` Russia has blocked all `Right Sector Websites ‘ in the Territory of the `Russian Federation ‘ including Social Media ‘

#AceWorldNews – SIMFEROPOL April 02 – All websites connected with Ukraine’s far-right movement Right Sector are blocked in Russia, head of Russian telecommunications watchdog Alexander Zharov said at a meeting with Prime Minister of the Russian Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov in the Crimean capital city on Wednesday.

“We have blocked completely the spread (of Right Sector websites) on the territory of the Russian Federation in all networks, including Facebook and Twitter. This work is essential important, we intend to continue it,” Zharov noted.

Russian telecommunications watchdog would spread its activity on the Russian Republic of Crimea in the near future, Zharov noted. Notably, he talked about such spheres of work as fight against pirate content. Zharov added that the watchdog that he heads had already received 30 decrees from the Prosecutor

General’s Office to block extremism-related websites before court proceedings. The access was blocked to 146 Internet resources.

Zharov also noted that the watchdog had already received around 80,000 petitions from people who complained of undesirable content, including child’s pornography in the Internet. The access was blocked to 23,500 Internet resources.

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#AceWorldNews Crimean premier Sergey Aksyonov told Channel One…

#AceWorldNews Crimean premier Sergey Aksyonov told Channel One a delegation of Crimea’s parliament would leave for Moscow on March 17 to work with Russian colleagues on the accession to Russia.

“The Crimean parliament will gather for an extraordinary session at 10:00 on March 17 to approve the results of the referendum. In the afternoon the parliament’s delegation will leave for Moscow for further consultations with Russian colleagues over the accession to Russia as a constituent entity,” Aksyonov said. #ANS2014

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#AceWorldNews Crimean self defence units prevented an act…

#AceWorldNews Crimean self-defence units prevented an act of sabotage on a gas pipeline on Saturday, March 15. Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov said the saboteurs had identified themselves as Ukrainian Border Guard Service officials. Itar-Tass

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“Crimean self-defence personnel prevented an attempt to block the gas pipeline to Crimea at the Arbatsky Spit. To prevent such attempts [in the future], the gas distribution station was put under protection. The persons who tried to damage the equipment – up to 40 people, according to preliminary information – and who identified themselves as Ukrainian Border Guard Service officials left the station in a hurry,” Aksyonov said. #ANS2014

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#AceWorldNews According to Tass #ANS2014


According to Tass


Crimea (autonomy within Ukraine) has created a month’s worth of water reserves and is installing diesel generators in case the Ukrainian authorities cut off electricity supplies to the peninsula, its Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov said on Saturday, March 15. “There are about 900 diesel generators in the autonomy. With the consumption of 300 to 500 tonnes of diesel fuel a day, we can have enough mobile generators to cover the entire peninsula,” he said.

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