VIDEO: #Update ‘ Search for escaped murderers enters 7th day in northern NY ‘

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DANNEMORA, N.Y. (AP) – Squads of law enforcement officers on Friday began a seventh day of trying to track down two murderers who escaped from a maximum-security prison in northern New York and could be hiding out in swampy terrain swarming with blood-sucking insects.

Armed officers in body armor boarded New York state prison system buses soon after dawn in the village of Dannemora, where…

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#AceWorldNews – TURKEY:Jan.07: Eight World Focus Airlines personnel were found guilty in a criminal case involving the 2007 plane crash in Turkey that left 57 people dead.

' Eight Found Guilty of Killing 57 in 2007 Air Crash '

‘ Eight Found Guilty of Killing 57 in 2007 Air Crash ‘

Yavuz Çizmeci, a business partner at the airline company, Director General Aydın Kızıltan and training director Ismail Tasdelen received prison terms of 11 years and 8 months each for “negligent homicide.”

Meanwhile, the company’s maintenance director, Fikri Zafer Dincer, received a prison sentence of 5 years and 10 months and the flight’s pilots, Vedat Ors and Recep Degirmencioglu, received 2 years and 6 months each for “false testimony.”

The former Director General of Civil Aviation Ali Arıduru and the deputy Director General Oktay Erdağı each received prison terms of 1 year and 8 months after being convicted of “misconduct in office.”

' Eight Found Guilty of Killing 57 in 2007 Plane Crash '

‘ Eight Found Guilty of Killing 57 in 2007 Plane Crash ‘

A World Focus Airlines passenger plane crashed in Turkey’s southwest province of Isparta in 2007, leaving 57 people dead, including seven crew members.



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#AceNewsServices – Featured Post:VIRGINIA: Jan.06: ​Bob McDonnell, the former governor of Virginia, was sentenced by a federal judge on Tuesday to two years in prison for accepting lavish gifts from a wealthy donor while holding office.

United States District Court Judge James R. Spencer announced his ruling just shy of 3 pm local time early on Tuesday, four months and two days after a jury there found Mr McDonnell and his wife guilty of public corruption charges. The Twitter account for the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia confirmed the ruling shortly after.

“I stand before you as a humble and heartbroken man,” McDonnell told the court on Tuesday ahead of the judge’s decision, according to journalist Jeff Goldberg.“I can’t fathom any deeper humiliation for me and my family”

Going into court on Tuesday, McDonnell faced a maximum sentence of 12 years. Judge Spencer unexpectedly reduced the outcome range during the hearing, however, and said the governor would only face upwards of eight years behind bars since he did not obstruct justice or accept more than a certain amount of bribes, according to Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky. According to Kathy Hieatt, a reporter for The Virginian-Pilot, Judge Spencer sentenced McDonnell to two years on each of the 11 charges he was convicted of, but said he could serve them concurrently, citing the governor’s military service and calling him a “good and decent man.” After he is eventually release from prison, McDonnell will be on supervised release for another two years, Hieatt tweeted from court.

Prosecutors sought a sentence of at least 10 years for the former governor, while Mr McDonnell’s attorneys hoped the court would consider probation and community service. His wife, Maureen, was found guilty of nine counts and is expected to learn her fate next month.

READ MORE: Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell found guilty of corruption

Mr McDonnell’s counsel filed a ruling on Monday this week in which the court was asked to preserve the former governor’s freedom pending appeal since they planned to challenge the sentencing as soon as possible. According to the Washington Post, McDonnell’s lawyers said their appeals will raise “substantive legal questions” during what the paper predictedto be a sure-to-be-lengthy ordeal before the Fourth Circuit.

According to Zapotosky, the Virginia Republican will have to report to prison by February 9.

In September, the former governor was found guilty on 11 of 13 counts of corruption concerning exchanges he had while in office with Jonnie Williams Sr., the former chief executive of a dietary-supplement business who showered the McDonnells with roughly $177,000 in extravagant gifts and loans in exchange for government favors.

Mr McDonnell, 60, served as a Republican member of the House of Delegates from 1992 to 2006, then served one term as the state’s attorney general before successfully running for governor in the 2009 elections. McDonnell’s only term as governor of the commonwealth concluded on January 11, 2014, and a grand jury indicted him and his wife only 10 days later.

