#Bosnia : ” US & EU Press Blame `Labour Riots’ on `Allegedly Dysfunctional’ Government”

#AceWorldNews says that during the whole past week the `European Press’ was filled with articles about Bosnia – one of the former republics of Yugoslavia, where recent labour riots left several government buildings burnt.
The press of the United States and of the European Union put the blame on the allegedly dysfunctional government of Bosnia, whose handling of the economy led a number of the problems.

Dmitry Babich

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Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao says he is in talks to buy New York Times

#AceWorldNews says it was only a matter of time before the “Chinese Climbed on the Media Bandwagon” as they now need to use the Press as a platform to spread news about “Chinese Prosperity” before the changes take place with their currency, then this becomes the #RightYuan thus reinstating the ” People’s Republic of China”

Global Geopolitics

First he handed out cash to victims of China’s 2008 earthquake. Then he sold “canned fresh air” to residents of smog-ridden Beijing.

Now Chen Guangbiao, listed as one of China’s 400 richest people and a man known as much for his publicity stunts as his wealth, claims he is in talks to buy the New York Times.

“Soon, I will go to America to do three things,” Chen told a crowd Monday night at a news media award reception in the southern Chinese boom town of Shenzhen, according to the semi-official China News Service.

The first, he said, “is to go discuss the acquisition of the New York Times”.

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