GAZA CITY: ‘ Israel Calls Up Reservists As Temporary Truce Nears End ‘

#AceBreakingNews – GAZA CITY – August 13 – Latest – Hours Before Truce Ends Israel Reinforces Troops with Reservists Called Up.

Latest updates [Wednesday]:

6:06 P.M. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the United Nation’s committee of inquiry into Operation Protective Edge in Gaza on Wednesday, at the end of his meeting with New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is in Israel for an official visit.

“The UN Human Rights Council gives legitimacy to murderous terror organizations like Hamas and the Islamic State. Instead of checking Hamas’ attacks on Israeli civilians and the use it makes of Gaza’s residents as human shields, instead of checking the massacre carried out by (President) Assad in Syria, or the massacre of Kurds by Islamic State members, the UN has decided to come and check Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East, a democracy that is acting in a legitimate manner to protect its citizens from murderous terror,” he said.

“The committee’s report has already been written, the head of the committee has already decided that Hamas is not a terror organization and so there is nothing for them to investigate there. First, they should visit Damascus, Baghdad, Tripoli, they should go to see the Islamic State, they should go to see the Syrian army, they should go and see Hamas. There, not here, they will find war crimes.” (Barak Ravid)

5:20 P.M. The Israel Defense Forces calls up additional reserve soldiers and reinforces troops along the border with the Gaza Strip (Gili Cohen)


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#AceWorldNews – GAZA CITY – July 27 – Israel never regrets violating the international law and is going ahead with its barbaric war on the Gaza Strip as the Tel Aviv regime enjoys all-out support of the United States, a political analyst tells Press TV.

Mark Weber, director of the Institute for Historical Review, said in a Saturday interview with Press TV that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “has shown that he is willing to utterly defy world opinion in carrying out this extremely one-sided barbaric attack on Gaza.”

“This outrage has angered public opinion around the world,” he stated, adding that Israel has for long proved that it will act “in defiance…even of United States law because they can count on the continuing support of US Congress and the US government, which is a reflection of course of the tremendous power of the pro-Israel lobby here in the United States.”

The analyst predicted that the Gaza carnage will continue mainly due to the US support for Israel.

“This shows really…the moral bankruptcy of US policy worldwide and in particular of course in the Middle East.”

Death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza has reached 1,050 since Tel Aviv began its onslaught on July 8.

Thousands of Palestinians have also been injured in the attacks.


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‘ Benjamin Netanyahu and Moshe Ya’alon Order IDF to Launch Ground Incursion ‘

#AceBreakingNewsGAZA CITY – July 17 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon ordered the Israel Defence Forces to launch a ground incursion in the Gaza Strip Thursday night, in order to “damage the underground tunnel terrors constructed in Gaza leading into Israeli territory.”


11:27 P.M. Foreign journalists in Gaza report that the IDF has told them to remain in their hotels for the duration (Haaretz)

11:16 P.M. Hamas makes an official statement: The ground operation in the Gaza Strip is a drastic, dangerous step, and the occupation will pay a heavy price for it. (Jack Khoury)

11:11 P.M. IDF reports that rocket fired from Syria at Israel landed in Syrian territory.

11:00 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in Sderot. (Haaretz)

10:56 P.M. Palestinian reports indicate that the death toll in Gaza has risen to 240. Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry attacked Hamas, and blamed the organization for utilizing the current crisis to improve its standing after a drop in its standing with the Palestinians. According to Shoukry, those who opposed the Egyptian cease-fire proposal are responsible for the Palestinian blood being spilled right now. (Jack Khoury)

10:48 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in the Golan Heights (Haaretz)

10:45 P.M. The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement on the current ground incursion in the Gaza Strip:

“The prime minister and the defense minister have ordered the IDF to begin a ground operation in order to damage the underground tunnel terrors constructed in Gaza leading into Israeli territory.


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Gaza under attack as Israel search for missing girls

Why are Main stream media not reporting this?

The search for the three kidnapped yeshiva students entered its fourth day on Monday. The Israeli military on Sunday called up a limited number of reserves and is now focusing most of its efforts to find Eyal Yifrah, 19, from Elad, Gil-Ad Shaer, 16, from Talmon, and Naftali Frenkel, 16, from Nof Ayalon in the Hebron area.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Sunday that Hamas is behind the abduction. Netanyahu asserted that he holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for the teens’ fate. The Ma’an Palestinian news agency quoted Yoav Mordechai, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, as saying that Israel “has a lot of information on the kidnapping case. The investigation is conducted in absolute secrecy.”