Since September, Judge Spencer has received nearly 450 letters urging leniency with regards to sentencing the governor,according to Politico, and appeals from the likes of US Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) and former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican.

“I can say with no uncertainty that Bob McDonnell is the most ethical, honest and faithful public servant I have ever worked with,” Phil Cox, a former McDonnell aide who later led the Republican Governors Association, stated in a letter to the court, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“His promising political career is over, he is virtually bankrupt, his family is in a shambles and he and his family have endured more public humiliation than any family should have to endure, regardless of what they are accused of doing,” pleaded Joseph F. Damico, a friend of the governor’s since high school.

But Robin Trujillo, a juror during the corruption case, told WVEC that she was disturbed by the pleas.

“We talked, we went through documents about the testimony and looked at all the evidence. It was just overwhelming. It was also just staring us in the face,”Trujillo said.“It was not just some small little thing. It was major and it went on for a very long time.”



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#AceNewsServices – TEXAS:Dec.19 – Ten Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABT) gang members and associates were sentenced to prison this week for their roles in the violent ABT enterprise, announced Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson of the Southern District of Texas.

'Aryan Brotherhood of Texas', one of the most infamous gangs -Screenshot from 2014-12-19 18:36:19 '

‘Aryan Brotherhood of Texas’, one of the most infamous gangs -Screenshot from 2014-12-19 18:36:19 ‘

According to information presented in court, the 10 defendants were admitted members and associates of the ABT, a powerful race-based organization that operates inside and outside of state and federal prisons throughout Texas and the United States. 

Along with other ABT gang members and associates, they agreed to commit multiple acts of murder, robbery, arson, kidnapping and narcotics trafficking on behalf of the ABT gang. 

ABT gang members met on a regular basis at various locations throughout Texas to report on gang-related business, collect dues, commit disciplinary assaults against fellow gang members and discuss acts of violence against rival gang members, among other things.

An anonymous writer provided a story on the Daily Beast back in 2013 about the rise of and threat of ABT  in an extract provided below:  

Four people have been killed since the beginning of the year in a series of shootings that appear to be connected to the homegrown jihadists of the Aryan Brotherhood. Mike McLelland, the district attorney of Texas’s Kaufman County, and his wife, Cynthia Woodward, became the latest victims this past weekend. Before that, McLelland’s former colleague Mark Hasse was shot in January. Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements was gunned down in mid-March. 

The ABT was established in the early 1980’s within the Texas prison system.  The gang modelled itself after and adopted many of the precepts and writings of the Aryan Brotherhood, a California-based prison gang that was formed in the California prison system during the 1960’s. 

Previously, the ABT was primarily concerned with the protection of white inmates and white supremacy/separatism, but over time, the ABT has expanded its criminal enterprise to include illegal activities for profit, according to court records.


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#AceNewsServices – PHOENIX:Dec.19 – On Dec. 15, 2014, Pernell Corna Sam, 38, of Chinle, Ariz., was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Douglas L. Rayes to 14-years’  imprisonment followed by five years of supervised release.

Sam pleaded guilty on Aug. 14, 2014, to one count of assault on a child resulting in serious bodily injury.

Sam’s co-defendant, Shonya Sam, also pleaded guilty to one count of assault on a child resulting in serious bodily injury, and was sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment on July 1, 2014.

Between Jan. 7 and Jan. 11, 2013, Pernell Sam and Shonya Sam, both members of the Navajo Nation, physically abused a seven-year old relative resulting in serious injuries.

The victim was hospitalized and continues to undergo therapy as a result of her injuries.



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#AceNewsServices – SWEDEN:Dec.10 – A few weeks ago Peter Sunde was released from prison where he’d been serving a sentence for his involvement in The Pirate Bay Party. 

' Peter Sunde '

‘ Peter Sunde ‘

Peter is one of the few people who paid the ultimate price of sacrificing his freedom for the site but he is not mourning its recent troubles. In fact, Sunde would prefer it if the site shut down permanently.

TF spoke with Peter this morning and he told us that the site has long since served its purpose.

