government’s choice to extend its mandate since the expiration of its term on February 7.

Monday marks the third anniversary of the 2011 revolution that led to the fall of Moammar Gaddafi. Libya has since descended into political turmoil, with administrative and security structures remaining fragile.

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#Syria : “Western Intelligence Forces Discuss Security with Damascus” #Peace

#AceWorldNews says the intelligence services of some Western countries have visited Damascus to discuss security cooperation with his government, Syria’s deputy foreign minister said on Wednesday. “I will not specify [which countries] but many of them have visited Damascus,” Faisal Mekdad, told the BBC. The contacts appeared to show a rift between the political and security authorities in some countries opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Mekdad said. “Frankly speaking the spirit has changed,” he added.

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Iran Is Now Obama’s BFF

#AceWorldNews says “Globalisation of a Planet” takes place in three stages ,economic, political and dehumanisation. At present we are at stage one ,if this does not work governments will move to stage two #control

PA Pundits - International

caruba_alan20080111By Alan Caruba ~Cartoon - Unstable World

News about events in Syria took a nosedive the moment the Russians stepped in to take on the job of destroying Bashar Assad’s arsenal of poison gas. It’s not as if Syrians aren’t still dying.

One of the few reliable journalistic enterprises, The Wall Street Journal, put Syria on its front page on December 3. “U.S., Allies Reach Out to Syria’s Islamist Rebels.” One is tempted to wonder out loud whether the U.S. still has any allies given the way Obama has betrayed those who stuck with us through the Cold War and since, along with the Gulf State nations for whom the U.S. has provided an umbrella of military protection.

“The U.S. and its allies held direct talks with key Islamist militias in Syrian, Western officials say, aiming to undercut al Qaeda while acknowledging that religious fighters long shunned by Washington have gained on…

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Economists: Political system in Iraq has misdirected oil revenues

#AceWorldNews says ” Political System in Iraq has Misdirected Oil Revenues ” #corruption

The Currency Newshound


Carry Economists Iraqis on Saturday, “the new political order,” the responsibility of the deterioration of economic growth, and stressed that the increase in oil revenues, “tempts the governor to continue in office and increases the power of individual”, as attributed exceeded imports of 70 billion dollars in 2013 to “ignorance in water resources management helm, “called for” the formation of a body to manage financial resources managed by economists away from the political parties. “

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