` Violent Activist Protests Continue Against Nicholas Maduro in Clashes with National Guard ‘

#AceWorldNews – CARACAS – April 27 – Violent protests continue against the government of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, despite him having agreed to hold talks with the opposition.

Anti-government demonstrators clashed with the National Guard in the capital Caracas on Friday.

Maduro has agreed to hold talks with the opposition in the presence of an outside facilitator after weeks of unrest in the country.

The announcement was made on Thursday after two days of talks between foreign ministers of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), government officials, human rights groups, and student protesters.

Maduro said he would look forward to having UNASUR elect a “group of foreign ministers that could be witnesses and sit down” and talk with the opposition. He added that he was open to international observers.

The demonstrations erupted on February 4th in the western border city of San Cristobal and quickly spread to Caracas. At least 37 people have been killed in clashes with security forces since the start of the unrest.

Caracas says the protests are part of a US plot to topple the Venezuelan government.

Press TV – HN/HSN

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` Maduro meets Opposition leaders Brokered by UNASUR for Talks to Stem the Increasing Violence and Unrest ‘

#AceWorldNews – CARACAS – April 11 – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro met opposition leaders on Thursday for talks intended to stem two months of deadly political unrest.

Unlike similar previous meetings, this was the first to include Henrique Capriles, who Maduro narrowly beat in last year’s presidential election, Reuters reported.

The talks, where Maduro cautioned against unrealistic expectations, were also first to be brokered by foreign ministers from the UNASUR bloc of South American governments.

The six-hour meeting coincided with violence that raised the death toll from the protests against Maduro’s rule to 41.

A policeman was shot dead during a protest in western Barquisimeto city on Thursday, and a woman died in hospital almost a month after being hit by a car while demonstrating in central Valencia.


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` Nicholas Maduro has Agreed to Meet with `Representatives of the Opposition ‘ to Help put an End to Protests ‘

#AceWorldNews – CARACUS – April 08 – (ALJ) – Venezuela’s president has agreed to meet representatives of the opposition to help put an end to the protests that have gripped the nation for more than two months.

Following a meeting with eight South American foreign ministers, Nicolas Maduro said on Monday that he had agreed to talk with opposition members on Tuesday.

“We had quite a long conversation,” Maduro said of the regional talks. “They proposed a meeting tomorrow with the opposition delegation, and I agreed.”

Thirty-nine people have died in clashes between security forces and protesters, who blame Maduro’s socialist government for soaring crime, high inflation and supply shortages.

However, only a small number of those opposing the government have agreed to participate in talks.

The more moderate Democratic Unity Round Table Coalition, which seeks change without unseating Muduro, said it would join the president for Tuesday’s discussions.


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` Venezuelan Protests have `Claimed ' the ` Lives ' of 37 in ` Violent Confrontations ' between Civilians and Security Forces '

#AceWorldNews – VENEZUELA – March 28 – A total 37 people have been killed during violent protests that started in Venezuela on February, 12, country’s attorney general, Luisa Ortega said.

The majority of them – 29 people – are civilians, while another eight are security forces. Ortega said that as part of investigation 17 policemen have been arrested and three of them were put in jail.

Two cases of use of torture, two killings and two attempted murders are also being investigated, she stressed.

The demonstration movement protested against President Nicolas Maduro’s government over inflation and the lack of basic products in the country such as paper, sugar and oil.

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` Maduro said that three ` Air Force Generals ‘ had been Arrested for Plotting an Uprising against his Government ‘

#AceWorldNews – VENEZUELA- March 25 – President Nicholas Maduro said Tuesday that three air force generals had been arrested for plotting an uprising against his left-wing government.

He told a meeting of South American foreign ministers that the three generals had been in contact with the opposition and “were trying to rise up against the legitimately constituted government.”

He added that the plot had been discovered because other officers had come forward.

The latest disclosure comes amid a broadening government crackdown against Maduro’s opponents after weeks of street protests have left 34 people dead.



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Venezuela: ` Witnesses the Worst Violence seen for Weeks as the Death Toll Rises to 36 and Many Innocents Die'

#AceWorldNews – VENEZUELA – March 25 – The death toll in Venezuela’s anti-government unrest has climbed to 36.

A pregnant woman was lethally shot near Caracas and a older one was killed in the western state of Merida, officials announced.

The 28-year-old pregnant woman was shot dead on Sunday during a protest as she was getting off a bus stopped by a barricade set up by protesters. In a separate accident, a National Guard sergeant was shot shot in the neck during clashes in the western state of Merida.

Venezuela has been hit by a wave of violent protests that have continued for almost a month, with people in the streets accusing the government of inflation and holding it responsible for the lack of basic products in the country.

President Nicolas Maduro has repeatedly accused the White House of sponsoring members of the opposition with a view to destabilize Venezuela.


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` Three more people have died in `Venezuelan ‘ clashes between Police and Protesters Increasing Death Toll ‘

#AceWorldNews – VENEZUELA – 23 March – Three more people have died in Venezuela amid clashes between protesters and police, bringing the death toll to 34. Saturday’s clashes erupted as protesters tried to block a highway in Caracas following a march, demanding the release of students detained during the unrest. Venezuela has been hit by a wave of violent protests.

The demonstration movement is angry at President Nicolas Maduro’s government over inflation and the lack of basic products in the country such as paper, sugar, and oil.