TPB’s main aim was to bring BitTorrent to the masses, a goal that was completed years ago. According to Peter the site has gone downhill in recent years up to a point where it turned into a soulless cash cow.

Peter, often referred to as one of Pirate Bay’s co-founders, wrote about his sentiments in a recent blog post.

“The Pirate Bay has been raided, again. That happened over 8 years ago last time. That time, a lot of people went out to protest and rally in the streets. Today few seem to care. And I’m one of them,’ he writes.

The Pirate Bay was founded as a platform to allow people to share and copy whatever they want without restrictions. However, in recent years very little progress was made, Peter notes.

“The site was ugly, full of bugs, old code and old designs. It never changed except for one thing – the ads. More and more ads were filling the site, and somehow when it felt unimaginable to make these ads more distasteful, they somehow ended up even worse.”

The former Pirate Bay spokesman is happy to see the site on its knees. After it was handed over to the new crew a few years ago the site lost its soul, he believes.

That said, Peter regrets that it has gone down like this. The plan had always been to pull the plug after 10 years, so others could take over. However, when that day came last year the site remained online.

“A planned retirement would have given the community time and a way to kick off something new, something better, something faster, something more reliable and with no chance of corrupting itself. Something that has a soul and can retain it,” Peter notes.

This sentiment is not really new. Peter and others argued the same in the past.

The big question that remains right now is whether The Pirate Bay will make another comeback, or if this is indeed the end. Peter seems to believe that the latter may be the case, but that others will fill the gap.

“From the immense void that will now fill up the fiber cables all over the world, I’m pretty sure the next thing will pan out. And hopefully it has no ads for porn or viagra. There are already other services for that,” Peter concludes.



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#AceNewsServices – BAHRAIN – Dec.06 – On December 04 2014 Bahraini pro-democracy activist Zainab al-Khawaja was sentenced to three years in prison for tearing up a picture of King Hamad BBC Middle East reported. 

' Democracy Activist Zainab al-Khawaja '

‘ Democracy Activist Zainab al-Khawaja ‘

A court gave her the option of paying a fine to remain at liberty until her appeal.

Ms Khawaja, who comes from Bahrain’s most prominent dissident family, faces other cases next week.

Amnesty International said it would consider Ms Khawaja “a prisoner of conscience” if she were jailed.

“Tearing up a photo of the head of state should not be a criminal offence,” Amnesty’s Middle East and North Africa Deputy Director Said Boumedouha said.

“Amnesty International is calling for this and all of Zainab Al-Khawaja’s other convictions to be quashed and all outstanding charges to be dropped.”

The dual Bahraini and Danish national has been detained several times since pro-democracy protests erupted in the Gulf island nation in 2011.

Ms Khawaja was released from prison in February, after spending nearly a year behind the bars for participating in an illegal gathering and insulting police.

She reportedly refused to appeal before higher courts because she believed that Bahrain’s judiciary was controlled by the government. She also refused to pay bail.

Earlier this week, her younger sister, Mariam, received a one-year sentence in absentia on charges of assaulting police officers.

Ms Khawaja’s father, Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, is serving a life sentence for his part in anti-government protests in 2011.


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#AceWorldNews – VENEZUELAN – Dec.04 – A Venezuelan opposition leader is indicted for her involvement in the alleged conspiracy to assassinate the country’s president.

'Venezuela opposition leader indicted for president assassination plot-Screenshot from 2014-12-04 15:37:54 '

‘Venezuela opposition leader indicted for president assassination plot-Screenshot from 2014-12-04 15:37:54 ‘

Maria Corina Machado was charged with “having links to the assassination plan against the president,” said the Venezuelan attorney general’s office on Wednesday Press TV reported.  

Machado strongly dismissed the allegations, saying she has done nothing wrong.

“Today they have charged me with the crime of conspiracy. All the accusations and supposed evidence are false, and I reject them,” Machado stated on Wednesday.

Under the Venezuelan law, Machado will be handed down a 16-year prison sentence if she is found guilty.

In May, the Venezuelan government released emails which showed that Machado, US Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker, and several others were involved in a plan to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro.


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#AceWorldNews – VENEZUELAN – Nov.28 – At least 17 Venezuelan inmates who had been on hunger strike over prison conditions, have died from drug poisoning, AFP reported, citing police sources.

