World Jewish Congress: ‘ Anti-Semitic Attacks by Right Sector Are Over Exaggerated as War Time Propaganda’

#AceNewsServices – October 13 – Despite media reports, there has been no surge of anti-Semitic attacks in Odessa, local Jewish leaders say. 

‘ One communal representative says he believes both sides in the current Ukrainian-Russian conflict are making use of Ukrainian Jewry to disparage their opponents ‘ 

Reports in Pravda, Izvestia and other Russian news outlets last week painted a picture of an Ukrainian Jewish community terrorized by members of the ultra-nationalist Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) movement.

According to Izvestia, Pravy Sektor “declared war” on the community, beating 20 Jews and prompting local leaders to appeal to the World Jewish Congress to “disarm and disband” the group.

“Pravy Sektor is just destroying us, it is pure militant Nazism,” Mikhail Maiman, referred to as the leader of Odessa’s Jewish community, was quoted as saying.

World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer said, however, that no such appeal was received and he had heard nothing about such attacks during a visit to Kiev before Succot.

Communal leaders denied any knowledge of Maiman and of such violence.

The ersatz headman “is not in any of the community’s databases and it seeks likely that he does not exist,” Chabad spokesman Berl Kapulkin wrote in a statement on his community’s website.



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` Maidan militants guilty of murders must stand trial, Konstantin Dolgov wrote on his Twitter page’

#AceWorldNews reports that western powers must close the road to presidency for Ukraine’s leading neo-Nazi Dmytro Yarosh, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s special envoy for democracy and supremacy of law, Konstantin Dolgov has written in Twitter.

“The de facto authorities in Kiev and their Western patrons should block the road to state power for the neo-Nazi Yarosh and his adepts,” he says.

Yarosh stands at head of the radical far-right Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) paramilitary movement, which according to the Time Magazine “has amassed a lethal arsenal of weapons.”

Dmytgro Ysarosh and his assistants have more than once stated in public their willingness to engage in combat operations against ‘the Russian Empire’.

Ukrainian militants must stand trial for the murders they are guilty of committing at that Kiev’s central Independence Square notorious for protest actions, Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Envoy for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, wrote on his Twitter page.

“Outrages of far right nationalists enjoying impunity have absolutely discredited the Maidan protest,” he said. “The militants guilty of murders must be put on trial.

Tass – Twitter ` Konstantin Dolgov ‘


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” Kalashnikov appears to be the best argument in a debate for `Aleksandr Muzychko', an `activist of the nationalist' of `Pravy Sektor' movement"

#AceWorldNews says that according to RT News the Regional parliament members in a Ukrainian city held a session at gunpoint when one of the radical nationalist opposition leaders came to them, armed to the teeth, as the law of power seems to be prevailing in the tumultuous post-coup country.

A Kalashnikov appears to be the best argument in a debate for Aleksandr Muzychko, an activist of the nationalist “Pravy Sektor” (Right Sector) movement and one of the Maidan’s most prominent and controversial leaders.

On Tuesday he came to the Rovno regional parliament, where he threatened the regional MPs with a machine-gun and a number of other weapons as he demanded a decision on granting apartments to the families of protesters who were killed during last week’s violent clashes in central Kiev.

“Who wants to take away my machine-gun? Who wants to take away my gun?

Who wants to take away my knives? I dare you!” Muzychko said.

His lobbying methods have apparently been imported from Chechnya, where the man, aka Sashko Bilyi, was fighting alongside separatist forces in the 1990’s.

He now boasts of having demolished Russian tanks and killed Russian soldiers.


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