UKRAINE: ' What Were The Main Objectives of Russian Leader?

#AceNewsServices – NATO (Opinion) – September 04 – What were the main objectives of Russian leader President Putin when he embarked on his support for pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine?

Did they go beyond territory and aim to create – or increase – divisions between Western countries?

And if so, has this strategy worked? NATO Review asks some leading security figures how they saw it.


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Obama Pledges $1bn (£600m) To Boost Military In Europe

President Obama could meet President Putin at D-Day commemorations (Via Sky News)

Instead of feeding starving Americans, or housing homeless Americans, or building Schools, helping with Obamacare, Obama has decided to spend £600 Million Pounds (or) $1 Billion Dollars to curry favour with Allies that may or may not side with Russia in the coming War. I get influencing friends to take sides, but at the expense of his own people, with the PetroDollar dying a death, this is just another kick in the teeth for the American people. Obama is circling Russia and I am guessing it won’t be long till 1 American soldier is shot at

Barack Obama has promised $1bn to bolster its military influence in Europe amid worries of more land grabs by the Kremlin. The US president said extra military equipment would be sent to the region in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, and that more American troops would take part in military exercises. “We need to make sure that the collective defence … is robust, it is ready, it is properly equipped,” the US President told a press conference in Warsaw. “Today, I’m announcing a new initiative to bolster the support of our Nato allies here in Europe,” Obama said at Warsaw’s Belweder Palace. “Under this effort, and with the support of Congress, the United States will preposition more equipment in Europe.” There are worries that states on Russia’s western borders could be at threat after the country took control of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.

Pro-Russian troops have forcibly taken charge in areas of Ukraine (Via Sky News)

President Obama’s plan also proposes more regular naval deployments in the Black Sea and Baltic Sea, right on Russia’s doorstep. No announcement was made on permanent US troop deployments in Europe but the White House said it would review the matter. “We are reviewing our force presence in Europe in the light of the new security challenges on the continent,” it said in a statement. “These efforts will not come at the expense of other defence priorities, such as our commitment to the Asia Pacific rebalance.”

There are fears President Putin’s military could move into other countries (Via Sky News)

The extra $1bn (£600m) will also help boost the defence capability of Western-friendly states bordering Russia, such as Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. For example, through extra training for their troops. The European Reassurance Initiative – as the plan is called – must first be signed off by the US Congress. President Obama was speaking at a joint news conference with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski at he beginning of a four-day visit to Europe. He also urged other Nato members to do more to help the alliance’s defence role, although he admitted the US had to play the biggest role. Nato states have a target of spending 2% of GDP on defence, but many lag behind. “Everyone has the capacity to do their fair share, to do a proportional amount to make sure we have the resources, the planning, the integration, the training in order to be effective,” said the President. The US leader’s remarks come ahead of a potential meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin at D-Day commemorations in France. The pair have no meeting scheduled but White House officials have not ruled one out. The men have not met since the Ukraine crisis began. “Mr Putin has a choice to make,” Obama said, speaking about the Russian leader reining in pro-Kremlin troops in Ukraine. “That’s what I will tell him if I see him publicly. That’s what I have told him privately

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` Vladamir Putin appeals to ` European Nations ‘ Interested in Bolstering Ukraine’s Economy ‘

#AceFinanceNews – MOSCOW – April 19 – President Putin has appealed to all European nations interested in bolstering Ukraine’s economy to come up with feasible programs for the country’s budget, RIA Novosti reports.

The President sent communications to European leaders last week regarding Ukraine’s gas debt, which Russia had eased by reducing prices and subsidizing it with $35.4 million as a result.


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` FSB says that Certain Country’s have tried to `Destabilise ‘ the `Internal Situation’ in ` Russia ‘ following Events in Crimea ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – March 28 – The Russian Federal Security Service said on Friday that western countries sought to destabilize the internal situation in Russia, following the latest events in Crimea, and called for urgent measures to ensure the security of Russian nationals, including those living in the newly-formed Crimean Federal District.

“The number of external threats to the state has increased.

The legal volition of the people of Crimea and eastern Ukraine to be together with Russia are driving the United States and its allies into hysteria.

They are trying to destabilize the socio-political and economic situation in this country,” FSB Deputy Director Alexander Malyovanyi said at a ceremony on Friday where President Putin met senior officers who had received new appointments and had been promoted to higher military ranks.

Russian News and Media Sources


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` Putin's Statement on ` Crimea's ' Application to Join Russia '

#AceWorldNews – Moscow – March 18. – Nationalists executed the coup in Ukraine.

They tried to revise the language policy, and that would have undermined the rights of minorities, Putin says. The Russian-speaking population in Ukraine faced constant humiliation, the President stressed.

We always believed in good neighbourly relations with Ukraine, but the situation developed in another direction, the Russian President says.

Sevastopol is a Russian fortress and a host for the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Putin notes.
The Russian President stressed that Russia has vital interests in Crimea.

Putin says that it is important to ensure the right of all ethnicities in Crimea, including Crimean Tartars, and measures to complete rehabilitation of Crimean Tartars should be taken. There will be three official languages – Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tartar’s.

Vladimir Putin is talking about the history of the Crimean region and its importance to Russia.
Crimean referendum held in full compliance with democratic procedures — Putin.
More than 82% of the voters took part in the referendum in Crimea, and more than 96% voted for accession to Russia, Putin says.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is about to make a statement on Crimea’s application for accession to the Russian Federation.

Earlier today, Putin has approved draft agreement to accept the Republic of Crimea as a constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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` Foreign Minister `Laurent Fabius ‘ has said the `Group of Eight ‘ have Suspended ` Russia’s’ Participation at Meetings’

#AceBreakingNews in a surprise move the Group of Eight has suspended Russia’s participation in their meetings, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has said.

However, President Putin is still invited to visit France on June 6.

“At the moment, he is still invited.
As for the G8 as a political formation for the dialogue of all big states together, we have decided to suspend the participation of Russia, there will be seven countries that gather for the summit without Russia,” Fabius told Europe 1 radio.

France is going to hold grand celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Allied Forces landing in Normandie.

Twitter Tweet
#Ukraine#Crimée Pour le 6 juin, le président reste invité mais pour le G8 nous avons décidé de suspendre la participation de la #Russie
— Laurent Fabius (@LaurentFabius) March 18, 2014

More ……………………………………………………………………………………. soon

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`Putin to Obama: Russian-American relations should not be sacrificed for differences over international problems'

#AceWorldNews says an hour-long phone call on Thursday was initiated by Barack Obama several hours after he announced new visa restrictions and financial sanctions against Russians who the US accuses of contributing to the Ukrainian crisis.

“President Obama emphasized that Russia’s actions are in violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which has led us to take several steps in response, in coordination with our European partners,” a White House press release reads.

President Putin told his American counterpart that the government, which came to power in Ukraine following a coup, is not supported by all of the country but “is imposing its absolutely illegitimate decisions upon eastern, south-eastern and Crimea regions.”

“Russia cannot ignore calls for help it receives in this situation and it acts accordingly, in full compliance with international law,” Putin said as cited in a Kremlin statement on Friday.

The Russian president emphasized that he regarded Russian-US relations as ones of paramount importance to guarantee stability and security in the world.

“These relations should not be sacrificed to differences over individual – even though very important – international problems,” the press release says.

Reuters – RT – AP – AFP


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