The had been protesting at David Viloria Correction Center, known as Uribana Prison, in Venezuela’s Lara state, since Tuesday over what they said was inhumane treatment and rights violations.

The deceased inmates were poisoned after ingesting prescription drugs, according to prison officials.

Venezuelan Prisons Watch, an NGO, said that four more inmates died at a facility in the state of Maracay.


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#AceWorldNews – BRITAIN – Nov.23 – Home Secretary Theresa May is expected to announce new powers which will put psychological abuse on a par with physical violence Sky News reported.

' Emotional Abuse To Be Made A Criminal Offence '

‘ Emotional Abuse To Be Made A Criminal Offence ‘ 

It will criminalise for the first time those who use controlling behaviour, as well as violence, to subject their partners to a life of misery.

A person convicted of “coercive control” could face a 14-year prison sentence.

Ministers hope the new law will encourage much earlier reporting by victims who, on average, do not contact police until they have suffered 30 incidents of domestic abuse.

Police receive a domestic abuse call every 30 seconds, according to research by the Home Office and the charity Women’s Aid.



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#AceNewsServices – Nov.19 – Featured Editors Post – The Declaration of No Human Rights – This is just one man’s story of being able to leave Guantanmo Bay in 2007 and then again in 2009 and is still detained in solitary confinement.

Written Nov.10 2014 – During Human Rights Week – Reprieve.   

by Shaker Aamer, Illustrations: Tom Scotcher 

From the column ‘Behind the Bars: Guantánamo Bay’

I have been in Guantánamo Bay for 12 years now. George W Bush’s administration cleared me to leave in 2007, Barack Obama’s in 2009. I am still here. By generously providing me with additional time in a “Single Cell Operation” [that’s solitary confinement by another, more obfuscatory, name], the US military has allowed me time to make a closer study of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), as it was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948.

Various senior members of the Bush administration periodically asserted that international human rights and humanitarian law was “outmoded” and needed to be updated to face modern challenges. However, the longer I have remained in this terrible prison, the more I have come to realise that the US has already amended the UDHR by imposing their own addendum to each Article. Here, then, is a recently declassified copy of the Declaration of No Human Rights (DNHR):

Article 1.

In its original format, Article 1 reads as follows:

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

By its actions in Guantánamo Bay, however, the US has inserted an addendum to Article 1 that reads as follows:

“BUT, all Muslim men held in Guantánamo Bay are considered to be something rather less than human, the worst of the worst of America’s enemies. Indeed, the detainees should have fewer rights than the iguanas that roam the naval base. Because these 148 men are not considered human beings, they should be subjected to as many indignities as the perverse human mind is capable of imagining.”

Article 2.


“Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status…”


“This rule shall not be applied to the US naval base at the tip of Cuba, which the US coerced from Cuba in 1903. This should be given a special status with rigid distinctions made on whatever grounds the American military can dream up, but especially on grounds of religion.”

Article 3.


“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”


“Everyone who is Muslim, and insists on growing a beard, has the right to three inedible meals and 24-hour detention in a cell.”

Article 4.


“No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.”


“But any inmate of Guantánamo Bay has to be shackled and cuffed for any step he takes outside of his cell.”

Article 5.


“No one shall be subjected to torture.”


“But everyone in Guantánamo shall be subjected to as many different forms of torture as Donald Rumsfeld or whoever is playing the part of Donald Rumsfeld can imagine, and this shall continue until they are released.”

Article 6.


“Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.”


“Everyone in Guantánamo Bay should be recognised only as a number and will be referred to as a ‘package’ when being taken from one ‘reservation’ to the next.”

Article 7.


“All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.”


“The men held in Guantánamo are not equal before the law and therefore are not protected by any law at all.”

Article 8.


“Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.”


“But with respect to those Muslim men with beards who are in Guantánamo, it would be less embarrassing to President Barack Obama if everyone would turn a blind eye to the injustice they face daily.”

Article 9.


“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.”


“In light of this rule, the US prefer it if the world (and particularly the media) would ignore the fact that the men in Guantánamo have been arbitrarily detained and exiled for many years.”

