PARIS: ‘ Statue of Pope John Paul II by Russian Sculptor to be Placed Near Notre Dame ‘

#AceNewsServices – PARIS – October 09. /TASS/. The Polish Catholic mission in Paris has been allowed to place a statue of Pope John Paul II, a work of Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, near the French capital’s landmark cathedral, Notre Dame, the archbishop of the Polish city of Lodz said on Thursday.

' Statue of Pope John Paul II by Russian Sculptor to be Placed Near Notre Dame '

‘ Statue of Pope John Paul II by Russian Sculptor to be Placed Near Notre Dame ‘

The 3.6-meter bronze statue weighing 1.5 metric tonnes, Tsereteli’s gift to the mission, will be placed in Square Jean XXIII, named after Pope John XXIII, on October 25.

Tsereteli’s sculptures can be found all over the world, from New York and London to Jerusalem and Tokyo.

Among them is a giant statue of Peter the Great in Moscow and the Tear Drop monument in New Jersey commemorating 9/11 victims.


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John Paul II’s `Personal Notes to be Published’ Despite`Pope’s Last Will and Testament’ to Burn Them”

#AceNewsServices says John Paul II’s personal notes to be published Wednesday in defiance of the pope’s will to burn them.

English: Pope John Paul II speaks after he was...

English: Pope John Paul II speaks after he was honored with the Medal of Freedom in June 2004, presented during his audience with President George W. Bush and Laura Bush. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Paul II’s personal notes, entrusted to his closest confidant and today’s archbishop of Krakow Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, is due be published Wednesday despite the pope’s last will and testament, which required the cardinal to burn them.

The book, entitled “I am Very Much in God’s Hands”, comes out in Poland, the pope’s native land.

Criticism so far has outpaced praise.

“I don’t think it is right for a church member to go against the will and authority of the pope, whatever the reason,” Ewelina Gniewnik said as she was leaving Saviour’s Church in down-town Warsaw. “I’m not sure that Cardinal Dziwisz knows what he is doing.”

Cardinal Dziwisz recently said that he “didn’t have the courage” to destroy John Paul II’s notes as they contain his thoughts and religious meditations written from July 1962, when he was a young bishop on the rise, to March 2003, when he had been pope for more than 24 years and Parkinson’s disease was eroding his health.

English: The signature of Pope John Paul II.

English: The signature of Pope John Paul II. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“In writing his will, the Holy Father knew he was entrusting these notebooks to someone who would treat them responsibly,” Cardinal Dziwisz said at a news conference in Krakow on January 22. “I had no doubt these were such important items, testifying to the spirituality of a great pope, that it would be a crime to destroy them.” He invoked the despair of historians after the burning of Pope Pius XII’s letters.

As analysts believe, the book will be more bought than read as it includes abstruse reflections on biblical citations that scholars will study closely but that ordinary readers may find less accessible.

But not every cardinal blames Dziwisz for his decision.

“I admit that without having read the book, I was sadly surprised with the decision,” the Rev. Adam Boniecki, an influential Catholic intellectual, wrote on January 22 in Tygodnik Powszechny, a leading Catholic weekly in Poland. “After reading the notebooks, however, I am grateful that in this matter, he didn’t come as scrupulous bureaucrat.”

Here are translated excerpts from “I am Very Much in God’s Hands” .


Chastity. Body from God – and redeemed: “you do not belong to yourselves”

Christ is chastity alone and virginity alone!


Priesthood is not identified with celibacy, but celibacy supports priesthood and gives it a particular effectiveness.


On October 13, 1978 my dear friend bp (bishop) Andrzej Deskur suffered an unexpected stroke that brought partial paralysis on him. Despite treatment at the Gemelli Polyclinic, and then in Switzerland, the paralysis has not receded.

On October 14 I visited Andrzej in hospital, going to conclave, who was to make the choice of a successor after the death of John Paul I.

It is hard for me not to link the fact that on October 16 I was that chosen successor, with the event that preceded that choice by 3 days. The sacrifice of my Brother in bishopry, Andrzej, seems to me to be preparation for this fact. Everything has been inscribed, through his suffering, into the mystery of the Cross and Redemption that was accomplished by Christ.


XVI Conference. Jesus Christ and history.

a) History as the presence of evil

b) History as the presence of good

c) History as a “coupling” of good and evil

To know how to reconcile? To know how to extract good from evil!

Courtesy of: Voice of Russia, the New York Times, AP


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