ISLAMIC STATE: ‘ Jihadist’s Plan to Dominate the World by Stealing Nuclear Technology ‘

WASHINGTON: ‘ Al-Qaeda’s New Bomb-Maker Cell Known As Khorasan Group ‘

SYRIA: ‘ Government Troops Capture Town of Halfaya to Defend Allawite People’s ‘

` Waving Photos and Dancing with Flags of Bashar Assad as Ten’s of Thousands Syrians Pledge Him Allegiance ‘

` US State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki Confirms Indentity of Syria Suicide Bomber as American '

` EU Renews Sanctions on Syria Including Oil Embargo and Asset Freezes Against Allies of Bashar Assad ‘

` Syrian Rebels Shelled Election Campaign Tent Killing Twenty People '

` Rebel Forces Prevent Aid Convoy from Preventing from Entering Villages of Nubi and Zahraa in Aleppo ‘

` Russian Foreign Ministry says that the `UN Security Council ' must discuss Alleged Attack by Al-Qaeda on Kessab'

` ` Gun Battles raged in early hours between Armed Men loyal to `Assad ‘ and Rivals 1 dead and 13 people Wounded ‘

` Canadian Freelance Photographer is killed in ` Aleppo ' in a crude bomb blast an ` Activist ' – Reports'

` Unbelievers who refuse to convert to ‘Islam’ will be forced to pay tax in gold’ – Reports’

” True cost of the `Syrian War & when `Brother Fights Brother' killing an estimated `3,300' People'

” Kerry criticises Russia for `enabling’ Assad to stay in Power”

Tehran: "Geneva 2 #Peace Conference `Must not Pander to Extremist's and Adopt a Realistic View' for #Syria"

#Syria : “Western Intelligence Forces Discuss Security with Damascus” #Peace