Article 10.


“Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.”


“Still, hundreds of men shall be held beyond the law on an island prison for over a decade. None of these men shall be brought before an independent and impartial tribunal, since the dozen men charged will be put before what Lord Bingham has called a ‘kangaroo court’. These are the fortunate few. The others will never be charged at all.”

Article 11.


“Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.”


“Those held in Guantánamo are guilty until proven guilty, and are also guilty after proven innocent. It would be inconvenient to be as liberal as a medieval king, so we will not guarantee basic rights recognised since the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215.”

Article 12.


“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation.”


“Surely the UN was kidding here? The authorities at Guantánamo Bay shall interfere with each detainee’s privacy, family, home and correspondence in every way possible. They will censor a young son’s correspondences to his father because it says, ‘I love you.’ They will degrade the detainees’ honour and reputation as much as possible, including watching them shower or use the toilet. They’ll insist on groping the detainees’ genitals in a ‘scrotum search’ any time they leave their cells.”

Article 13.


1.    “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.”

2.    “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.”


1.    “Guantánamo detainees shall occasionally have the right to freedom of movement within their cells. Should they leave their cells, they have the inalienable right to be shackled tightly.”

2.    “Guantánamo detainees can leave their cell to go to the small rec cage for two hours daily, although the authorities reserve the right to take detainees they don’t like there in the middle of the night.”

Article 14.


“Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.”


“The only asylum we recognise for most of these detainees is the mental asylum they will end up in if we are allowed to continue abusing them.”

Article 15.


“No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.”


“Shaker Aamer had better be told that he needs to be sent to Saudi Arabia because that is the only way to ensure that complicity by British intelligence agents in his torture never gets to a British court of law.”

Article 16.


“The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”


“But this really must not be allowed with Guantánamo prisoners. While lots of delusional radicals like UK Prime Minister David Cameron seem to think Shaker should be reunited with his family in London, this shall be refused indefinitely. Guantánamo shall continue to tell him that he cannot be returned to Britain and can only live in Saudi Arabia without his family.”

Article 17.


1.    “Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.”

2.    “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.”


1.    “Guantánamo detainees do not have any right to property, including pictures of their children, family and legal correspondence, medical prescriptions, hygienic items, and even their own underwear.”

2.    “At every chance possible, Guantánamo guards shall raid and search detainees’ cells, taking everything they can. If the detainees irritate the guards with their peaceful hunger strikes, even the mats on which the men sleep should be taken, forcing the detainees to sleep on the bare concrete.”

Article 18.


“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.”


“It would be absurd for the world to think the US military is going to apply this to Guantánamo. Prayer time shall be interrupted regularly and other Islamic religious requirements shall be ignored or wilfully violated.”

Article 19.


“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”


“But we will censor every word that a detainee says, and every time his opinion is heard in the outside world, he shall be punished. In particular, Shaker Aamer shall be held in isolation most of the time, because he keeps on trying to express himself and this can be quite embarrassing to the military.”

Article 20.


“Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.”


“If the men in Guantánamo attempt to peacefully assemble, they shall be punished and placed in isolation (which should never be called that, because it looks bad, so let’s call it a ‘single cell operation’ or SCO). If the man who is trying to peacefully assemble is Shaker Aamer, he shall be FCE’d immediately and put back into his SCO. (FCE means a ‘Forcible Cell Extraction’, which covers up the fact that we’ll just beat him up.)”

Article 21.


1.    “Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.”

2.    “Everyone has the right to equal access to public service in his country.”


“There’ll be no representation for the detainees. Detainees will not be allowed to go back to the country where they lived. Far better that they are allowed to gradually fall apart here in Cuba.”

Article 22.


“Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.”


“BUT everyone at Guantánamo is ordered to mind his own business, or suffer the consequences. Okay, so we’ve wasted $5 billion of US taxpayers’ money on the place so far, and are currently spending $2.7 million every year per prisoner in Guantánamo, but we would not want this spent on anything constructive; better by far that their culture should be mocked as much as possible.”

Article 23.


“Everyone has the right to work.”


“The men in Guantánamo would like to work. After all, it’d be nice to have something to do. It’d be nice to earn a little money in order to buy clothing that fits, for example. But we can’t let that happen. These men are Muslims. We can’t trust them with the work programmes we provide in other prisons.”