On Sunday it was cleared for publication that one of the abducted teens managed to call the police emergency line immediately after he was taken, at 10:25 P.M. on Thursday and said: “We’ve been kidnapped.”

The security cabinet convened Monday to further discuss efforts to locate the three teenagers. One of the ideas being considered is to expel senior Hamas members from the West Bank to Gaza, as a way of pressuring the organization. The Justice Ministry convened on Sunday to explore whether such steps are in keeping with international law.

The U.S. on Sunday condemned the kidnapping, and called for the immediate release of the three teens. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the U.S. is still looking for information as to who is behind the incident, but adds that “many indications point to Hamas’ involvement.” The military’s working assumption is that the three are still in the West Bank.

Latest updates from 18th June (Today)

23:28 The IDF reports that one Palestinian was shot and seriously wounded while attempting to breach the security barrier in the area of Kochav Yaacov. The army said it was unaware of reports of additional wounded.In disruptions in Beit Omer, the IDF shot rubber bullets and stun and gas grenades at several dozen Palestinians throwing rocks at the security forces. No injuries were reported. (Gili Cohen)

23:20 Rocket explodes in an open field adjacent to Ashkelon. No siren was sounded and no injuries have been reported. (Shirley Seidler)

23:19 Two fire-bombs thrown at Beit Orot Yeshiva in East Jerusalem. No injuries reported. (Nir Hasson)

23:15 Two Israelis, one an 18-month-old baby, have been lightly injured in rock-throwing near Kfar Azoun in the Shomron. (Chaim Levinson)

18:40 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers an official televised statement:

“We are in the middle of a complex operation. We need to be prepared for the fact that it may take more time,” he said. “It is a serious incident and will have grave consequences.”

He also urged members of the international community to speak out against the abduction: “I call on those in the international community that condemn us for building in Jerusalem to clearly condemn this kidnapping,” he said.”

With regard to the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip over the last few days, during the operation to find the missing teens, Netanyahu said: “We will retaliate forcefully against any rocket fire from Gaza. Anybody who attempts to attack Israeli citizens will be targeted.”

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon addressed the media following Netanyahu’s statement, declaring: “This abduction will not pass without Hamas paying a big price.”

14:25 Israel’s security cabinet has convened to discuss the West Bank kidnapping. The ministers are to be briefed on the investigation and to discuss possible measures against Hamas. The options being considered include expelling top Hamas operatives from the West Bank to Gaza, demolishing operatives’ homes and imposing sanctions on Hamas inmates in Israeli prisons. (Barak Ravid)

13:20Israeli security forces shoot rubber bullets at Palestinians who threw rocks at Israeli soldiers at a Hebron checkpoint. (Gili Cohen)

12:32 P.M. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has called on the Israeli public to refrain from “spreading unfounded rumors” via social media. (Gili Cohen)

12:40 P.M. Germany has called for the release of three Israeli teenagers believed to have been abducted in the West Bank.

“We are concerned about the whereabouts of three youngsters who disappeared… There are some indications that the three have been kidnapped. If this is the case, we condemned this action and urge those responsible to release them, free of harm, immediately,” a German foreign ministry spokesman said. “This has come at a time of considerable tension in the Palestinian territories, it is therefore in the interests of everyone to prevent any further escalation,” he added. (Reuters)

11:58 A.M. In first conversation in over a year, Abbas called Netanyahu on Monday and Netanyahu told him he expected him to help return the abducted teens and catch their abductors.”The abductors from Hamas came from an area under Palestinian Authority control and returned to PA-controlled territory,” Netanyahu said. “It’s important to understand the consequences of the unity with Hamas – it’s bad for Israel, bad for the Palestinians, and bad for the area.

“This incident reveals the character of the terror that we are fighting,” he said. “Terrorists abduct innocent Israeli children while we give medical care in our hospitals to sick Palestinian children. That is the difference between our humane policy and the murderous terror that is attacking us.”

11:38 A.M. The office of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issues a first statement condemning the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank, the Palestinian news agency WAFA reported. “Both sides should refrain from violence,” the statement said.

Abbas condemned the kidnapping and the sequence of events that followed, including the death of a Palestinian youth in a clash with Israeli soldiers. He called on both sides to refrain from violence, and lauded the Palestinian security forces for their efforts to “stop the PA from being dragged into disorder and prevent the factions from taking advantage of the situation for non-nationalistic purposes.” He expressed intention to continue the struggle to free Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.

