EGPYT: ‘ Revolutionary Punishment Group linked to Muslim Brotherhood Execute Man due to his Alleged links to Security Forces ‘

EGYPT: Former Egyptian president attends court session wearing red uniform — designating him as a convict awaiting execution

‘ Abdul Al-Sisi is Sworn in as President As a Saviour to Some and Dictator to Others ‘

' Egyptian Court Sentences 10 Supporters of Banned Muslim Brotherhood to Death '

` Egyptian Court Sentences 155 Muslim Brotherhood Supporters to Jail Giving 54 Life Sentences ‘

` Egyptian Court Acquits 169 Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Charged with Unrest During Overthrow of Morsi ‘

` Court Sentences 102 Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to Ten Years in Prison for Violent Rioting ‘

` Egyptian Court Sentences 11 Alleged Supporters of Mohammed Morsi to Prison Terms 57 – 88 Years ‘

` Egyptian Activists March Scheduled on April 26 to Repeal Controversial Protest Law '

` Islamists Clash with Security Forces in Cairo in Governance and Protesters and Two are Killed ‘

` Sisi’s Rise and Rise to Power and Next the ` Presidency ‘ but at what Cost to the `Security ‘ of the People ‘

` Mohammed Morsi Arrives at `Police Academy ‘ along with others for Trial over Killing Protesters ‘

` Egyptian Government has Approved Broadening of Terrorism Laws following Increase of Violent Outbreaks’

` Egyptian Prosecutors are Blaming Five Masked Gunmen of the` Muslim Brotherhood ‘ for Killing Journalist ‘

` Egyptian Soldier is Killed whilst Driving a Bus when his Vehicle was Attacked by Militants in Sinai Peninsula ‘

` Pro-Morsi Protesters have Clashed with Security Forces and Egyptian people were Killed near University of Cairo – Reports ‘

` Sisi meets with Military Leaders to tell them he is Resigning as Defence Minister to run for Presidency – Report ‘

` Police Disperse ` Demonstrations ‘ over ` Mass Trials ‘ of ` Muslim Brotherhood ‘ Members in Egypt ‘

` Thirteen Year-Old Boy Shot Dead in ` Violent Clashes ‘ between ` Police and Protesters ‘ in Egypt ‘

` Egypt’s Crackdown on `Islamist’s ‘ has Jailed 16,000 people with ` Rights Activist’s ‘ reporting Abuses in Prison’