Article 24.


“Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.”


“Sure, but not in Guantánamo. We’ll interrupt their sleep as much as we possibly can, sometimes even moving them from cell to cell to keep them awake. But, again, let’s not call this ‘sleep deprivation’; we’ll call it the ‘frequent flier programme’ as then maybe the media won’t work out what we’re doing.”

Article 25.


“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.”


“You’ve got to be kidding me if you think this kind of socialist ‘benefits programme’ is going to be in the DNHR. Medical care shall be denied to the maximum extent possible and doctors shall take their orders from the military. If a detainee is prescribed medication, these will be given out at random, on a whim. Detainees will routinely be given old, worn, and ill-fitting clothing (one of our favourite ways to irritate people is to give small-sized clothing to larger men).”

Article 26.


“Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental states.”


“The only education provided to Guantánamo detainees shall be regular lessons on doing precisely what they are told, when they are told to do it. Friendships between guards and detainees are strictly forbidden.”

Article 27.


1.    “Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.”

2.    “Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.”


1.    “The authorities at Guantánamo will snatch the photos detainees’ children have taken for their fathers. When a father draws a picture for his children, to show his love from afar, this picture will be destroyed. Detainees have the right to always give up their works of art to the authorities.”

2.    “Books will be censored or not allowed in. For example, The Innocent Man by that little-heard of American author John Grisham, shall be banned.”

3.    “The detainees do have the inalienable right to be subjected to our experiments, both to assess the best way to break them during interrogation sessions, and to see what impact the involuntary and secretive use of drugs might have on them.”

Article 28.


“Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.”


“Every man detained in Guantánamo is entitled to the prohibition of any rights set forth in the original UDHR, unless those rights have been reinterpreted in the Guantánamo Declaration of No Human Rights. If the men demand that the United Nations come to Guantánamo and enforce the UDHR, we can all be very sure it will not be permitted.”

Article 29.


1.    “Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.”

2.    “In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society…”


“A Guantánamo detainee shall be duty bound to do precisely as he is told. His personality should be developed to ensure he expresses no personal opinion whatsoever, but becomes an automaton guided solely by the authoritarian will of the United States of America.”

About Shaker Aamer:

Shaker Aamer is a British resident whose wife and four children live in London. He says that it was while doing charity work building girls’ schools in Afghanistan that he was sold for a bounty to US forces and taken to Bagram Airbase. There, he reportedly witnessed torture before being rendered to Guantánamo. He has never been charged by the US with any crime, and has never received a trial. He was cleared to leave Guantánamo in 2007 by the Bush administration and in 2009 by the Obama administration, yet still he remains detained in the prison. Reprieve Case Here: 

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#AceWorldNews – SOUTH KOREA – Nov.11 – South Korean prosecutors said on Tuesday they would appeal against court rulings on the 15 crew-members of a capsized ferry.

Judges sit to preside over a trial of crew members of the sunken ferry Sewol at Gwangju District Court in Gwangju June 10, 2014. REUTERS/Ahn Young joon/Pool

Judges sit to preside over a trial of crew members of the sunken ferry Sewol at Gwangju District Court in Gwangju June 10, 2014. REUTERS/Ahn Young joon/Pool

Earlier on Tuesday, they were given prison terms ranging from five to 36 years. Ace News reported. 

The captain of the ferry, which sank killing about 300 people, mostly children, was acquitted of homicide.

However, he was found guilty of negligence and sentenced to 36 years in jail.

Prosecutors had sought the death penalty for the captain.


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#AceWorldNews – SOUTH KOREA – Nov.11 – The captain of the South Korean ferry that sank in April was jailed for 36 years Tuesday.

' Lee jun-Seok '

‘ Lee jun-Seok ‘

Lee Jun-seok, 69, was also acquitted of murdering more than 300 people who died in the disaster.

Prosecutors had demanded the death penalty, but a three-judge court said they failed to prove the captain had acted with an intention to kill.

He was convicted of gross negligence and dereliction of duty, including abandoning his vessel while hundreds of schoolchildren and other passengers remained trapped on board.