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10:57 A.M. The IDF says three soldiers were lightly wounded by rocks thrown at them during the clashes in the al-Jilazoun refugee camp. Military officials add that a gun and two cartridges were found at a nearby home; the resident has been taken in for questioning.

10:55 A.M. Knesset Member Shaul Mofaz warns of “earth-shattering” consequences if the three missing teens are hurt.

10:34 A.M. Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch says thousands of soldiers and police have been deployed in search of the three missing teens.

Israeli soldiers arrest Abdel Aziz Dweik, speaker of the long-defunct Palestinian parliament and a senior Hamas figure, at his home during a military operation to search for three missing Israeli.
Israeli soldiers arrest Abdel Aziz Dweik, speaker of the long-defunct Palestinian parliament and a senior Hamas figure, at his home during a military operation to search for three missing Israeli.AP
“We’re doing everything to bring the abductees home,” he said, reiterating that Hamas is behind the kidnapping and that Israel is holding the Palestinian Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas, responsible.

9:40 A.M.: The IDF confirms that a Palestinian man, Ahmad Asabarin, 23, was shot to death overnight by Israeli forces in the Jilazoun refugee camp in the West Bank. The IDF says the youth was shot after he threw a large brick toward the soldiers.Two other youths were moderately hurt in the clashes. (Gili Cohen)

9:30 A.M. IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said during a briefing on Sunday night that the military’s foremost goals are to “find the three boys and bring them home, and to hurt Hamas as much as possible.” (Gili Cohen)

7:41 A.M. According to reports in Gaza, four sustain light and moderate wounds in an IAF strike on a Hamas base. (Gili Cohen and Jack Khoury)

6:54 A.M. The IDF arrests 40 Palestinians in the West Bank overnight, including Palestinian parliament speaker Aziz Duwaik. So far 150 Palestinians have been arrested as part of the search for the missing teens.

Top military officials convene for a briefing and decide against expanding the scope of the military operation. Arrests of Hamas operatives in the West Bank are expected to continue.

A senior IDF official says the military is not aware of a Palestinian who was killed during the clashes in the al-Jilazoun refugee camp. The death was reported earlier by Palestinian medical staff and witnesses. According to the official, the report is being investigated, as are reports of Palestinians wounded in IAF strikes in Gaza.

The IDF believes that the Islamic Jihad was behind Sunday night’s rocket fire from Gaza. Hamas was not responsible for the attack, a military official says. (Gili Cohen)

5:45 A.M. Three Palestinians were reportedly wounded in an Israeli air strike on Gaza, including 3-year-old child. The IDF earlier on Monday issued a statement that said it conducted an aerial strike in the Gaza Strip as a response to rocket fire from Gaza on Sunday. (DPA)

5:25 A.M. A 20-year-old Palestinian was killed and another was wounded during clashes with Israeli forces near Ramallah, according to Palestinian hospital officials.

Witnesses say Palestinians threw rocks at soldiers conducting house-to-house searches in al-Jilazoun refugee camp, outside Ramallah, before dawn. (Reuters)

3:15 A.M. Israel Air Force strikes five targets in the Gaza Strip, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit says in a statement. One of the targets was described as a “center for terrorist activity” and three others are said to be weapons-manufacturing and storage sites – all in the northern Gaza Strip – and another location of terrorist activity in the Strip’s south. The IDF says direct hits were identified.

The stament says that the strike was a response to the rocket fire from Gaza toward southern Israel on Sunday. (Gili Cohen)

12:22 A.M. The government is weighing whether to expel senior Hamas men from the West Bank to Gaza as a way of pressuring the organization to help resolve the kidnapping of the three teens. A senior Israeli official says the Justice Ministry had held a discussion Sunday on whether this was legally feasible.

The assessments and discussions in the Prime Minister’s Office over the past few days have included talk of ways of punishing Hamas aimed at pressuring the organization’s senior officials. The senior Israeli source says among the options discussed are expelling senior Hamas men from the West Bank to Gaza, demolishing the homes of Hamas operatives and sanctions against Hamas inmates in Israeli prisoners.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, together with Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and other ministry officials, convened on Sunday to explore whether such steps were in keeping with international law and would stand up to challenges in the High Court of Justice. No decisions were made Sunday, but research into the issue is continuing. (Barak Ravid)

Live updates here:

Israeli plane bombing Gaza tonight

Israeli F-16s and helicopters have carried out a series of air attacks across the Gaza Strip tonight, targeting Rafah and Khan Younes.