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Venezuela; ` Intelligence Services `Sebin ‘ Arrest ` Daniel Ceballos ‘ in ` San Cristobel ‘ attending Opposition Summit ‘

#AceWorldNews – Daniel Ceballos, mayor of the western city of San Cristóbal, and one of the leading opposition figures throughout the protests against incumbent President Nicolas Maduro, has been arrested by the country’s intelligence service, Sebin.

“This is an act of justice for a mayor who not only failed to meet his obligations under the law, but also facilitated and supported all the irrational violence in this city,” said Sebin chief, Miguel Rodríguez Torres.

San Cristóbal has been one of the hotspots for clashes between pro and anti-government forces that have resulted in more than 30 deaths throughout the country.

Ceballos had been attending a summit for opposition-minded mayors in Caracas when he was detained.


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` Caracas Protesters throw fire-bombs at riot police in fresh wave of violence after Venezuelan upped ante on ` President Maduro’s’ Regime’

#AceWorldNews says that dozens of hardcore protesters in Caracas threw rocks and lobbed fire-bombs at riot police who retaliated with tear gas, after Venezuela’s opposition upped the ante on President Nicolas Maduro.

At least three people were detained in the clashes in a middle-class district of the capital, on the eve of the one-month anniversary since the start of nationwide protests, said the director of the non-governmental Venezuelan Penal Forum, Alfredo Romero, according to AFP.

At least 18 people have died and more than 260 have been injured in escalating demonstrations that started on February 4, the government says.

Earlier in the day, Venezuela’s opposition called for new protests against Maduro amid a week of holidays and commemorations of late socialist leader Hugo Chavez’s death.

“We’re going to gather to pay homage to all those who have fallen as a result of the brutal repression of this dictatorial regime,” said Corina Machado, second-in-command of the Popular Will party, outlining plans to hit the streets again on Tuesday.


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` President Nicholas Maduro’s supporters rally under the banner of `March of the Seniors’ taking to the streets in down-town Caracus”

#AceWorldNews says supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro have taken to the streets of the capital Caracas amid continuing political tension in the South American country.

On Sunday, hundreds of people took part in a rally called the “March of Seniors” in down-town Caracas to show their support for the government.

The rally came a day after 25 people were injured during the largest anti-government demonstrations in the capital.

Meanwhile, Maduro has welcomed a meeting with opposition leader Henrique Capriles in attempt to ease the tension in the country.

The two will meet on Monday during a routine gathering of governors and mayors in the Presidential Palace.

Venezuela has been the scene of pro, anti-government protests for nearly two weeks now, and at least eight people have died in the related violence.

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“`Venezuela’s Maduro requests talks with `US’ over over issues of `State & Press Freedom’ – Reports”

#AceWorldNews says Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro requested an exchange of ambassadors with the United States on Friday, just days after he expelled three US diplomats from the country. Maduro called for talks with President Barack Obama’s administration during a Friday news conference that aired on state television.

“I call for a dialogue with you, Obama,” Maduro said. “You can designate [US Secretary of State John] Kerry or whoever you want to come to this dialogue and I will send my foreign minister … for this high-level meeting.” The US and Venezuela have not had resident ambassadors since 2010.

Amid demonstrations challenging his administration, Maduro has blamed the US for fomenting anti-government sentiment in Venezuela.

Opposition protests turned violent last week, as at least eight people have died amid the demonstrations.

Meanwhile, Maduro announced Thursday that his government will revoke or deny press credentials to seven CNN journalists for “war propaganda.”


Venezuela has revoked or denied press credentials for seven CNN journalists working in the country for what President Nicolas Maduro called “war propaganda” amid coverage of anti-government protests.

Before the conditions on credentials were announced, Maduro said he would eject CNN from the country if it did not “rectify” its coverage amid a spike in the unrest that has gripped Venezuela. According to officials, at least eight people have been killed since demonstrations mounted by the opposition turned violent last week.

“They want to show the world that there is a civil war in Venezuela,” Maduro said of CNN in a televised speech on Thursday.

He added that CNN was not showing “the people working, studying, building the homeland.”

“I’ve asked the [information] minister to tell CNN we have started the administrative process to remove them from Venezuela if they don’t rectify [their behavior],” Maduro said during the speech aimed at supporters, according to Reuters. “Enough! I won’t accept war propaganda against Venezuela.”

The pro-government audience applauded, chanting “Fuera! Fuera!” (“Out! Out!”)

Read more at: RT http://on.rt.com/4nwhuf

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#Venezuela : `Police Deploy water Cannons and used Tear-Gas against Protesters in Caracus’

#AceWorldNews reports from the RT that Venezuelan police have deployed water cannons and used tear gas against crowds of angry stone-throwing protesters in Caracas.

Activists unhappy with the economic course of President Nicolas Maduro have been resorting to sporadic violence since Wednesday

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`Venezuelan Government Seeks Protest Leader’s Arrest’

#AceWorldNews says that the Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has been issued with an arrest warrant by a Venezuelan court on charges including murder and terrorism for organizing protests that resulted in the death of three people on Wednesday. President Nicolas Maduro accuses Lopez of trying to instigate violence in a bid to mount a coup.

At least three people were shot dead as violence erupted during anti-government protests in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas on Wednesday. Police clashed with violent activists and used tear gas after some 10,000 demonstrators had dispersed following a mainly peaceful rally.

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