Three other senior crew members were sentenced to jail terms of between 15 and 30 years.



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#AceNewsServices – JAPAN – October 25 – A Japanese man has become the first person to receive a prison sentence for designing and printing a 3D gun.

'Japanese man becomes first person to be jailed for making gun from 3D printer '

‘Japanese man becomes first person to be jailed for making gun from 3D printer ‘

Yoshitomo Imura, 28, downloaded and printed five plastic guns, two of which could fire real bullets.

He was arrested in May at his home in Kawasaki and on Friday was given a two-year sentenced for creating a deadly firearm by the Yokohama District Court in Japan, a country with extremely strict gun laws.

The former employee of the Shonan Institute of Technology is believed to be the first person to serve jail time for printing 3D guns, which are a growing concern for police around the world.

He also released 3D design data for his guns in videos posted to YouTube, which the ruling Judge Koji Inaba described as “vicious,” according to The Japan News.

He added that he had “flaunted his skills and knowledge and attempted to make gun controls toothless.”

In one video posted last year, Imura assembles the .38-caliber handgun from plastic 3D printed pieces, a few metal pins, screws and rubber bands, then test fires it with blanks.

“Freedom of armaments to all people!!” he writes in the video’s description. “A gun makes power equal!!”

It is thought Imura purchased the 3D printer for about $636.09 online.




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TEHRAN: ‘ Iranian Reporters Challenge President Rouhani in Open Letter Demanding he Stop Lying about Persecution of Journalists ‘

#AceNewsServices – IRAN (Tehran) – October 04 – More than 130 Iranian reporters and editors have challenged President Rouhani in an open letter, demanding that he stop lying about the persecution of journalists in the Islamic Republic.

Rouhani pledged in his Presidential campaign last year to ease restrictions on media and to free political prisoners; however, the closure of newspapers and detention of journalists has continued.

Last week, while he was in New York for the UN General Assembly, Rouhani was asked in a CNN interview about Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post’s correspondent in Tehran who was arrested in July with his wife and fellow journalist Yeganeh Salehi.

Rouhani replied, “I do not believe that an individual would be detained or put in prison for being a journalist.”

Full Letter: Link


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`Children Being Released from Detention are Becoming New Way to Balance the Books’

#AceNewsServices- UNITED STATES – May 15 – In increasing numbers, states struggling to balance their budgets post-Great Recession are passing their expanding prison budgets off onto their prisoners.

Children Being Released from Detention

Upon being released from jail or a juvenile detention facility, many former inmates find themselves facing bills for their room and board while incarcerated, plus legal and court fees and additional charges they may have incurred while behind bars.

Many former inmates come from the lowest socio-economic levels.

With limited or no resources and facing considerable obstacles toward just getting back on their feet after prison — not to mention paying these additional “user fees” — having to assume financial responsibility for one’s own incarceration and defense presents a de facto “second punishment” for the most vulnerable in the American prison system.

As reported originally by The Atlantic, Zoe Matthews is currently dealing with the imposition of this form of “capitalistic justice.” Matthews’ son, DeShawn Morris, was arrested in 2010 for armed robbery. Morris — a 17-year-old who was about to enter a teacher training program at the time — was identified by the victim as being involved in a robbery at gunpoint a few blocks away from the bus stop where Morris was apprehended.

Charged with the crime, Morris served 56 days in juvenile detention and 152 days in a boot camp.

Morris was later charged a percentage of his incarceration costs. When he was shot and killed in 2012, Matthews was stuck with her son’s incarceration bill.

If she fails to pay it, she risks incarceration.

In Alameda County, Calif., where Morris was arrested, these costs can compound quickly. If a defendant is over 16, the charges begin once he or she is arrested and arraigned. A $20 per day user fee is charged if a defendant is remanded to a juvenile detention facility until his or her hearing. Should the judge feel the defendant should be allowed to wait at home, but still think the defendant is a flight risk, the judge can order him or her to wear a GPS tracker at $15 per day. If a formal complaint is filed, a $250 investigation fee is charged. Should the defendant wish to go to trial, a $300 public defender fee is charged. Depending on the sentence imposed, the defendant may be hit with additional GPS or juvenile detention fees, drug testing at $12 per test, or probation supervision at $90 per month.