It has been confirmed by the Gaza health ministry that a 15-year-old girl and a 27 year old woman were injured in the Rafah attacks.

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` If You Really Wanted to Deny the New Peace Accord You Could Not Find a Better Way ‘

#AceWorldNews – PALESTINE – June 01 – Tel Aviv deny’s three future Palestinian ministers from the Gaza Strip entry to the West Bank due to Hamas affiliation in the new government, thus , dealing yet another blow to the fragile Middle East peace process.

Major General Yoav Mordechai, head of Israel’s military administration in the Palestinian territories, informed the Palestinians that the three ministers would not be granted access to the West Bank, public radio announced on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the defence ministry refused to confirm or deny the report, according to AFP.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday that Israel had informed the Palestinians that it would boycott the government. “Israel wants to punish us because we have agreed with Hamas on this government,” he said.

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` Israel Sends Two Anti-Terrorist Experts to Nigeria to Join Search for Missing Schoolgirls ‘

#AceWorldNews – JERUSALEM – May 20 – Israel has sent two anti-terror experts to Nigeria to join the search for hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped by extremist Islamist group Boko Haram, AFP quoted an Israeli security source as saying on Tuesday.

The advisers “have dealt in terrorist matters in the past,” he said, adding that they were sent there “by the state to help.” The pair was not currently serving as intelligence personnel for the government.

On May 11, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country was prepared to help in locating the girls.


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` Israeli Government Suspends Middle East Peace Talks with Threats to Impose Sanctions on Palestinians ‘

#AceWorldNews – ISRAEL April 29 – (ALJ) – The Israeli government on Thursday suspended Middle East talks and threatened to impose new sanctions against the Palestinians in response to a unity agreement between rival Palestinian factions, pushing an embattled U.S. peace initiative to the brink of collapse.

Israel’s Security Cabinet made the decision during a six-hour emergency meeting convened to discuss the Palestinian deal, which was announced Wednesday by Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah as part of a reconciliation plan meant to end their seven-year rift. The deal envisions a unity government within five weeks and elections six months later.

Israel objects to any form of participation in Palestinian politics by Hamas. The Islamist group is currently in charge of the besieged Gaza Strip, which is territorially separate from the West Bank, where Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas exercises limited self-governance under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas is designated as a “terrorist” organization by the United States and European Union for numerous fatal attacks against Israelis over the years.

Thursday’s decision was the latest — and perhaps final — blow to the negotiation process led by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry for the past nine months.

Speaking at the State Department on Thursday, Kerry acknowledged the roadblock in talks but said he remained resolute on continuing negotiations.

In a statement issued by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, the government said it would not hold negotiations with a government that “leans on Hamas.”

“Instead of choosing peace, Abu Mazen made a pact with a murderous terrorist organization that calls for the destruction of Israel,” it said, using Mahmoud Abbas’ nickname. “The alliance between Abu Mazen and Hamas was signed while Israel was making efforts to promote negotiations with the Palestinians … He who chooses Hamas’ terror does not want peace.”

The statement also said Israel will respond to Abbas’ recent decision to join 15 international conventions “with a series of steps,” language that typically refers to financial sanctions against the Palestinians.

Israel has already halted transferring tax and customs money it collects on the Palestinians’ behalf, worth some $100 million a month. Those funds help keep Abbas’ self-rule government afloat.

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` Israeli Official has Confirmed a Deal to Secure Release of `Jonathan Pollard ‘ in Exchange for 400 Palestinian Arab-Terrorists ‘

#AceWorldNews – ISRAEL – April 02 – An Israeli official has confirmed to Arutz Sheva that a deal to secure Jonathan Pollard’s release over the next two weeks has crystallized, in a bid to exchange him with over 400 Palestinian Arab terrorists – arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti among them.

While both the US and Israel have now admitted that Pollard’s release is on the table, the State of Israel itself has not officially announced that it is accepting the proposal. If true, however, Pollard would be released just prior to the Pesach (Passover) holiday – the Jewish holiday of freedom and redemption.

The exchange will also include a construction freeze in Judea and Samaria, as well as Jerusalem, according to the source.

“It won’t be a complete freeze,” the source stated. “Tenders and projects already being built will continue, as well as government and public buildings in Jerusalem.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly refused to a full construction freeze, and will only halt construction for government buildings in Judea and Samaria. According to Channel 2, he is in the midst of updating senior ministers on the status of the deal.

IDF Radio reports Tuesday afternoon that there is an additional concession: both sides must remain in peace talks well into 2015.

Ace Related News: WASHINGTON – April 01 – United States President Barack Obama has not made a decision to release convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Tuesday (DS)


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John Kerry alters his Travel Schedule to Meet with ` Benjamin Netanyahu ‘ over the Stalled Peace Talks ‘

#AceWorldNews – JERUSALEM – April 01 – United States Secretary of State John Kerry met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the second time in less than 12 hours on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

The meeting was staged as the US tries to salvage stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

Kerry altered his travel schedule on Monday for a flying visit to Jerusalem, but there was no word of any breakthrough. The US Secretary of State might return to the region once more late Wednesday to see Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a Palestinian official said.


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` Israeli – Palestinian talks will be Extended beyond `April 29 ‘ to try to Resolve Release of Palestinian Detainees ‘

#AceWorldNews – TEL AVIV – March 31 – It will be clear within “days” whether the Israeli-Palestinian talks will be extended beyond April 29 deadline, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

“It could be a matter of just days,” Netanyahu told ministers from his Likud Party.

“Either the matter will be resolved or it will blow up. And in any case, there won’t be any deal without Israel knowing clearly what it will get in exchange,” he said as diplomatic efforts continue to prevent a collapse of the negotiations over a dispute about Palestinian prisoners.

Earlier, Tel Aviv informed the Palestinians that they would not free the detainees.

The Palestinians said they will not consider extending the talks without the prisoners being freed.


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` Kerry takes offence to critical comments made by `Israel's ' defence minister the US Foreign Policy Agenda '

#AceWorldNews – US Secretary of State John Kerry took offence to critical comments made by Israel’s defence minister, calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday to vent his anger.

According to State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, Kerry “protested” the remarks by Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon, who criticized the United States for projecting a feeble image throughout its foreign policy agenda, from the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program to the escalating tensions in Ukraine.

Psaki said Yaalon’s comments were “not constructive,” adding that Kerry told Netanyahu they were not consistent with America’s “unshakeable commitment” to Israel.


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` Palestine’s Fatah council refuses to recognize ` Israel ' as ‘Jewish’ state '

#AceWorldNews The Revolutionary Council of the Palestinian Authority President on Monday unanimously endorsed Mahmoud Abbas’s rejection of demands to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, AFP reported.

“President Abbas has reaffirmed his refusal to recognize the Jewishness of the State of Israel and council members stood up to hail this decision,” a senior Fatah official said from the meeting in Ramallah.

Abbas reportedly said in his speech that “he was not going to back down on his people’s rights or betray their cause,” despite the “great pressure being exerted.

” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made recognizing Israel as a Jewish state a central issue of peace negotiations.

He called it the root of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.


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` Obama and Netanyahu meet at `White House ‘ to discuss `Iran’s Nuclear Agreement ‘ and Palestinian Peace Talks ‘

#AceWorldNews says that as two-sides meet in seeking to keep a pair of delicate diplomatic efforts afloat, President Barack Obama will personally appeal for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to move forward on peace talks with the Palestinians.

Meanwhile also trying to manage Israel’s deep suspicion of his pursuit of a nuclear accord with Iran. Obama and Netanyahu are meeting Monday at the White House at a critical juncture in both sets of negotiations.

The U.S. and its international partners are in the midst of new talks with Iran aimed at forging a long-term nuclear agreement.

And a U.S.-imposed April deadline for completing a framework for peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians is fast approaching with few signs of tangible progress.


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` Germany views `Iran’ as a general threat to Europe’

#AceWorldNews says Germany views Iran as a potential threat not just to Israel, but “as a general threat for Europe as well,” Reuters quoted Chancellor Angela Merkel as saying on Tuesday.

Germany would pursue international talks with Iran on its nuclear activities, she said at a news conference with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Merkel, in Israel for joint consultations, added that that boycotts of Israeli products were not helpful for the peace process.

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” Syria `Fired Two Rockets’ and hit Israeli Occupied `Golan Heights’ shortly after a visit to a `Field Hospital’ by Benjamin Netanyahu”

AceWorldNews say that two rockets fired from Syria hit the Israeli-occupied Golan heights on Tuesday, shortly after a visit to a field hospital treating injured Syrians by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon and army chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. Israel annexed the plateau during the 1967 Six Day War and since the civil war in Syria erupted in 2011, stray shells have frequently hit the Israeli side, which has occasionally responded.

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