Finally, to seal the juvenile’s record, it costs $150.

This does not include court-imposed fines or restitution. In fees alone, the average juvenile offender can face a total bill close to $2,000 — an impossible sum for those living off minimum wage.

“There are more and more criminal justice fees that are added every year in this country,” said Lauren-Brooke Eisen, a legal scholar at NYU’s Brennan Centre for Justice.

In recent years, about 20 state legislatures passed laws holding parents responsible for their children’s crime.”

As government-owned debt, non-payment can result in pay garnishments, withholding of tax refunds, liens against personal property, and — in rare cases — imprisonment.

Though the administrative processes to collect these fees and to punish non-payers cost more than the fees they collect, an increasing number of communities are finding logic in forcing prisoners to pay for their own punishment.

By Frederick Reese on May 15, 2014 05:00 am 


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` Raging Fire in ` Valparaiso ‘ has so far Claimed 16 Lives, Destroyed 500 Homes and Evacuated 10,000 People ‘

#AceWorldNews – VALPARAISO, CHILE – April 13 – (AP) – A raging fire leaped from hilltop to hilltop in this colourful port city, killing at least 16 people and destroying more than 500 homes.

More than 10,000 people were evacuated, including more than 200 female inmates at a prison.

The fire began Saturday afternoon in a forested area above ramshackle housing on one of the city’s many hilltops, and spread quickly as high winds rained hot ash over wooden houses and narrow streets. Electricity failed as the fire grew, with towering, sparking flames turning the night sky orange over the darkened remains of entire neighbourhoods.

“It’s a tremendous tragedy. This could be the worst fire in the city’s history,” President Michelle Bachelet said as fire-fighters contained most of the blazes, mobilizing 18 helicopters and planes to drop water on hotspots Sunday.

Bachelet warned that the toll of death and damage would rise once authorities can enter the smouldering remains.

Military Police Gen. Julio Pineda said 16 were killed and more than 500 people were injured. Patricio Bustos, who directs the national forensics service, said DNA tests would be needed to identify remains.


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` Qatari Court Condemned `US ' Couple from ` Los Angeles ' to Three years in Prison for Causing Death of their Daughter '

#AceWorldNews – QATAR – March 27 – Qatari court on Thursday condemned a US couple from Los Angeles to three years in prison for causing the death of their adopted eight-year-old daughter, AFP said.

Matthew and Grace Huang were arrested in January 2013 after their daughter Gloria, from Ghana, died.

They were accused of causing her death in order to sell her organs.

The judge did not specify the exact charges for which the Huangs were sentenced.

They have two weeks to appeal.


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#US : “Navy Cryptologist `Jailed for Thirty Years’ for Espionage”

#AceWorldNews says `Former US Navy cryptologist gets 30 years in prison for attempted espionage ‘

Former US Navy sailor Robert Hoffman, 40, was sentenced Monday to 30 years in prison for attempted espionage.

Former US Navy sailor Robert Hoffman,A federal court in Virginia said Hoffman, a former cryptologist technician on US submarines, passed secret information to undercover FBI agents he thought were Russian spies.

Hoffman believed he was passing along secret files about tracking ships, prosecutors said. “Hoffman attempted to spy on behalf of the Russian Federation and betrayed the trust this country placed in him. He was willing to place American lives at risk for personal gain,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Dana J. Boente. Hoffman was arrested in December 2012 and found guilty in August 2013.


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“Indonesia Releases Australian Woman Convicted of Smuggling Marijuana”

#AceNewsServices says `Indonesia `Releases’  Australian Woman Convicted of smuggling Marijuana’

An Australian woman convicted of smuggling marijuana into Indonesia walked free from jail on Monday after being given parole. Schapelle Corby, 35, said nothing as she left Bali‘s Kerobokan prison Monday, AP reported.

Schapelle Corby,Her release from prison was carried live on TV networks across Australia. Corby was convicted of smuggling 4.2kg of marijuana onto Bali in a boogie board bag in 2004 and sentenced to 20 years in prison. In 2010, she asked for clemency, citing her poor mental state.

Corby will have to stay in Bali and cannot return to Australia until 2017.

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